this unbeleivable life of mine (harry styles love story)

now my story isn't a sad one its just an interesting one. I mean how many fifteen year olds get to manage on of the biggest boy bands in the world. im gonna go with none. its like every girls dream, wait i think every girls dream is for the band to fall in love with them. its cute and i know how it is. i mean im still only fifteen. and yeah im in love with them too but i cant let that get in the way of managing them. Simon said i had something in me that just screamed management. but what happens when the managing gets in the way of my friendship with harry? and his little announcement that he has a thing for me, how will that affect everything? but most of all how will it affect my life back home with my two younger siblings? and the camp how will it survive with out me? will my parents step up and take their places as mom and dad? will Tate come home? to know about my one in a million life story read "this unbelievable life of mine (harry styles love story)"


3. new people

DATE: 5/27/2011


well Simon has sent me and the lads to some small camp ground that he says is a 5 star camp sight. im sure it is! not!! he has sent us out here for the U.S.A. holiday weekend. but not just a weekend... a whole fucking month at this probably run down dump with workers who are complete dumbasses! this is gonna suck. Simon said that the owners have like 6 kids. so it probably is run down because they have no money. they have to spend all the money on their many kids. "so what is the story behind this camp and the people that own it?" i asked Simon. "the camp started off as just a camp for anyone people who wanted to get out to the outdoors. and my cousin went to it and told me about it. so i flew over and spent a weekend there and became real good friends with the owners" he said. "ok what about the family, the story on them?" i said again. "well the man and women who started it are Rob and Emily. there kids are Tate who is 23 and married and lives in California. the second oldest are 18 and in college and there names are Madison and J.D.---"  i cut him off and asked " J.D. what kind of name is that?" Simon looked annoyed and continued "J.D. stands to Jeremy Douglas. and than there is hunter she is 13 but real mature for her age.---" again i cut him off "hunter that's a guys name! what the hell were these people thinking naming their kids!?" Simon looked like he was ready to hit me. "hunter was named after her great grandfather she never met! now where was i oh yes, her parents are good people and all but she basically runs the place. oh and then her 8 year old sister Paris is blind and deaf. and her younger brother Aaron is paralyzed. and hunter takes care of them too. and you boys should know that these people are good people and they disserve respected and will get it or there will be trouble for you back in England." he finish. oh great so this camp is run by a 13 year old who thinks she is all that because she is responsible for a camp and two younger siblings. and parents that couldn't give a bigger fuck! great...! still not.

HUNTERS P.O.V. i was cleaning up around the registration building when i heard a car pull up. i put the weeds down and went into the building ready to great what ever regular was spending the holiday here. i saw Simon walk in. a big smile appeared  on my face. I've know Simon for 7 years now and he is like an uncle to me. i got out from the counter and ran over to him to give him a huge hug. he picked me up and stun me around and finally put me down knowing i was getting dizzy. "so how long are you staying for?" i laughed from the spinning. "well im not staying i just came to make sure some people made it here." he said. weird we don't really have new people come here. "who are they?" i asked. "well they ar... oh looks like they are coming now." he said opening the door for the people. and once they were all it i realized who the were. 


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