Niall's Waitress

Cami has always worked in this pub. She knew Niall Horan before he was famous. So what happens when Niall finally notices her big, blue eyes? Read to find out.


16. Chapter 16

Cami returned from doing all the paperwork that would allow her Aunt Mary to take the children to London so Cami could sort through everything there in Ireland. 

Cami walked inside to check on the status of the children's packing. 

"Is everyone almost ready?" she asked. 

"Yeah. Sure we are all super excited to be shipped off to a woman we hardly know," John snorted. "No offense Mary."

"John! Just stop! Grow up and act like an adult! You want to be treated like one right?" Cami spat at him. 

John looked down and didn't say anything back to Cami. Cami went to make sure that the children were packing only necessities as of right now. While doing this her phone buzzed from a text. 

It was from Niall. 

Come outside. 

Cami smiled, relieved it was something other than this drama. 

"I'll be back in a few minutes," Cami said as she ran out the door to see Niall standing there. 

Cami ran straight up to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. 

"Thank you for being here. I just," she sighed still holding onto him tightly. "I just don't know what to do right now."

"I'll be here Cami. No matter what. I am staying here to help you fix all of this. I don't care what all is going on. You need someone and I am going to be that someone."

Cami smiled and kissed Niall quickly. 

"Oh sorry," she pulled away. 

"No," Niall pulled her back and kissed her harder. "I care about you Cami. And no one should have to go through this alone."

"I am happy that you are here for me," Cami kissed Niall again. 

The door opened to Cami's house and slowly all the children began walking outside with their suitcases. Cami tried not to cry as she hugged each one of them. 

"You all be good for Aunt Mary. I want you all to call me every night. Even if I don't answer I expect to hear all of your voices in my mail. I love all of you. I am going to figure this all out and then I will get all of you back."

The children began to cry as they climbed into Aunt Mary's car. A taxi pulled up for the rest of them to climb into. 

"I love each of you!" Cami called as the doors shut and the engines started. "I will miss you and I swear if there was any other way," her voice cut short because the tears started to fall. 

Niall took Cami's hand in his, pulling her close. 

"I am here Cami," he kissed her temple. 

The cars pulled away and Cami let all the tears fall as she buried her face into Niall's chest. 

Niall wiped away the tears and kissed her. 

"We are going to figure this out," he smiled. "You and I are going to do this."

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