A Heart Full of Love(Grantaire/oc)

Josephine Thenadier, Eponine's sister, was a big impact on the Les Amis. They each loved her but one more than the rest. Grantaire knew what he wanted. And he wanted her safe and away from the dangerous barricade.


12. Chapter Eleven

Chapter 11 Alternate Ending:
  As she slowly moved herself toward Grantaire's stiff body the French army readied their second cannons.
   "Second cannons ready. Fire!" The cannonballs erupted on the last bit of the barricade that still stood strong. Sending more debris toward Josephine.
   And the world around her went black. She dreamed for the first time in these last few days in the barricade, as her body laid unconscious on top of Grantaire's.
  The dream of when they met 7 years before..
    Paris, France 1825
      The eleven year old Josephine roamed the streets of Paris. Her father had sent her out of the inn to "run an errand". The little girl was smarter than her parents knew her to be, they wanted her to steal some innocent man's money. And she wouldn't have any of it.
   Josephine's eyes were caught by a boy who gave her a childish grin, waving her over. She looked around to make sure the boy was waving to her. Cautiously moved towards him, she wasn't used to confrontation with other children without her sister, Eponine, with her.
   When she approached the boy she looked to the ground, "He-Hello.." She said shyly to him with a glance up to him. He had black curly locks and dark caring eyes. 
  "Hello! I'm Courfeyrac!" He said with his hand raised out for her to shake. 
   She looked at his hand wearily, transfixed upon it. 
    "I'm not going to hurt you!" He chuckled.
  She nodded and grabbed it, "I'm Josephine Thenadier, M'sieur Courfeyrac."
   "Ah! Mademoiselle Josephine!" He still held her hand and smiled to her. A slight tint of pink came to her cheeks, "Mademoiselle, come meet my friends!" He spoke loudly as he pulled her towards the big elephant statue.
   He showed her the special knock to get into the elephant, a boy a little older than her opened the bottom door. He had wild golden curls and piercing blue eyes.
   "Enjolras, I found a new recruit!" Courfeyrac said proudly with a grin. Enjolras looked at her with questioning eyes  , "What's your name?" He called to her, his voice sounding violent and demanding, even if he didn't mean it to be. This caused her to recoil behind Courfeyrac.
   "I'm Josephine.." She whispered in timidness to him.
   Enjolras nodded toward Courfeyrac and went back inside, Courfeyrac turned to his new friend and helped her inside, climbing up himself. 
    Josephine looked about the inside of the creature. There were three unknown figures sitting beside Enjolras. Courfeyrac sat beside Josephine, having someone who considered her a friend was comforting.
  Josephine felt a pair of eyes burning a hole into her. She looked to the owner of the glare, if looks could kill she would've been dead right there.
   Courfeyrac placed an arm around her shoulders, grinning, "This mademoiselle is Josephine! Josephine this is Combeferre, Joly, and Grantaire." When Courfeyrac pointed to the last person, she met those eyes again. 
   "He-Hello.." She said to them all with as courage she could muster up.
  "What's this short-stack doing here, Enjolras?" Grantaire complained turning his attention to Enjolras.
    Enjolras only shrugged his shoulders and pointed to Courfeyrac, "Courfeyrac brought her." Josephine coward down and looked toward Courfeyrac, she regretted going now, they all disliked her. Courfeyrac was her first real friend, and that's why she was allowing herself to go.
   Courfeyrac defended her, "She'll be a good addition to our family!"
   Grantaire sneered, but Enjolras agreed. "She's in."
    Josephine actually smiled at the blonde boy, he did accept her!
   "Oi! She can smile!" Grantaire laughed and moved closer to her, pinching her cheeks. "Such a sissy girl!"
   Josephine was surprised by his sudden change in mood toward her. One moment he was wanting her to drop dead and now he was picking on her. Josephine looked dead into his eyes for the first time, she couldn't take her eyes away. His deep blue pupils gazed hazily into her hazel brown. A blush filled her cheeks as he let go were sweaty, her heart raced.
   She opened the hatch to the bottom, "It was nice to meet you all. I must be going. Goodbye, Courfeyrac. I'll see you again, yes?" She smiled as she gave one last look to Grantaire.
   His black curly wild mane, his dark blue eyes that would haunt her every dream until she saw them again.

     Paris, France - Present
        Grantaire awoke to find Josephine's body sprawled out on him, he violently shook  her shoulders and desperately cried her name.
    No answer was heard from her, not one movement made. Only a twinkle of blood on her head. She must've protected him from the second hit of debris.
    Grantaire had a single tear running down his face as he held her lifeless body. He looked towards the sky, asking God why he had taken his Little Angel. Grantaire could see Enjolras in the window, he wouldn't allow his best friend to die alone.
    Carefully he placed Josephine on the ground next to Courfeyrac's body, her best friend is where she'll be laying by forevermore, until they where all moved to graves.
   He step he made up the stairs was a step closer to his death. It didn't bother him any because soon he'd be with Josephine and all of his friends for eternity.
    Grantaire looked to his friends, Enjolras, who smiled as he smiled as he saw him and raised the red flag Josephine had put her heart into making for them. The French army allowed Grantaire to walk toward Enjolras, grasped his hand. Then it ended.
Gun fire erupted in the building and so ended the brotherhood of the Les Amis.

  Grantaire opened his eyes he could see nothing but a blinding light, Josephine's beautiful voice sang. "M'sieur I bless your name, M'sieur lay down your burdens."
     Josephine appeared to Grantaire, she no longer looked like a starving soul, her body no longer just skin and bones, from being starved in her life. She now was exactly like how she should have been, an absolute angel. Grantaire's Little Guardian Angel.
 Josephine knelt to him and kissed him, placing her forehead looking into those dark blue eyes that she could never forget, "And we will now be with God," She smiled to him. Joseph held out her hand, "Take my hand my love, I'll take you to salvation."
    He grabbed ahold of her and swore never to let her go. And, there in Heaven was all of the Les Amis where there. The bond of their friendship of the barricade will forever ring in Heaven.
   Josephine looked to Grantaire and kissed him on the cheek, "I love you, forevermore!"

Authors note: This is the last Chapter, please tell me what you thought of this. I worked really hard in my opinion for this. Thank you to all that read!

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