A Heart Full of Love(Grantaire/oc)

Josephine Thenadier, Eponine's sister, was a big impact on the Les Amis. They each loved her but one more than the rest. Grantaire knew what he wanted. And he wanted her safe and away from the dangerous barricade.


4. Chapter Three

Chapter 3:
"Lamarque is dead.. Lamarque, his death is the hour of fate. The people's man. His death is the sign we await! On his funeral day they will honor his name with the light of rebellion ablaze in their eyes. On the tomb of Lamarque shall our barricades rise! The time is here! Let us open it with courage and cheer!"
       "Let us take to the streets with no doubt in our hearts!" Josephine cried.
       "But, a jubilant shout!" Courfeyrac said.
       "They will come one and all!"
       "They will come when we call!"

           Josephine and Marius saw Eponine enter the room, looking at Marius. He followed her out, Josephine knew what this was. Eponine had found Cosette..
        Which concluded the meeting.
    "Josephine, would you allow me to walk you home?" 
   "No," she stated plainly. Then smiled, "Let's go to the pub! I want to drink, and since you're a gentlemen, Monsieur Grantaire.. You'll pay!"
      "My Mademoiselle Josephine! It would be an honor!" He said to her jokingly, offering her his arm as they got up.
   No word was spoken between them as they journeyed. Josephine joked up to Grantaire, he had an absent look on his face, it wasn't like him. 
   "Grantaire?" She called to him in a little concerned whisper. It broke him out of his deep thought, and he looked down at the girl holding his arm and grinned.
" I am alright, Josephine, don't fret." She nodded and looked back down, until Grantaire came to a sudden stop.
   "Actually, Josephine." He said to her, pulling her in front of him. He seemed to ponder of what to say.
    "It's what Enjolras said, isn't it?" She concluded with a questioning look?
    He just nodded and gave her a serious look in the eyes. "You do know the price I might pay fighting in this battle, yes?"
    Josephine didn't really think of what Enjolras said, the answer was obvious, her friends might die on the battle. She fought back tears, nodding. "Must you fight, Grantaire? I know you really don't want to be in the revolution, so, don't fight at the barricade."  
      "Josephine.." He sighed out. "You know, that I must for Enjolras. He's got me out of a lot of touch patches and, I need to be there for him."
      She wished he hadn't said it, but he did. It would be a week from that day till the funeral day. 
      One more week before everything she knew would change. One more week before all she loved would be gone. One more week and the man she loved more than life itself would be taken away.

    "Mademoiselle," He said and turned to her with a smile offering her his hand. "May I?"
     " I would be honored Monsieur,"  She giggled and he pulled her close and started swaying her around.
    "You know, you are more beautiful than   Aphrodite herself."
  She gave him a puzzling look, "Where did this come from all of a sudden?"
    He stopped swaying and placed two fingers under her chin, lifting her head up to face him. "I need to tell you this, just in case something does happen to me at the barricade... Josephine." His head lowered closer to hers, she could feel his hot breath on her face a slight pink rose to her cheeks.
     When she thought he was going to kiss her, and that everything would have melted in front of her. Grantaire started laughing and backed away from her face.  "Your face! It's so priceless, Josephine!"
    "That wasn't funny Monsieur," She said, a little disappointed. 
    He soon turned serious again and said, "I wouldn't do anything that you wouldn't want me to. Now, how about we get you home Mademoiselle Josephine?" He offered her his arm once more.

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