Niall's Waitress

Cami has always worked in this pub. She knew Niall Horan before he was famous. So what happens when Niall finally notices her big, blue eyes? Read to find out.


4. Chapter 4

"I didn't think that you would remember me," Cami said biting her lip.

"I didn't at first glance, I'm sorry," Niall practically whispered to her.

"Well then, I can see you two have some catching up to do," Louis said in an awkward tone, "Text you later Niall. Nice meeting you Cami."

Louis walked away leaving Niall and Cami alone outside the pub.

"Wanna go for a walk?" Niall asked and all Cami could manage was to nod.

He took her hand and they began walking. For the first few minutes they just walked along the little, dirt path behind the pub. Cami remembered how her first kiss was on this path.

The path led back into some woods where a lot of teenagers would go just to 'hook up' or make out. Cami was sixteen when she got her first kiss on this path.

Being only in two relationships, her first kiss guy, Dave, and then Kol, Cami didn't really consider herself experienced with guys. What if Niall was expecting a quick hook up behind where she worked. She wouldn't have it.

"Where are we going?" she asked believing she already knew the answer.

"Well, most people come here for a quickie at that rock," he pointed to the rock that technically ended the path, "but I like to go past it. There is a beautiful, little stream back there. It's a great place to talk."

Cami nodded realizing that Niall wasn't like other guy she had been with. Niall was not Kol and she would have to remember that. Not every guy was going to use her as a sex toy and she hoped that one day she could actually believe that.

Cami stopped in her tracks when she saw the stream. The landscape was beyond beautiful.

The water in the stream was so clear and you could see your reflection. Trees surrounded them providing a cool breeze to flood the area but also warm sunshine was coming through the branches. The grass was so green and everything just felt lovely.

"This is beautiful," Cami said.

"I can't believe you've worked at that pub so long but didn't know about this."

"Well, I never made it passed the rock," she bit her lip remember the time her and Kol had spent on the rock. So many nights and morning she felt like a cheap whore for having sex where so many other people had. It felt worse than being taken to a hotel.

Niall must have noticed her sudden change in emotion because he wrapped his arms around her.

"I'm not going to judge you," he promised and Cami nodded.

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