A Heart Full of Love(Grantaire/oc)

Josephine Thenadier, Eponine's sister, was a big impact on the Les Amis. They each loved her but one more than the rest. Grantaire knew what he wanted. And he wanted her safe and away from the dangerous barricade.


6. Chapter Five

Chapter 5:
     3 days left
        " 'Ponine! Are you alright?"
        "Josephine, you don't understand how lucky you are to have the man you love loving you back." She said with no emotions in her voice. 
      "Eponine, it's Cosette isn't it? Why would you find her for Marius, when its only going to cause you great pain?"
    "I want to seem him happy, that's all I want."
    Josephine hugged her sister, Eponine said into her collar bone, "But, I have thought of a plan to make sure I can watch over Marius when goes to the barricade,"  Josephine pulled away from her.
   "What do you mean?" 
   "I'm going to disguise myself as one of the boys and join in the ball."
   Josephine's eyes grew in shock as she looked at her sister, "Are you crazy? That- That just might work! I want in!"
   "I'm not letting my little sister join in the fighting! You must be mad!"
  "Please Eponine! I don't want to be alone! I want to be able to protect Grantaire, I couldn't live without him.."
   Eponine looked defeated, "Fine,"
    Josephine smiled and pulled her sister into another embrace, "Merci, Merci 'Ponine!" 
     Josephine walked side by side with Grantaire, she knew her time with him was running short. So, she intended to spend as much time with him as she could.
    "Monsieur Grantaire, you will help Courfeyrac watch over my brother, Gavorche, won't you?"
    He nodded,"Of course I will Mademoiselle," 
    "You know, you don't have to.. to fight."
  He sighed, "Don't start right now, Josephine."
    "Fine." She dropped the subject, everyday she would try to convince him not to go, but it was to no avail. He would give her the same answer.
   She so couldn't believe they were allowing her twelve year old brother to fight with them and not her. She would say something on this matter but, Grantaire would just ignore it.
    She stopped and pulled on his arm, "Promise me, you will make your way back to me, Monsiuer Grantaire?" She said to him in a pleading whisper, placed her hands on his chest. Grantaire bent over and kissed her on the forehead holding her hands in his, "I promise, Mademoiselle."
      Grantaire pulled his wine flask out and began to drain the red liquid. Josephine grabbed it out of his hands and mimicked his actions.
  "You can't do that!" He bellowed and picking up the small woman over his shoulders.
    "Grantaire! Monsieur Grantaire, put me down at once!"
    He payed the woman little mind as he grinned and laughed through his teeth. She was happy to see him back to his normal self, these are the last few days exactly like this. 

                     One Day Left.
    Enjolras and the rest of the company readying for the next day, stacking the rifles on the wall. Josephine sat with Madam Hucheloup helping her sew the red flag she kept glancing nervously at Grantaire as he walked about the room.
     Marius still hadn't shown, and Josephine was afraid he'd abandon them after everything, to go after Cosette who had fled to England. 
    "One more day before the storm!" Enjolras started, "At the barricades of freedom!"
    Josephine looked sadly around the room to each one of her friends, stopping at Grantaire.
   "One more day before we must part, before we all ride to our destinies of freedom." Josephine whispered.
  Grantaire caught her glance and grinned like a wild man at her.
   "When our ranks begin to form," Enjolras walked to Grantaire, "Will you take your place with me?"
   Grantaire turned away from Josephine, as they all said, "The time is now! The day is here! One more day!"

       Josephine looked out the window and saw Marius coming towards the entrance of the café, she smiled. He came in and took the red flag away from them running to the first floor. Josephine followed after, taking the side next to Grantaire, who slid an arm around her waist.
  The students on the room sang loudly as Marius entered, "One day to a new beginning! Raise the flag of freedom high! Every man will be king! There's a new world to be won! Do you hear the people sing?"
   Marius raised the flag high, "My place is here, I fight with you!" Enjolras smirked and gripped the pole with Marius.
    "Tomorrow, we'll discover what our God in heaven has in store! One more dawn! One more day! One day more!" Enjolras as Marius walk to the window and held the flag outside.  The crowd outside cheered.
    Josephine looked to Grantaire with a look of hopelessness. He looked down at her and gave her a reassuring smile then kissed her on the cheek.

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