Pour Some Sugar On Me

Sophie, Nelly, Sammi, Zoey and Julia are all going clubbing. They meet One Direction in the club and get drunk. They make some mistakes and wake up the next day, with no recollection of what happened on the night before. What happened and why are One Direction laying on the floor, passed out?


1. Chapter One


Going clubbin’ with the four best friends I could ever ask for ! Look out girlies !! Nialler’s on the loose !!

A smile grew on my face as I read the Tweet from Niall Horan. The One Direction boys were in my state, my city even! And they were going clubbing!! Nelly, Sammi, Zoey, Julia and I were all planning to go clubbing that night anyways, so that was a huge surprise!! I threw my phone on the bed and ran to the mirror to work on my makeup. We all got done our makeup and got changed. I wore a tie-dye crop top with some jean short shorts. I wore Supras on my feet. Nelly wore a cute powder blue dress that was cut off at just above her knees, with a leather jaket and flats. Sammi was wearing a cute low cut dress. Zoey was wearing a shirt that made her boobs pop out, along with some jeans and cute boots. And last but not least, Julia was wearing a black shirt along with a black short skirt and she had heels on.

We all looked at each other and we smiled. “I think we look amazing!” I said. We had our hair, makeup, nails, and outfits ready, and all we needed to do was get there. We all hopped in my car, and we drove down to the club. The bouncers were at the door and you could hear the music from outside. We parked my car and got in line to get in. I was so nervous about going into a club for my first time. Nelly noticed this. “You okay Soph?” she asked. I nodded nervously. “Yeah, it’s just that I can’t dance that well.” I said. She nodded smiling. “It won’t matter once you get some beer in your system. Everyone will be dancing the same.” She said. I smiled and nodded. “Okay.” I said smiling. We eventually got to the front of the line and we showed our IDs and were allowed in.

We walked right to the bar. I noticed a blonde boy sitting there with a few friends. I sat down on the bar stool and swung to the bar person. “One Cherry Bomb please.” I said smiling. “Coming right up.” The man said smiling at me. The drink was brought to me and I started drinking. Nelly was talking to a boy with brown hair. I looked over at him. I gasped as it came to me that it was Louis Tomlinson! As I finished my drink, I was a little tipsy. I get drunk easily. I turned back to the bar and ordered the same thing. The blonde boy that was next to me turned to face me and I almost choked on the ice in my drink! It was Niall Horan! “Hey sexy.” He slurred. He was drunk. “Niall, we’re on!!” Harry yelled over the music. The two ran on the stage in the club and they started singing “Cherry Pie” by Warrant.

Niall was on electric guitar and he was rocking out. I was almost wasted. Nelly and the rest of the girls pulled me to the front row and we were dancing like idiots. The song ended, and Niall walked over to me, all sweaty. “Dance for me baby.” He slurred against my ear. I smirked and let my drunkenness take control. Pretty soon, Niall and I were grinding. Niall pulled me into the corner of the bar and he pushed me against the wall. I felt him harden against my leg. I bit my lip. Losing my virginity to a celebrity who I loved seemed like a good idea when I was like 14 and hormonally imbalanced, but now at 18? Maybe I shouldn’t. Niall was leaving wet kisses on my neck and collarbone.

I couldn’t hold myself together. I moaned without meaning to. Niall smiled against my neck. “You like that baby?” he mumbled. I nodded. “But…we’re going to have to save the sexy stuff for later.” Niall whimpered a little. I smiled. I wanted to tease him. He started making out with me. He asked for entrance into my mouth, but I didn’t allow him to get in. He smirked. “Playin’ hard to get eh?” he asked. “That’s how I like it.” I giggled sexily and started to walk away. Niall grabbed my hand and followed me like a lost puppy. Nelly, Sammi, Zoey and Julia were all making out with the rest of One Direction. “How about we get a room?” Niall asked me. I nodded. We round up the crew and we went to Niall’s house. Surprisingly, we all got there safely in our drunken states.

Niall and I watched as Louis and Nelly, Julia and Liam, Sammi and Harry, and Zoey and Zayn all stumbled into their own rooms. Niall pulled me into his room and he pushed me onto the bed. He shut the door and locked it. I giggled. “We’re not gonna need to lock the door, babe. Everyone’s busy.” I said. Niall shrugged. I was sitting up, so he pushed me gently down and climbed on me. His hands went up my shirt and he slid my top off. He looked down at my breasts and cupped them in his hands. I giggled at the sound of multiple headboards hitting walls. Niall laughed a little too. My bra came off next and it flew across the room. Niall kissed my neck all the way down to my hip. My shorts came off and I was only in my panties. Niall smirked and kissed my sex through my panties. I threw my head back and moaned. He laughed against me and I shivered at the sensation. Niall took my panties off and flung them across the room. He looked down at my naked body.

“Ready to be fucked like you’ve never been fucked before?"

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