A Heart Full of Love(Grantaire/oc)

Josephine Thenadier, Eponine's sister, was a big impact on the Les Amis. They each loved her but one more than the rest. Grantaire knew what he wanted. And he wanted her safe and away from the dangerous barricade.


5. Chapter Four

Chapter 4:
5 days left.
    "For it isn't a dream, not a dream."

      Josephine counted down the days until General Lamarque's funeral. Until the world she knew would begin to change.
      And, she swore on that day she will protect the ones she loved. 
    Josephine opened the door and stepped out. Grantaire was standing there drinking wine from his flask, he grinned wide when he saw her.
     "Monsieur Grantaire," Josephine smiled, grabbing his arm.
      He led her to the café, where the group sat. Josephine sat beside Courfeyrac as she listened to her friends talk of the barricade. 
     Grantaire came over her, giving her a questioning look which she returned with a reassuring smile.
     "Are you alright, mademoiselle?" He asked, taking the other side of her, "You look as pale as a ghost." 
     "It won't matter what I say Monsieur," she began with a sad glance around the table. "You all will still be going to a war you will certainly not win, with a such a few in number you are,"
    "You sound as though you have little hope," Enjolras called to her in a forceful voice.
    She rose from her seat, "I'm going to fight with you,"
     Grantaire didn't like this idea and grabbed her arm roughly also jumping out of his seat. "No, Josephine, that is out of the question!"
     She jerked her arm out of his tight grasp, "You think you're the only one that wants to fight for what they love?" She spat at him, turned her heel and walked down the stairs out of the café without a second glance. 
    Grantaire fell back in his chair  and took a swig of his wine flask.
   "Maybe, you should go after her?" Courfeyrac told Grantaire who nodded with a sigh and followed after Josephine.

    Night had fallen on Josephine, she hadn't realized she journeyed far away and was lost. The streets were full of starving and sick people trying to stay warm. As Josephine continued to find her way to find her way around, she heard foot steps coming closer towards her.
     She quickened her steps, the ones behind her did the same until a hand grasped strongly around her wrist. Twirling her around to meet the face of an old man who's breath had the smell of alcohol on it. 
    "Mademoiselle, you look lost, let me help you." The old man said, with a smirk.
   He had dark eyes that put a fear into Josephine. When he smiled at her you could see his teeth rotting away.
    "No m'sieur, I am not lost," she said bravely, not showing him fear.
    The man knew he could easily over power and it didn't take long before he pushed her against the wall behind them.
    However, before he could start what this dirty old man was willing to do, he was grabbed by the dollar and threw to the ground.
     Josephine couldn't believe what she saw, Grantaire hovering over this man, who now laid unconscious. "G-Grantaire?" She reached a shaking hand to him and grabbed his sleeve. He turned to her, tears ran down her face. "I'm-I'm sorry!"
    He cuffs her face in his hands, "Don't be sorry, Josephine. I should've followed after you sooner, I'm sorry."
       Josephine stared into his blue eyes, her heart melting away. He did the same as he had days before, lowering his head, staring deeply into her eyes. "Josephine." He breathed onto her face as his lips fell upon hers, only for a brief moment. He wiped up her tears running his thumbs over her face. "Josephine, I only meant what was best for your safety, I want you safe and far away from the funeral and barricade.. I love you."
     Josephine was taken back by what Grantaire had said, in the seven years She had known him, she'd never have thought she would realize her true feelings for this drunk. Or that he would come out to her and confess.
   Without a moment to think she raised herself on her heels and kissed him, pulling back with a smile. "I love you too," her smile then turned into a look of something sour and bitter. She looked away from him. "And, that's  why I must join in this battle," She looked back at him, "If you die and the rest of the barricade was to fall, I want to fall next to your side and with it. With you, Monsieur Grantaire, my world has started."
    "Now, Josephine, you know Enjolras nor the rest of our companies would aloud you to fall with us, Let's get you home."  He finished their debate with this, and she grabbed his arm.

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