A Heart Full of Love(Grantaire/oc)

Josephine Thenadier, Eponine's sister, was a big impact on the Les Amis. They each loved her but one more than the rest. Grantaire knew what he wanted. And he wanted her safe and away from the dangerous barricade.


2. Chapter One

Chapter 1:
Paris, France 1832

            Josephine, now eighteen years old, followed her sister, Eponine, to the protesting. "Eponine, slow down!" She huffed as they came to a stop. 
          "We're almost there , Josephine! Come on!" Eponine cried towards her sister. Josephine knew the reason why Eponine wanted to come along with her to the protest. And his name was, Marius Pontmercy. She had fancied him for quite sometime, and Josephine could tell that this love would falter, it was only one sided.
            A little ahead of her and Eponine she could hear her friend Courfeyrac, "When is it going to end?"
             Josephine left Eponine to stand beside him, and help in the protest. 
     "When we gonna live?" She put in with a smile to Courfeyrac. Who grinned back at her. 
            Joly, the boy with dark hair and dark eyes said, "Something's got to happen now!"
              "Something's got to give!" She cried. 
            The leader of the rebellions, Enjolras, stood on a raised step with Marius Pontmercy standing next to him. Josephine looked down to the crowd to find Eponine transfixed on him. She felt a pain in her heart as she watched her sister. 
             "Where are the leaders now?" Enjolras began. "Where are the swells who run this    show." 
            "Only one man, General Lamarque speaks for the people here below!" Marius continued.
            Josephine approached them Enjorlas reached his hand out for her. Which she accepted joining them, "Lamarque is ill and fading fast. Won't last a week." She yelled to the people.
            "With all the anger in the land! How long before judgement day?" Marius said after her comment.
            "Before we cut the fat ones down to size!"
                 After Enjolras' input the police arrived on their horses. "Stay here and you die!" They threatened, causing the crowd, including Eponine, to disperse.
 Josephine turned to Enjolras, "Must I ask where Monsieur Grantaire is for this protest?"
         "He is where you would normally find him, the pub."
           Josephine rolled her eyes , of course, Grantaire was one to miss protest for wine. Grantaire was one of her best friends, they would constantly tease each other whenever they were together. He had messy black hair, and a blue eyes gaze that could melt the sun. She did quite fancy him, even if she would never admit it to anyone, not even herself.
           "Then, I know where I'm heading to next, thank you Monsieur Enjolras," she said waving good bye.

          Josephine walked into the pub to see Grantaire sitting by the bar. She moved silently and placed her hands over his eyes leaning into him whispering into his ears. "Hello, Monsieur Grantaire."
         He grinned ear to eat, " Is this my fair Lady Josephine?"
He jokingly mocked.
         She let got and sat next to him looking at him, "And who else would you want it to be?" She said smiling.
          "I could think of others," he laughed
         She faked being hurt, "Well then, I'll take my leave!" Getting up from her seat.
           "Good, because I was about to leave too. Lets got together."
            "Alright Monsieur." She smiled her heart pounding as he took her hand and off they went.

          "You weren't at the protest, Grantaire."
          "Oh, did you miss me, Josephone?" He said wrapping an arm around her shoulder.
           "You know I always do!" It's one of the reasons I go to the protests." She called to him patting his chest a slight blush upon her cheeks.
           "We should take you home Mad'moiselle, it's getting quite late." He chuckled.
           Josephine nodded and giggled. "Thank you Monsieur Grantaire," she said grabbed his hand interlacing her fingers with his. It took Grantaire by surprise by returned the gester and squeezed her hand.
           They had arrived at last to her apartment. "And here we are Grantaire, my lovely home." She said sarcastically with her hand out for him to shake it in a thank you, when he grabbed it he pulled her closer and kissed her cheek. 
     "Goodbye Mad'moiselle Josephine." He said with a seductive smile and turned his heel.
     "Oh Josephine!" Eponine sang, grasping both her sisters hands. "I do believe I saw that! You do fancy Monsieur Grantaire! I knew the day would come!"
     "Dear sister, Eponine! I am afraid I don't know what you are getting at!" She stated blankly, without a hint of pink in his cheeks.
      "Of course dear sister. Of course."
        That night, Eponine filled her on of Marius asking her to find a girl he hadn't even talked to. And how he was in love with this woman, this Josephine knew hurt without a doubt. Eponine told her the girls name, Cosette. This name was familiar to me.
          Who are you, my dear Cosette? That gives my sister pain.

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