Just Another Girl In The Crowd

This is my dream about Cody Simpson.
**There is curse words!
**If you get offended easily by curse words, I advise you not to read.


2. Waiting For The Music

When Cody and I get to our room, Sierra is already there waiting. When she sees me she smiles.

"Where have you been?" she asks.

"Walking," I say as I grab the key out of my pocket and stick it in the lock. Sierra opens the door and disappears inside.

The door closes and Cody says, "If you need anything, I am right next door."

"518?" I ask.

"Yep, now, go get all beautified. Not that you need it, you are already beautiful," he says. He kisses my cheek and goes into his room. I go into mine.

I pick out my outfit for the concert. My dirty grey Vans, a short sleeve shirt that is all different shades of blue and green, and a dark pair of my ripped shorts. Sierra comes out of the bathroom and I head in and I take my bikini off and hang it on the back of the door to dry. I put the lid of the toilet down, and set my neatly folded clothes on it, then I get into the shower.

*After Shower*

I dry off and put my clothes on, then I open the bathroom door and I walk out to my bed, where my hair stuff it set out all nice and neat in the order that I need it to be in. There is a outlit by the full body mirror, so I grab all of my stuff and put it in front of the mirror and organize it before I sit down. I start to blow dry my hair.

"I'm going to go get something to eat, do either of you want anything?" my mom asks.

"Yes please Aunt Nicole," Sierra says, "Just a plain cheese burger, from Burger King please?"

I grab a pen and a note pad, and write down my order and hand it to my mom, "Subway please? I wrote it down, because I know you would forget by the time you got there, or got our orders mixed up," I say. Then I grab the paper back and write Sierras order on the bottom of the paper, and write our names by each one.

"Okay, I'm off," my mom asks. She leaves and I finish blow drying my hair, that my bangs go to the right. I spray my hair with my hair protecting spray and grab my curling iron when my phone goes off, Sierra tosses it to me. It was a text from 'Surfer Guy' I knew it was Cody instantly, because he would be the only guy I know to put that into my phone. It said,

Hey! It's Cody!

I could kinda tell...


Cuz of what you put into my phone.

Haha Surfer Guy? Pretty awesome huh?

Haha surree...

I'm headed to sound check, do you girls want to come? Or are you still working on the girly stuff you girls do?

Still working on ourselves, also my mom is getting us dinner too, so we kinda want to stay for that, I'm hungry!

Then I get a text from my mom that says,

I forgot to ask what drinks you girls want, I know Sierra doesn't like soda, so that's out of the question for her...

I asked Sierra and she said she wanted pink lemonade, and can I get just apple juice please? I love you moomy!


What? No I love you back? Wow, you're a very nice moomy! And yes, I said moomy, more than once!

Haha love you too, see you in a little bit.

I laugh and set my phone aside, and go back to my hair. My mom walks in with our food, right as I finish up my hair. I spray it with my favorite hair spray, and unplug my curling iron, and flip my hair over, and spray it, then wait a few seconds, and shake it out a bit, then flip it back over, fix my bangs and walk over to my mom. She hands me my sandwich. I unwrap it and eat it in like 3 minutes, I was that hungry. I drink all of my apple juice, and throw away my trash, and I grab my phone and my money. It was almost time for the concert. It was 6:30.

I say, "If we don't get down there now, and get in line first, we won't get in there at all pretty much!"

Sierra jumps up, throws her trash away, "You're right! Can I potty first?"

I laugh and say, "Go ahead!" She runs to the bathroom and I dig through my purse for my tube of Chapstick. It's my favorite with Nivea right up there with it. I find it within seconds of digging. I put some on, and put it in my left pocket along with my money. I put the room key in my back pocket, just incase when we come back, and my mom is asleep or out doing something. I unlock my phone, and change 'Surfer Guys' name to Cody Simpson, and the business name to 'Surfer Guy'.

Sierra comes out and grabs her chapstick and money and puts them in her pocket. We are going half an hour early, so we can both get shirts and come back up and change then go back down to get in line. She checks her phone, and texts someone back, and puts it in her pocket. "Did you grab the tickets?" she asked.

Oh crap! I grab them off the table and say, "Yes, I did." I smiled big and she laughed. She nodded and we headed out and we both hugged my mom on the way out the door. We walk down the elevator. Sierra presses the button to call the elevator. The doors open, and we get on.

*Buying Shirts*

"Can I get the blue one that has a picture of him with his name on it?" I ask the girl at the mechandise booth.

She walks over to a big box of blue shirts and looks up and says, "What size?"

I look at her and say, "Medium." She grabs a medium and hands it to me.

I hold it up to check if it would fit. It looked like it would be a bit tight, so I ask if I can trade for a large, she says, "Sure." I hand her the medium, and she grabs a large. I hold it up and it looks like it would be a perfect fit. "25 dollars." I gave her the money, and got out of Sierras way, so she could buy a shirt. I look up at the rest of the merchandise. There was keychains, CDs, sweashirts, shirts, glowsticks, anything you can buy at a concert, was there. I decided that I wanted to buy a sweatshirt.

My mom said that I could buy stuff, if I saved the money for it, I saved for 3 months. I saved about around 300 dollars. I did all of my chores, plus I offered to do anything that my mom needed me to do, and she paid me for it, and I put all of the money she gave me, or that I found in my piggy bank. Yes, I use a piggy bank. I forgot all about the money in there until a month or so before the concert, and I counted it, and it was around 289 dollars. I was happy. I told my mom how much I saved and she said that if I kept saving and got around 300, she would buy us backstage passes. She did, but not meet and greet tickets, but that's okay, because Cody gave us some for free anyway.

When Sierra was done getting her shirt, I went up to the lady again, and asked if I could get the black pull over hoodie, that said Codys Angel on the front and Cody Simpson on one of the sleeves, and Paradise Tour on the back in a large. She gave it to me, and I tried it on. The sleeves were a little bit to long, but other than that, a perfect fit. I give the lady 35 dollars, and we head back up to our room to change.

When the elevator doors open, we get off and Sierra runs to our room. I don't run. I put the key ing the lock, and go straight to the bathroom and change shirts, and put my new sweatshirt on. I shove the sleeves up, and come out. Sierra is waiting for me. She changed out in the open, just shut the curtains. We head back down to get in line, when I get a text from Cody,

Do you want to hang out backstage until the concert starts?

Let me ask Sierra...


I ask Sierra and she says, "Sure. Why not?" I text Cody back,

She said sure

K. Where are you?

Getting off the eleavtor.

I will send some one to get you guys.


Sierra and I sat down on one of the benches near the concert hall. A man came up to us and asked, "Are you Emily and Sierra?"

"Yes," I said.

"Come with me please," he said to us and turned around and started walking away. We get up and follow him. We follow him into the concert hall, then down toward the stage, and down behind a few doors and to backstage. He leads us to Codys dressing room. Sierra asks where Ryans is.he takes her a few doors down.

I was left alone. I knock on the door. No answer. I knock again. No answer. I open the door and wlk in. It was HUGE! When I say huge, I mean really fucking huge! There was a couch in the middle of the room, a clothes rack with all of his clothes on it, a HUGE full body mirror on one wall, a one way window to the stage, a small table with three chairs in one corner, a big table with lots of snacks, a mini fridge, etc. It was huge. I decide that it was best to stay and not get lost. I sit down on the couch and pull out my phone to check my twitter.

I hear a knock at the door. I look up and Cody's standing in the door frame. I forgot to shut the door on my way in. I get up and walk over to him. He gives me a friendly hug. It lasted a few seconds longer than it probably should have, but that's okay. It's Cody Simpson for God sake!

"You like?" he asks. He shuts the door and plops down on the couch.

"It's amazing! Better than any dressing room that I could ever imagine!" I say as I sit down next to him.

"Yeah, I think this is the best dressing room I've had all tour!"he said laying his head on the back of the couch. I giggle and he says, "Oh! You think that's funny? I'll show you what's funny!" He starts tickling me all over. I can't stop laughing.

"Cody! Stop!" I say inbetween breaths and laughs.

"Not until you say 'Cody is the sexiest person alive!" he says.

"Never!" I yell.

"Say it!" he says and starts laughing. He doesn't stop tickling me.

"Okay, okay! Fine! Cody is the sexiest, cutest, and most handsome person ever!" I say laughing even harder.

"Not quite what I expected, but close enough!" he said and stopped tickling me. We were still laughing.

Once we stopped laughing, we had a moment. Not an awkward moment, but a romantic moment. Then we just kept leaning in and leaning in, until our lips touched. Our lips moved in sync. My hands moved to around his neck. His moved to my waist

We kissed for the better part of 2 minutes. It felt like the longest 2 minutes in my life! I never wanted it to end! When it did, he reached for my hand, and entertwined our fingers. All of the sudden, he says, "I know that we haven't been on a proper date. Heck! We've only known eachother for a few hours, but I feel like I've known you for years! What I'm trying to get at is -"

I cut him off with a peck on the lips and saying, "Yes."

"You didn't even know that I was going to say," he said pouting.

"I knew what you were getting at though," I said smiling. I grab my phone and say, "I need a picture for when you call me!" I try to think of a fun picture to take, when it suddenly hits me! I get up and say, "Get up!"

He gets up and says, "Why?"

"Because. Give me a piggy back ride," I say as I shove my phone into my back pocket. He turns around and I hop on. I grab my phone out of my pocket, and pull up the camera. I hold the phone out as far as I can and we smile and I snap the picture. I pull up the picture and it's a good picture, but I get a better idea. I say, "Now a silly one!" I puff up my cheeks and cross my eyes. Cody sticks his tounge and crosses his eyes. I give him bunny ears. I take the picture and hop down. I set the silly one as my background and the serious one as his picture.

There is a random flash. I look up, and Cody is smiling. I grab his phone to look at the picture. It's a good picture and I set it as mine. I hand him his phone back. I text him the silly one and he sets it as his background too.

Cody gets up and heads for the door and when he grabs the knob, he says, "Come on!"

"Where are we going?" I ask. I get up and walk over to him. He has his hand out and I take it.

"I am showing you around!" he says and we walk down the hall.

*20 minutes later*

*Codys POV*

"Matt, this is Emily. Emily, this is Matt," I say to both of them.

Matt holds a hand out and she shakes it and he says, "Nice to meet you Emily."

"You too," she says.

Matt pulls me aside and says, "Who is she?"

"My girlfriend," I as a matter of factly.

"Isn't that the girl that was at the pool?" he asks.

"Yeah, why?" I say.

"You've known her for, what? Three hours? You can't date someone that you've known for 3 hours!" he said.

"I know! She's different though! Plus she is the first girlfriend that I've had, since I bacame famous," I point out to him.

"Okay, only because she is the first girlfriend that you've had in the past 3 years,"  he said in defeat.

"Good," I say and I walk over to Emily.

Matt comes back over and says, "Well I've got to go, but it was very nice meeting you Emily. See you later Codes." We do our AWESOME handshake, and he heads off. We head off the other direction.

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