Love You til the End (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

Sage has been fighting cancer now for two years, but of course... Her life is coming to an end. This news is devastating to her boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson. He promises her that he'll make this last year of her life the best she can get and he never breaks his promises. Ever.


1. chapter one

Sage's POV

I take a deep shaky breath and stare down at my hands. It's a nervous habit or whatever but can you blame me?

" what do I do?" I finally ask, my voice quivers and I unwillingly feel my voice crack. No, I don't want to know the answer to this question.

Wait yes I do.


"Well, it seems your best option is Chemotherapy. I mean, you don't have much to choose from..." He flips through his paperwork on the clipboard in his hands and just sighs. Funny thing is, I don't want to lose my hair. But I don't exactly want to lose my life, either. Shit what do I do?! My green eyes stare down at my bright blue nail polish and I press my lips into a thin line.

Me. Cancer. These words aren't meant to go together.

"Sage," the doctor leans over into my view, "you're going to have to make a decision today." I can feel the tears stinging my eyes, threatening to pour out. I don't want to make a decision, I don't want any of this to happen to me, honestly. The question is, do I fight for my life, or give up?

Throughout my whole high school career, I've thought about how much easier it'd be to just leave this world. Nothing is left for me, except for Lou... But anyway I've wished many times to be dead, but now that I'm down to this decision, I just can't. I'm a junior I mean... I wouldn't even make it to collage if I don't fight for it. I can't seem to wrap my brain around it all. I don't know anything, really. All I know is that I don't wanna die.

"Let me fight." I feel my voice become more stern and it's more like a promise I make myself. A huge promise. No matter how hard it is, I won't give up, no matter what happens I will fight through all of this. I'll lose my hair and maybe more... But I'll have Lou, and that's all that matters.

I have Lou.

*two years later*

Louis's POV

My god it's been a long day. I mean, yeah I had a great work out, but damn that's a lot of work. I grab my Gatorade wipe the sweat from my face with my shirt. I unscrew the lid and basically gulp the whole thing down at once. I'm planning on surprising Sage with going to that new movie today, I hope she's up to it, after all she cancelled our plans last night. I hate when she's not feeling well, knowing that there's nothing I can do to make her feel better. Of course there's nothing I can do. I can just help her out as much as I can and be there for her.

Finally I reach down and grab my phone, I should probably text her now. As I pick it up, I notice a text from her.

"Hey Lou. I'm at the hospital again, text me back when you get this."

Shit. No one understands how much I hate cancer, I wish it was me who has to deal with it, not Sage. She doesn't deserve this, she deserves nothing but the best.

"On my way."

I reply and pick up my bag, walking out the door. Poor Sage...


I finally pull into the driveway of the hospital and rush inside, I've learned that there's no time to wait in life. I march up to the desk and wait for the person to look up.

"Sage Embers." I exclaim as soon as her eyes meet mine. She sighs and looks down at her computer, typing in her name.

"Your relation to her?" She asks, expressionlessly.


"Your name?"

"Louis Tomlinson."

"Date of birth?"

These questions went on and on over and over until she had enough information to make a hospital bracelet for me to wear.

"She's in room 138." She says, putting the bracelet on me, snapping it in place.

I'm finally dismissed and I rush into the back, looking for room 138.

135. 136. 137. Finally, 138. I walk up to the halfway closed door and knock ever so slightly. I hear talking inside and I'm pretty sure it's the nurse. I find myself peering in to see the nurse putting liquid into her IV. She then walks over to the door and lets me in. She nods, a smile spreading across her face, and exits.

"Sage!" I exclaim happily. I run inside and press my lips up against her soft yet very weak lips, like I'm being reunited for the first time.

I can hear Sage's heart monitor beeping faster and faster and I smile against her lips. I love how I have that effect on her, I think it's adorable. Okay, yeah she has that same effect on me, but no one needs to know that. For some reason, I find myself remembering the first time Sage told me about it all...


Sage asked me to meet her at Starbucks but I have no idea why, either way I get there as fast as I can and we both order. Seeing as though it's burning up outside, we both order a tall frap, we have the same taste in drinks, isn't that adorable? Of course, immediately I notice something wrong with her today.

"Everything okay, love?" I stare into her tired and sad eyes from across the small table. She immediately breaks eye contact and looks down.

"N-not exactly."

Shit. Is she gonna break up with me? I never even thought of this. That's probably what all this is about. Take me to a public place. Sit me down. And then BAM it's over.

"Babe, what is it?" I want to hug her right now and show her I care. Maybe that's what it's all about. She doesn't think I care enough.

"Lou I uh.." Aw here it comes. Maybe I should just distract her, change the conversation, talk about going on a good fancy date. Talk about our future TOGETHER!

"Well I went to the doctor today." Wait. Did she say doctor?

"And umm... You know how I've been having a lot of problems with my stomach?" I nod, leaning into her. Is she gonna have to have surgery? Oh crap, no I don't want her to have to deal with this...

"It turns out that it was a tumor on the lining of my stomach." I can see the tears are about to break away from her eyes. I'm honestly still not following this very well. So what does it all mean?

"I-I have cancer." She WHAT? What did she just say? No. No no no. Sage doesn't have cancer! It was a false test. SOMETHING.

"Oh my god." That's the only thing I can press out of my lips. "Oh my god." I choke it out again. Oh my god. This isn't happening. No. Not to Sage.

"Lou. I-I can't imagine what this is like for you an-"

"For me? Babe.. What about you?" She immediately wipes a tear away as it falls down her cheek.

"What do you mean? I'm fine." She lies. Of course I know she's lying.

I grab my frap in my hand and stand up, holding out my other hand for her to take. She immediately does and I intertwine our fingers. I wanna go somewhere more private. I step into my car as well as she and she looks down at her hands, silent.

"What does this mean?" I finally ask. Does this mean that it's over? Is she going to just give up on it all? Life.

"I'm going to have chemotherapy." I sigh and nod.

"I know what this must be doing to you and... And I just want to say that... I would understand if you didn't want to... Date a cancer patient." She presses her lips into a line and looks down again, sniffing. I see tears rolling down her cheeks and I stare at her, astonished. What? Why would I want to leave her? No. Never.

"Babe look at me." I say, tilting her chin up to see me. "I will love you no matter what, okay? I will never ever leave you. Ever." Before I have time to do anything else, Sage leans forward and plants a passionate kiss on my lips, her long brown hair flows down, brushing up against me as I take a hand and delicately touch her soft cheek.

"I love you, Lou." She says, prying our lips apart ever so slightly. Her warm breath dances on my lips and I smile. All I want to do is kiss her. Hug her. Make her forget about it all.

"I love you too, Sage. To infinity and beyond." And our lips connect again, deepening more and more.

I've made my decision to stick by her.

And god dammit I will.

*end of flashback*

My lips disconnect from hers and her heart rate slows down. My hand fumbles to her small weak hand and I intertwine our fingers.

"How are you, babe?" I ask, plastering a sad smile on my face. She shrugs, looking down at our hands.

"I'm alive," she smiles up at me.

She's gotten so weak over these past two years. It's almost like looking at death, except for the fact that something comes alive inside of her every time she looks at me. She's so skinny. My god this girl has lost forty pounds that she couldn't afford to lose. She used to weigh barely 100. And now... She's sixty. Sixty pounds but she's still alive. She's still alive.

I sit myself down in the chair next to her hospital bed and sigh.

"Louis. I'm scared..." No no no don't say that. Please don't say that. When she says that, it scares me even more.

"I know, so am I..."

"No, Lou. You don't understand."

"Wait, why are you here today?"

She pulls her hand away from mine and turns away. Shit.

"Sage. Why are you at the hospital this time?"

"I uh... The cancer. It spread to my bloodstream." That's all she says before she bursts into tears. I stand up and lean over to her.

"No, Sage calm down. You're okay, babe. Just look at me." I turn her to face me, she's sniffing over and over. I run my finger over her soft cheek and stare down at her.

"Listen to me, babe. I'm here for you."

She chokes out the words "I love you."

I dip down and plant a delicate kiss on her cheek. Now that the cancer is in her bloodstream... It's a matter of time until it gets her whole body... And then.

Well, you know. I can't even think about it.

"How long do you have?" I feel myself choking on the words, my throat closing up. I even feel tears stinging my eyes, but I have to stay strong for Sage.

"A year...."

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