Crazy love

Hiddy is 18 and has cancer, but the doctor's don't think she will make it then she falls in love with a guy name Louis then it comes crazy find out and read


5. Baby

2 months later February 6 I was making creal all of a sudden Hiddys screaming Louis I think the babys ccoming I ran and got her and put Hiddy in the car we rushed to the hospital she was in the room and then I see my Brookelyn  brown hair blue eyes like her mom she's so cute Hiddys little sisster said 






2 Years latter mommy I heard Brooklyn cry I am coming brooke picked my brooklyn up and I told her what was she doing I made her panscaks and then gave her a bible bath dressed her up in her litte red Tomas her red shirt and red skirt and put her red Bow in her hair Louis walked in and said my tow girls are here  the. He gave Brooklyn a big Ohh hug I am glad I have a family 

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