this unbeleivable life of mine (harry styles love story)

now my story isn't a sad one its just an interesting one. I mean how many fifteen year olds get to manage on of the biggest boy bands in the world. im gonna go with none. its like every girls dream, wait i think every girls dream is for the band to fall in love with them. its cute and i know how it is. i mean im still only fifteen. and yeah im in love with them too but i cant let that get in the way of managing them. Simon said i had something in me that just screamed management. but what happens when the managing gets in the way of my friendship with harry? and his little announcement that he has a thing for me, how will that affect everything? but most of all how will it affect my life back home with my two younger siblings? and the camp how will it survive with out me? will my parents step up and take their places as mom and dad? will Tate come home? to know about my one in a million life story read "this unbelievable life of mine (harry styles love story)"


5. lots to think about...

i might have put a little too much sass in that one but oh well because that didnt stop harry from coming up any walking with me. now this wasnt bad just walking, no harry staring at my... well you know... what he normaly stars at on girls. yeah i dont live under a rock. i am in the middle of the star gossip 24/7! so i know all about harrys history. and now i am glad my parents made the rule to no talking with the stars at the camp. "here is you guyses tents. if you dont like the one you are in you can change it up all you want but please tell me when you change tents. and to what tent. and please no sharing a tent. unless you are married, have a child, engeged, of have a relationship among those lines." i said. they all stared at me like i had three heads. "sorry i have to say that to everyone. i didnt make the rules. they did." i said pointing to my parents cabin. "now if you have any other questions ill be in that cabin over there in the corner of the open grass by the woods and the trail in the woods. now if you will excuse me i have to take care of two younge childern." i always have to take care of them so i always say that. 

after about ten minutes guess who walked throught the door. yeah no other then the harry styles. i looked up from feeding paris and aaron, then saw who it was and looked back down. "their very cute." he said standing next to me. "thanks but there not mines so dont ask." that made him laugh. that made me want to hit him so hard right across the face. "what!?" i demanded. "its just of course their not yours! your only 13." he said and stopped laughing probably seeing i was mad. "well no shirt sherlock!" i hissed. i didnt have to worry about anyone hearing seeing as paris cant and aaron is only three. "damn girl why so pissy?"he asked walking around the cabin. "gee i wonder. oh yeah theres a guy in heree who thinks he is all that because he has girls throwing themselfs at you every time you turn the corner!! well pretty boy drop it now because that is not gonna happin here." i yelled enough for paris to barily hear me. and she just looked utterly confussed. and aaron started crying so i had to pick him up and turn into mom mode again and this time harry got to see mom mode. "your good with kids." he said sitting on my bed. this guy already thinks he owns this place. well hes got a rude awakening coming his way! 

"thanks." i put aaron back down and started to cleen up all the spills from him and paris. "im sorry about earlier... i know what you think about me. it isnt that hard to tell. and i dont expect for you to throw yourself at me... i just... well... um... thought you one of them most beautiful girls i had ever seen. and a stong, independent one at that!" he whispered as he came close to me. he was looking into my eyes an inch from my face. i turned my body away. "harry you should know the rules here. there arnt many but there are some, well mostly for i have to stay up as late as everyone eles does. if there is someone up till five in the morning, i cant go to bed. two: you cant go out into the woods or to the lake with out a gide out there, you know so you dont get mald by a bear. and three: workers are not aloud to talk to the people who are staying here unless they are surving them.  

well that made him back up and sit back down on my bed. "im sorry..." he said one more time looking at the floor. i felt a little bad seeing him this way but rules are rules and if i brake them im died. i finished cleaning up and put paris and aaron down for their nap seeing it was almost noon. i told harry he was welcome to stay in the cabin if he please but i hade to get back to work. he sayed in and told me he would watch the kids. all of that gave me a lot to think about. but there was one thing for sure and that was that i and harry... 



A/N ohhh cliff hanger. :D  i hope you like the long long chapter! i worked really hard on it. please tell me what you think i love to hear. thanks love ya'll

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