Crazy love

Hiddy is 18 and has cancer, but the doctor's don't think she will make it then she falls in love with a guy name Louis then it comes crazy find out and read


3. Date and happiness

After we ate dinner me and Louis went to a small lake we sat on the shore I had to tell him what I had Louis I said I have stage 1 cancer I said he lookedst me and said ur still beautful on every way just because  u have cancer doesn't mean we won't be tighter we will be together always he drive me home he said he loved me and I walked out the car into my house and Iwalked inmy room and layed in my bed    



3months latter went to Louis house he took me to the docter he said he felt something move in my stomach he touch it and then he said I was pregnant I l looked at Louis with joy on my face I was now 19 so I could take care of the baby when we got out of the car to his house I sat on his couch hr came down staries with setting behind his back he said would u marry me I said yes 

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