this unbeleivable life of mine (harry styles love story)

now my story isn't a sad one its just an interesting one. I mean how many fifteen year olds get to manage on of the biggest boy bands in the world. im gonna go with none. its like every girls dream, wait i think every girls dream is for the band to fall in love with them. its cute and i know how it is. i mean im still only fifteen. and yeah im in love with them too but i cant let that get in the way of managing them. Simon said i had something in me that just screamed management. but what happens when the managing gets in the way of my friendship with harry? and his little announcement that he has a thing for me, how will that affect everything? but most of all how will it affect my life back home with my two younger siblings? and the camp how will it survive with out me? will my parents step up and take their places as mom and dad? will Tate come home? to know about my one in a million life story read "this unbelievable life of mine (harry styles love story)"


2. dream one day things will be better

my life was normal. about the first 5 years. but that was before my dad had the great idea of buying some land in the middle of no where and making it a camp sight. it wasn't a bad idea it was probable one of his best. it did real well for the first couple of years. but then someone showed up that changed the camp and the people who camped at it. i was only around 9 at the time so i didn't really know who he was but of course my older siblings knew who he was. well i learned from Tate and Madison's screams that he was Simon Cowell. a big time producer or something like that.

well it turns out that Simons cousin had come here a couple of months before and told Simon he had to see it for himself. i guess Simons cousin like the camp! after Simons stay at the camp we got a lot of different kind of people camping there. like Taylor swift, Katy Perry, Tim McGraw, lady gaga and a lot more people of that stature. and eventually it became a camp for stars. lots of them are regulars, always there, any free time they got they are at the camp.

but everything wasn't perfect up there. my parents don't really work on the camp anymore. they say they "manage" the camp. but really there isn't that much to manage. and Tate is married and lives in Cali, so she isn't around to help out. then there is Madison and J.D. who are in college and cant help out either. oh then here's the worst part. my little sister Paris lost most of her hearing and all of her sight. she just sits around always feeling around her. she is so scared all the time. and i would be too. cant see or hear just so helpless. my parents don't even take care of her... I DO!!! and then Aaron who is 3 and paralyzed. and i take care of him too. he was born paralyzed. he is in a wheel chair. and i cant even put it to words. its one of the saddest things in life. if you could see it you would be speechless and maybe even start to cry like i am now, writing this down.

and then with all of that it gets real lonely up here. and i bet you are saying right now "what about all those stars you get to be around 24/7!?!?!?" well there are rules here. rules my parents made of course. one of the biggest rules is that workers are not allowed to talk to the costumers. apparently my parents think im not responsible and will fan girl, babble like an idiot and embarrass them. yeah a fifteen year old girl who was been forced to grow up and become a mom, dad, practically owner of a 5 star camp and has another job back home is gonna do that. but i cant change it all i can do is suck it up put and a smile go to work and at night dream that one day things will be different for me and my siblings!


A/N what do you guys think maybe hunters life is pretty rough after all. well tell me what you think i always love to hear. thanks bye love ya'll!!!!     

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