Niall's Waitress

Cami has always worked in this pub. She knew Niall Horan before he was famous. So what happens when Niall finally notices her big, blue eyes? Read to find out.


14. Chapter 14

"Dear," Mary sighed, "this is a lot. I know that this has to be a lot for you."

Cami nodded afraid if she spoke anymore she would break down in tears. She did not want to appear weak right now when she knew that she needed to be strong. 

"Here is what we are going to do," Mary started again. "I am going to take the children home with me. First we will get the necessary paperwork done. Just temporary custody so I can take them out of the country. Then you are going to stay here and figure out exactly what happened with your mother."

Cami looked up at her aunt wondering what in the world she was thinking. 

"Aunt Mary," Cami cleared her throat. "How am I suppose to do that?"

"You investigate. You have to do it. This does not sound like your mother. Something is missing and I need you to figure it out."

"Did you not just listen to what I told you? I saw my mother! That is not my mother anymore! And I am not going to figure it out."

"So you are going to let them pin a murder on your mother? You are going to let your little brothers and sisters think that their mother is a murderer? I thought you were stronger than that Cami," Mary shook her head as she stood up and walked toward the kitchen. 

"John and Niall will be back soon," Mary continued talking. "You need to decide what you are going to do Cami. I'm going outside for a smoke."

Mary walked outside of the house and left Cami surrounded by emptiness. 

Cami never thought that this is how her mother was but all the facts were showing that it is how her mother was. What was she going to do?

She looked out the window, watching her aunt smoke as the SUV holding her siblings came down the road. She needed to decide what had to be done. 

Cami quickly rushed outside to tell her aunt her decision. 

"You are going to take the kids with you until I figure out everything that is going on," Cami startled her aunt by relaying her new found decision. "Temporary custody. Once I figure it all out if my mother is still in that place then I get custody. That is the deal."

Mary smiled and took another drag off her cigarette. 

"Deal love," she smiled as she blew the smoke into the air. 

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