Pour Some Sugar On Me

Sophie, Nelly, Sammi, Zoey and Julia are all going clubbing. They meet One Direction in the club and get drunk. They make some mistakes and wake up the next day, with no recollection of what happened on the night before. What happened and why are One Direction laying on the floor, passed out?


6. Chapter Five

***I'm in school as I write this, so its not going to be dirty. And it's probably going to be slow. If I'm out of school by the time I write the second chapter...It'll be dirty!!(; ****

The next morning, I woke up to Niall kissing my neck. I playfully pushed him away and got up. We walked down into the kitchen and we both made our own breakfast. "I liked that movie you put on last night." Niall said as he cooked some eggs. I smiled. "That is my all time favorite movie." I said. Niall grinned. "My favorite movie is Ted." He said. I looked at him and smiled. That was an amazing movie. 

Niall pulled out a beer from the fridge. "Beer for breakfast there Two-Bit?" I asked. Niall laughed and nodded. He was adorable. We separated the eggs for the who of us, and I put jelly on mine. "Jelly?" Niall asked. I nodded. "I've had it before. Pretty good." I replied. Niall opened his mouth and I gave him a fork full of eggs. He nodded. "Not that bad..." he said smiling. "But not as good as Nandos." I looked down at my eggs. "Can we go to Nandos today?" I asked.

Niall nodded excitedly. "Yes!" he said. Zayn walked down with Zoey and they sat down on the couch together. After about five minutes, Nelly and Louis came down. About five minutes after that, Harry and Sammi, and Liam and Julia came down. We all took a while to wake up, and then we talked about what we wanted to go do that day. Just as we were about to go out into the backyard to have a soccer match, the phone rang. 

Louis ran to get it. "Its Paul!" he yelled. "Shit.." Niall swore under his breath. "Answer it!" Harry yelled back. "Hello?" Louis answered in a sweet tone. "Yeah...okay...we'll be there!" Louis said. Then he hung up. "We have to go to the studio." he said sadly. Niall sighed. "You girls have to come." Liam said happily. "What will Simon say?" Niall asked. The guys all shrugged. "Let's get changed and get out of here." Zayn said as he walked upstairs with Zoey. "And no fooling around!" Liam said, loud enough for Zayn to hear.

Niall and I got changed together and we surprisingly got ready in about 20 minutes. We drove to the studio, blaring Niall's iPod songs. When we got there, Simon and Paul were waiting for us. And from the looks he gave us girls, he was NOT happy. "Who are they?" he asked, motioning to us. "Our girlfriends." Zayn said. Simon sighed. "Whatever. Just get in there and sing." he said. The guys all ran into the studio. Leaving all of us outside with Simon. "Whats your name?" he asked me. "Sophie." I replied. "You're dating Niall right?" he asked. I nodded. "When you get into that studio, come right to me. You have big shoes to fill." And then he turned and walked away. 

***Uh-oh!! What is Simon going to say to Sophie? Will it be good or bad? Tell me what you think will happen!***

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