A Heart Full of Love(Grantaire/oc)

Josephine Thenadier, Eponine's sister, was a big impact on the Les Amis. They each loved her but one more than the rest. Grantaire knew what he wanted. And he wanted her safe and away from the dangerous barricade.


8. Chapter Seven

Chapter 7:
      Night had came to Paris, and the students had waited for an attack, but it hadn't happened. No sign of any movement outside the barricade. 
    Josephine was starting to feel very anxious and distraught. All this waiting was killing her, not that she wanted the army to come. It was the agony of waiting for the moment the people she loved would fall. 
   Grantaire cast glances at the boy sitting across from him playing nervously with his hands. "Here, you'll need some," he said to the younger boy, who looked up at him, quickly turning away his head away.
  He shyly reached for the wine bottle, "Th-Thank you, Monsieur." 
    "Do I know you?" Grantaire questioned the boy.
   "No, Monsieur you must be mistaken!" The small boy took a small sip of the wine and happened back the bottle to Grantaire avoiding his glance. He nodded to him, and slowly walked away, looking back once.
   Josephine felt sick as Grantaire walked away from her, she thought she was almost found out and breathed out a heavy sigh.
   "He's back!" Joly's voice broke threw the silence. 
   Josephine looked up from her spot, the man from before was on his way back. The students moved the barricade to let him inside.
   "Listen my friends, I have done as I said. I have been to their lines, I have counted each man. I will tell what I can,"  Josephine looked deeply to this man, and hoped somebody else could see through his lies. "Better be warned, they have armies to spare. And our danger is real we need our cunning to bring them to heel,"
   Enjolras walked to him and placed a hand over his shoulder, Josephine couldn't believe Enjolras actually believed this man. "Have faith! If you know what they're movements are, we'll spoil there game. There are ways our people can fight, we shall over come their power!"
   The man looked to Enjolras with a scowl, "I have overheard their plans. There will be attack tonight, they intend to starve you out before they start a proper fight. Concentrate their force but when it's light-"
   "Liar!" A strong voice called from the top of the barricade. Josephine smiled, someone else did know of his lies, Gavorche.  
   Gavorche looked to the man and began to sing, "Good evening dear inspector. Lovely evening my dear. I know this man, my friends. His name's Inspector Javert! So don't believe a word he says , 'cause non of its true."
    Javert tried to escape from the barricade but was caught by Grantaire and Courfeyrac, "This only goes to show you what little people can do!" Gavorche finished.
    Courfeyrac grinned at Gavorche, "Bravo, little Gavorche! You're the top of the class!" He praised Gavorche. 
   Gavorche smiled at Courfeyrac as he grabbed Grantaire's red hat and placed it on his head.
   "So, what are we going to do with this snake in the grass?" Prouvaire questioned.
 Enjolras turned to Javert, still in Grantaire and Courfeyrac's grasp.
   "Tie this man and take him to the tavern in there! The people will decide your fate, Inspector Javert."
    "Shoot me now, or shoot me later, every schoolboy to his sport. Death to each and every traitor! I renounce you're people's court." Javert spat to Enjolras.
   Enjolras looked to Courfeyrac unfazed, "Take this man, being him through. There is work we have to do." 
Grantaire and Courfeyrac pulled Javert toward the café. Javert pushed Grantaire off of him, sending him flying into the wall next to him. Josephine's eyes grew as she watched, and went to help Grantaire to his feet. The students soon overpowered Javert, tying him up in the café.
   "When are they coming?!" Enjolras screamed at Javert, desperately. 
    Out of the darkness, the students of the barricade heard the distant noises, the sound of hundreds of feet marching. Enjolras and the rest of the students looked out into the streets.

     Josephine peered over the barricade. She made out the outlines of the hundreds of soldiers.
  A voice shout out from within the darkness, "Who's there?" The soldiers readied their guns.
   Enjolras wasted no time in answering, "French Revolution!" 
    "Fire!" An explosion bursted over the barricade. The soldiers bullets ricochet off the buildings. Josephine covered her head in fear.
   "Comrades, do not fire! Save your gun powder!
   The soldiers advance onto the barricade. They were all in shock, the soldiers make it to the top of the barricade. Eponine saw one of the guns pointed to Marius, which in a split second she jumps infront of. Josephine watched in horror as the gun shot right threw her sister. Eponine was sent back, 
" 'Ponine!" Josephine cried, tears pouring down. She arose from her spot and ran to Eponine. Her hat flying off, long brown hair falling down her back.
   Grantaire gave a confused look to the sisters, it was unbelievable. Marius grabbed an explosive barrel, bring the torch to it a deadly look in his eyes.
  "Clear out or I'll blow up this barricade." He threatened. 
   The soldiers seemed to not believe him, "Blow it up then and take yourself with it!"
   Marius nodded, "And myself with it," he brought the torch closer.
    "Back!" The soldier called to his men as they cleared. Enjolras took the torch away from him.
   Marius quickly walked to where Eponine lay. "Epone, what have you done?" Marius knelt beside her and pulled her into his lap.
  "Here, it's from.. Cosette I kept it from you.." Eponine said to Marius, holding out a letter, struggling to keep her arm out. "Don't be to hard on me.."
   Marius looked over Eponine an expression of grief and shock, "Eponine, you're hurt! You need some help!"
   Josephine felt a strong pair of arms wrap around wrapping around her, pulling her closer into a comforting embrace as her sister died in front of her. Rain began to fall upon them, "Don't you fret, M'sieur Marius. I don't feel any pain. A little fall of rain, can hardly hurt me now. You're here that's all I need to know. And you will keep me safe, and you will keep me close. And rain.. Will make the flowers.. Grow.."
  "But you will live, Eponine! Dear God above! If I could close your wounds with words of love-"
   Eponine's dying face grew serious grabbing Marius' hand and placed it on her heart, "Just hold me now. And let it be. Shelter me, comfort me."

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