Crazy love

Hiddy is 18 and has cancer, but the doctor's don't think she will make it then she falls in love with a guy name Louis then it comes crazy find out and read


2. School

My mom came in my bedroom and said Hiddy want to go to school I said yes I do so I got up got dressed and walked to school after classes 123 comes 4 on my way there I had my 3 books in my hand i walked around the cornner and then this guy ran into me I am so sorry he said he got up gave me he's books I am Louis he said I am Hiddy  said he have me his number when he was walking away I felt pain so I ran to the bathroom and threw up I went home and texted Louis he asked me if I wanted to go on a date with him Tommrow at 6:00 I said yeah Shure well that night he gave me he's number he meet my parents and asked me to be his girlfriend .

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