Niall's Waitress

Cami has always worked in this pub. She knew Niall Horan before he was famous. So what happens when Niall finally notices her big, blue eyes? Read to find out.


10. Chapter 10

Cami thanked Niall again before actually leaving. She felt a huge relief that she didn't have to walk, well run because of how much time she had wasted, the five miles to the hospital. Thankfully Niall insisted she take the Range Rover. The car was big to Cami considering she never really drove anything other than Sam's Volkswagen once or twice for him.

The run would have taken Cami close to an hour, which was time she did not have. The drive only took fifteen minutes.

Cami parked the Range Rover and sat there staring at the hospital. A thousand thoughts rushed though her mind and she had to take several deep breathes before she convinced herself to get out of the Range Rover.

Cami took another deep breath as she walked through the doors at the hospital entrance. Cami honestly had no idea where she was suppose to go.

"Cami Sheffield?" a husky voice said to her left.

"Yes," she said turning to see a tall man in a detective's uniform on.

"This way please miss," he said and turned sharply on his heel.

The detective led her down a series of halls before they reached an elevator. Once on the elevator he hit the button to the fifth floor.

"Are you sure you hit the right button?" Cami asked knowing that the fifth floor was the mental ward.

"Miss Sheffield," he paused. "I just need you to identify your mother. If the suspected is your mother than we have a problem."

Cami wasn't following any of what this man was saying but she nodded anyway. The elevator ride seemed to take forever.

"Are you prepared to take care of your younger siblings? Or should we be prepared to make arrangements?" he asked as he stepped off the elevator.

"Wait, what?" Cami asked. "And shouldn't you have introduced yourself. I'm sorry this all is just a little too much."

"I'm sorry Miss Sheffield," he apologized in his husky voice. "Detective Rodgers."

"Okay, now what is going on?"

He sighed.

"Miss Sheffield I don't have time to explain. I need you to identify this woman for me."

"Not until you explain what is going on!" Cami protested taking a step back.

Again he sighed and rubbed his forehead.

"There isn't a need to get you upset if this woman isn't your mother," Rodgers said with urgency in his voice.

"Fine! But as soon as I identify this woman I want the story! Even if she is not my mother!"

"Deal, now let's go."

The two of them walked down a hallway to locked doors. Detective Rodgers rang a call button and an annoyed voice came through the speaker.

"No visitors at this time!"

"This is Detective Rodgers!" he called trying to match the pitch of the previous speaker.

"Oh! Buzzing you in now sir!"

There was a loud buzz followed by a few clicks and the doors opened by themselves. Cami followed him through the doors down the hallway. They walked all the way to the end of the hallway where there was a door with a tiny window.

Detective Rodgers pointed to the window, "Is that your mother in there?"

Cami closed her eyes and took a deep breathe, hoping and praying that this was not her mother. Whatever was going on seemed to be entirely too much.

Cami opened her eyes and stepped up to the window. At first she couldn't see anyone in the room. She looked from corner to corner to corner only to see an empty room.

"There's no one in there," Cami said moving away from the window.

"What?" Detective Rodgers stormed up to the door and examined for himself.

After realizing that Cami wasn't lying he rushed over to the nurse's desk. His fists flew onto the desk causing the nurse to jump.

"The woman! The woman that was placed in that room! Where is she?" he gritted his teeth and the nurse shook with fear. Cami herself was quite afraid too.

"Excuse me?" a small woman appeared from the corner. "Detective I am only going to ask you once to step away from my nurse."

Rodgers took a step away and Cami was confused. The small woman was in a doctor's coat but it was still surprising he listened. The first floor could probably feel his rage.

"Hello," the woman's eyes turned to Cami. "You must be Cami?"

Cami nodded her head yes as the woman extended her hand. Cami shook her hand wondering who this woman was.

"You are probably wondering who I am," she asked as if she head Cami's thoughts. "I'm Doctor Campbell. Mental Ward Supervisor, and Detective?"

Rodgers looked over at her still red in the face.

"The patient your men brought in has been moved to a different room. I am going to ask you to take a seat over there," she pointed to the black bench near the locked doors. "Cami, would you like to come with me?"

Cami didn't even nod she just followed the doctor. She led her past many more rooms and Cami felt like it would be very easy to get lost in here.

"Cami?" Doctor Campbell asked. Cami looked at her but didn't say anything. "I know this is quite scary for you. If the woman in questioning is truly your mother then we will have to do a mental evaluation on you before we can allow you to take temporary custody of your brothers and sisters. Do you understand?"

Cami stopped and shook her head. "What are you talking about?"

"The woman, presumed to be Abagail Sheffield is bipolar and we possibly fear the potential of multiple personality disorder. Didn't the Detective tell you all of this?"

Cami shook her head and turned around to see the Detective on his phone. She was on the verge of a break down. "He didn't tell me anything."

"Oh, well I don't know if I am at liberty to discuss this then."

"Please Doctor Campbell. Tell me what is going on," Cami pleaded with the woman.

The Doctor looked back to make sure the Detective was still on the phone.

"Okay, but I never asked you did you already know all of this okay? He should have told you anyway," Cami nodded as the doctor continued. "The woman brought in was claiming her name was Abagail Sheffield but then ten minutes later said her name was Leslie Smith. She was talking with an American accent. I asked the Detective to call the next of kin for Abagail Sheffield. Then the woman had a British accent and said her name was Melony Parker."

They continued walking down the hallway until Doctor Campbell had to swipe her badge to get through the double doors.

"The woman, whoever she is, killed a man today. We aren't sure if it was self-defense or just murder. Someone noticed the blood on her trunk while she was inside the SuperValu."

"That couldn't be my mother though because we don't own a car."

"The car was reported stolen yesterday by some woman claiming her husband took it. Sounds like one of those bad cop shows gone to reality."

Doctor Campbell stopped outside of a door and lifted the metal plate covering the window in the door.

"Whenever you are ready Cami," she said stepping away from the door.

Cami took a deep breathe and closed her eyes. She walked up to the door and opened her eyes slowly looking at the woman inside of the room.




**Author's Note

Sorry guys for leaving you with another suspenseful ending! I will be trying to update another chapter soon! Let me know what you guys think though! Love hearing from you :)

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