this unbeleivable life of mine (harry styles love story)

now my story isn't a sad one its just an interesting one. I mean how many fifteen year olds get to manage on of the biggest boy bands in the world. im gonna go with none. its like every girls dream, wait i think every girls dream is for the band to fall in love with them. its cute and i know how it is. i mean im still only fifteen. and yeah im in love with them too but i cant let that get in the way of managing them. Simon said i had something in me that just screamed management. but what happens when the managing gets in the way of my friendship with harry? and his little announcement that he has a thing for me, how will that affect everything? but most of all how will it affect my life back home with my two younger siblings? and the camp how will it survive with out me? will my parents step up and take their places as mom and dad? will Tate come home? to know about my one in a million life story read "this unbelievable life of mine (harry styles love story)"


4. well harry changes his mind on SOMEONE!!!


i walked in and there was Simon and this girl that i guess was Hunter. she wasn't anything of what i thought she would be. she was tall for a 13. she had to be 5" 6'. and she had these curves like no one i ever seen. god hot damn that body was sexy. and oh those long tan  legs. mmmhhh!!!!! and i was soo happy it was near 100 degrees here because she was in these tight green shorts and a basketball shirt with the sleeves cut off showing her hot pink sports bra. i was so caught up in staring at her that i didn't even realize she was talking to me not until Louis shoved me. god i must have looked like an idiot. she giggled at me, god that laugh too. "how long are you planning on staying?" she asked again. "ah a month." i said. " well that's a long time. not many people stay here that long. well don't really have the time to." she smiled. "yeah well i think the boys here need a little brake from the fame, i think that its going to their heads. especially harry." Simon laughed, weird. and oh great thanks Simon! now i look like some stuck up idiot! thanks. "well let me show you to your tents." she said walking out the door. i ran up to her. "tent but what about campers or cabins?" i asked. she laughed. "well when you were starting off into space Simon chose for you and the boys. and by the way when i say off in space i mean you staring at my body. but we can keep it between us, don't want you to get in trouble with my uncle Simon, now do we?" she smile and started walking again. damn this girl was gonna kill me over the next month!


well i can see harry is gonna get along with hunter just fine. but he better not get along with her to well. that boy and his history and young girls. but hunter is a smart girl and she will keep him in line i can already see it. i think it trip will be good for the boys.

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