Pour Some Sugar On Me

Sophie, Nelly, Sammi, Zoey and Julia are all going clubbing. They meet One Direction in the club and get drunk. They make some mistakes and wake up the next day, with no recollection of what happened on the night before. What happened and why are One Direction laying on the floor, passed out?


4. Chapter Three

***Louis POV***

Nelly and I raced up into my room and I slammed the door shut. Nelly was already eagerly taking her shirt off. She started taking my shirt off and we soon were naked. Nelly looked into my eyes and frowned. "Whats wrong baby?" I asked. "I-its my first time." Nelly mumbled. I smiled and kissed her sweetly. "I won't be rough unless you want me too, kay?" I said. Nelly smiled. I pushed her gently onto the bed and climbed on top of her. She kissed my neck and I left a trail of wet kisses from her neck to waist.

I soon got to her sweet spot. She shivered with my hot breath beating on her sex. "I bet you taste so good right now..." I mumbled. I started licking her and she shivered and arched her back. "You taste amazing." I said smiling. I started lightly rubbing her sex, applying just enough pressure to keep her on the edge, but not enough for her to go over. She squirmed under my light touches. 

Stop teasing me, Tomlinson!" Nelly moaned. I smiled. I then dove into her sex. I heard Nelly moan in pleasure and buck her hips forward. I looked up at Nelly's sweat covered body. She was beautiful. "L-Louis." she said, snapping me out of my trance. "I need you. Now!!" I smirked and climbed on top of her. I lifted her legs up so her opening was easy to get into. I stuck two fingers in her, and rubbed the wetness on my erection. Not that I would need it.

Nelly looked up at me with pleading eyes. "Ready for the time of your life?" I asked. Nelly nodded eagerly. I slowly entered her. She yelled out in pain, but one I started moving, she started to moan. "You're so tight!" I grunted through a smile. Nelly looked at me. "Does it hurt?" I asked. She shook her head no, and moaned. "F-Faster." she whispered. I picked up the pace and Nelly screamed in pleasure. 

I was close. I could tell that Nelly was as well. I went faster, and Nelly screamed my name. "That's it babygirl. Tell everyone you're mine." I moaned. I came soon after and we rode out our climaxes. I went limp and collapsed beside her. We were panting like dogs, and Nelly had a huge smile on her face. "You were amazing, Nelly." I said, brushing some hair out of her face. 

Nelly blushed. "You were too." She panted. We cuddled after and we threw the blanket on top of our bodies. "Night, baby." Nelly said. "Goodnight, sexy." I said smirking. 

***The Next Day***

***Nelly's POV***

I woke up to Louis getting out of bed. I looked up at his naked body and smiled to myself. "You were amazing last night." Louis said, turning to me. I smiled. "You did most of the work." I admitted. Louis shrugged his shoulders. "Nevermind that. I smell breakfast."  With that, we walked down into the kitchen and we saw Liam, Julia, Sophie, and Niall, all digging into some food. We ate too, and everyone was really hungover. But, it was totally worth it. Losing my V card to Louis William Tomlinson?? Best night of my life. 

****Okay!! Theres the first chapter I will be publishing tonight! I may throw in an extra if I'm on a roll. But I hope you like it!! Oh, and thanks for dealing with my lack of updates. I am not good at updating. I'm sorry about that.*****

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