Love You til the End (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Sage has been fighting cancer now for two years, but of course... Her life is coming to an end. This news is devastating to her boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson. He promises her that he'll make this last year of her life the best she can get and he never breaks his promises. Ever.


2. chapter two

Sage's POV

My eyes slowly open, I feel a tickle in my nose only to realize that I have tubes supplying me oxygen. God I hate this. I hate all of it...

My heart monitor beside me beeps at a constant, steady pace and I feel cold fluid running through my veins, sourcing at the IV in the crook of my arm. I guess the pain medicine is wearing off... Yeah I can feel it. The tearing and aching starts up again in my stomach a tiny bit, not half as bad as it's been. Sitting here silently, reality soon slips back to me and a tear rolls down my cheek. Complete devastation... I guess that's the only way to describe my feelings at the moment, I'm devastated. I just can't grasp the fact that my whole life is all over I only have a year. One year to live. I have exactly a year to do everything I ever wanted to do and well it's just not enough time.

"Hey babe," I turn over slowly to see Lou sitting beside me. I give him my best sleepy smile and bite the inside of my cheek. I can see by his red puffy eyes that he's been crying... I can't bare to see him like this. "How are you feeling?" He slowly takes my hand, as if he's afraid he'll break me or something.

"I uh... I'm fine, I guess," I stare down at our hands, connected by the slightest touch. His touch warms me and I just feel a sense of security with him.

"Any idea when they'll release you? I have something planned for us." He smiles wide and I giggle a tiny bit. He always makes me feel like the most important girl in the world, especially after a hospital visit. I remember once he brought me to a hotel and we ordered room service and played the stupidest games all night... He's amazing at making memories, so I always feel my insides turn when he says he has something planned.

"I don't know..." I sigh, realizing it could be a while. Once it was supposed to be an "overnight visit" but I ended up in the hospital for a week. It's all unpredictable I guess, hopefully I won't be here too long. I get sick of the hospital.

Louis's POV

Sage told me that it would be a while, and she doesn't mind if I go grab some lunch. I've become very accustomed to eating at the cafe in the hospital, surprisingly it doesn't taste that bad at all. I walk quickly down the stairs with my bag and step in line at that pasta place. I usually order the same thing, I've eaten here around twenty times, so I've had a little taste of everything.

After I grab my food, I step out to the tables and take a seat at a random table, pulling out my laptop. I'm probably gonna be here working for about an hour, but I'm used to it. I sigh and take a bite of pasta, focusing back onto my work.

"Hey there." I'm pulled out of my zone and look up to see a girl, maybe a year or two younger than me, standing right in my view. Her blonde hair flows in beautiful curls down to her waist and she smiles down, showing perfectly straight, pearly white teeth. I arch my eyebrows, wondering what she wants to do with me,

"Erm... Hi?" She immediately sits down at that, taking my "hi" as "oh please, sit down why don't you,". It takes me much effort not to roll my eyes.

"So uh, whatcha doin here?" I stick my fork in my pasta and look up into her green eyes. Now's my chance to get rid of her.

"Visiting my girlfriend." I say plainly. God I'm mad at myself for being mean, but I mean... She needs to lay off and give herself some respect. She doesn't need to go looking for guys, with those looks guys will come running to her.

"Oh..." She readjusts uncomfortably in her seat, "what happened to her?" She tilts her head, trying to look like the "cute blond type". Which I can tell she's actually pretty smart, I know people like this,

"She uh, got in a car accident..." Why am I even lying? I'm not ashamed of it, I can promise you that.

"Mhm. I'm so sorry, will she be okay?" Why is she so nosey? I exit out and close my laptop,

"Yeah, she will..." I feel my throat closing up on those words because Sage isn't alright, she never will be until her passing hour... She takes her chair and scoots in closer to me, leaning on her elbow into me. Because I closed my laptop, I'm guessing she thinks I'm giving her my full attention. I can tell you that's not true. She leans forward I can tell she's trying to impress me,

"I can tell that's not true," she says, trying to give me a sympathetic look. I bite the inside of my cheek and stare down at my hands. I know it's not true, but she doesn't need to know any of this. "So what's your name?" She asks,

"Louis." I'm very short with her, trying not to show interest. She looks me up and down and flirtatiously twirls her hair,

"I like that name." She giggles a tiny bit, that giggle sounds exactly like Sage's. Oh god, can she stop. I even told her I have a girlfriend. "Well Louis, how do you like this hospital food?" She giggles, looking at my half eaten pasta. Is she being serious right now? "Or would you and I like to go out somewhere?" She poises herself on the very edge of the chair,

"Erm, no. I'm fine, thanks." I nod politely and lean back in my seat, making it very clear I don't want to leave, especially with her. My eyes dart back down to my food and I try not to seem like I'm interested.

"Well then," I can tell she's irritated. "I gues-"

"I gotta go, ya know. See my girlfriend." I have to interrupt her. With that, I stuff my laptop in my bag and zip it up. I can't deal with girls like her, trying to ruin a relationship like this.

"Louis." She stops me, resting a hand on my shoulder. I immediately turn to her, annoyed.

"What?" I sigh.

"I-I'm sorry if I came off as a flirt, I'm just going through a hard time right now, I wanted a friend." Well shit now I feel bad.

"No, no it's fine. May I ask... What's happening?" She sighs and removes her hand.

"My mum has brain cancer, she only has three months to live now. I don't know last night she just kinda broke down, and she's very weak,"

Oh. I know how that feels.

"W-what was your name?" I have to ask her,

"Lauren." She smiles, revealing those perfect teeth.

"Well, Lauren. I wasn't being very truthful. My girlfriend has cancer, as well. I know exactly what you're going through." Telling her this just doesn't feel right, but I had to cover up for my horrible jerkiness.

"Oh... I'm really sorry..." She looks down, causing an awkward low in the conversation, I just shrug,

"Not much we can do really, huh?" She sighs and nods. It's true, though.

"She's my everything," I smile and look down, "I mean, she only has a year and I want to make this last year her best." This makes her smile,

"Yeah. I wish I knew about my mum earlier. I would've done the same." There's another low, "so uh, what's her name?"

"Sage." Just saying her name brings a smile to my face. I love her so much.

"She sounds wonderful..." I smile and pull out my phone,

"That's her," it's a picture of her and I at the beach three years ago. Her long brown hair flows down her back and she's smiling so wide in the picture.

"She's beautiful," she smiles really wide and looks up into my eyes. "I'd love to meet her one day." I smile and lock my phone, setting it down on the table.

"So, does your mom still have her... Her hair?" I ask, trying to be as polite about this as possible. She just shakes her head, no. Neither does Sage, but she's still as beautiful as ever. Her hair doesn't matter, it's her beautiful eyes and adorable personality that gets me every time.

"Anyway, I guess I should get back to her, she gets kinda lonely in the hospital bed all day." I laugh, but truth is, I'd never be able to sit in bed all day. She immediately nods,

"Yeah, okay! My brother is with mum, but I should go, as well." I stand up and pull the laptop bag over my shoulder.

Sage's POV

I'm talking to the nurse as soon as Lou walks in. He steps in and inches to the side, so he's not interrupting anything.

"Alrighty Sage! Well then we just need someone to sign and you'll be on your way home!" She adds a sweet smile at the end and I kinda roll my eyes, no need to treat me like a child.

"I'll be taking her home," Lou steps up, entering our conversation. The nurse seems uneasy at this, so she walks Lou through everything, what I can and can't do, how I need my rest, blah blah blah. I've heard this about twenty times.

Finally, I'm released and I have to be wheeled out in a wheelchair, nurses orders, and Lou pulls up the car. Three people have to help me into the car, but Louis could've done it himself, of course. Once I'm in the passenger seat, Louis steps in the other side and immediately presses his lips against mine. His strong lips capture mine in their embrace and I feel his hand gently resting on my cheek, making me smile.

"God, I love you Sage..." He says, prying our lips apart a tiny bit, but then gives me one last peck. I know it sounds stupid to say this, but every time he kisses me, I feel fireworks. Like literally it just takes all my worries away, I don't even know how he can have such an effect on me, but he does. He sure does.

"I love you more, Lou. To infinity-"

"And beyond." He smirks, starting up the car.

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