Just Another Girl In The Crowd

This is my dream about Cody Simpson.
**There is curse words!
**If you get offended easily by curse words, I advise you not to read.


1. The Meeting

"Are we there yet? I want to swim!" I said to my mom in the car.

"Almost, when we get there, we need to check in and take our bags to our room, then you girls can change and go  swim," my mom said to me and my cousin Sierra.

"Yes! You know, we might see Cody at the pool too. You do know we are staying in the same hotel as him,"Sierra says as she nudges my arm. I smile as wide as the sun!

"I sure hope so!" I exclaim.

*10 Minutes Later*

Sierra shakes me awake. When I wake up, she yells, "WE'RE HERE SLEEPING BEAUTY!!!"

I kaugh and say, " Okay, okay, I'm awake!" We get out of the car and I almost immediately go deaf!

"Okay, now I am really awake!" I yell to Sierra.

"You don't say?!" she yells back.

We follow my mom to the front doors of the hotel, until a girl bumps into me and says, "Hey! No cutting! We are all waiting for tickets too!"

"Umm, excuse me?" I asked stunned at how rude she was being.

"You heard me!" she said putting her hands on her hips.

"Actually, we were just headed inside to check into the hotel, thank you very much," I say pointing to the doors.

"Oh, sorry, I just really want these tickets and nothing is going to stop me from getting them!" she says surprisingly kinder than before.

"Okay..?" I said and followed my mom and Sierra into the hotel.My mom checked us in, and we headed up to room 517.

I open the door and hold it open for my mom and Sierra. I throw my duffle on the bed and throw it open. Luckiky my swimsuit was the last thing I packed, so it was on top, along with my ripped shorts and my black tank top. I grab my peach colored bikini and head to the bathroom to change.

I come out 2 minutes later and Sierra heads in to change into her tankini. She comes out and I grab my iPhone, and the room key. Throw my hair into a messy bun and my mom says, "I want you girls back up here in about an hour and a half, you need to get ready for the concert."

On our way out the door, I say, "Okay mom!" I shut the door and turn around to walk down the hall and I run straight into a hard chest. I stumble backward a little bit.

"Oh, sorry!" and austrailian accent says to me. I look up and it is the one and only Cody Simpson.

"No, it was my fault, I wan't watching where I was going," I say. I feel a flush of red go straight to my cheeks. He hold his hand out. I grab it and he helps me up.

"I was just headed down to the pool with a few of my buddies, is that where you were headed?" he asks.

"Yeah, my cousin is in town, and we are going to your concert tonight. We had some time to kill too, so we decided to go swimming, and she kind of abandonded me too," I say as I grab my phone off of the ground.

"Do you mind if I walk you down there?" he asks.

"Not at all. Won't your fans see you though?" I ask him and we start walking to catch up Sierra and his buddies.

"I Guess they will when we walk through the lobby," he says, "But who cares?"

I laugh and say,"I have no idea!"

"Exactly! By the way, I never got your name," he says looking at me as he presses the button to call the elevator.

"Emily," I say smiling. My phone beeps. A text from Sierra,

Where are you?! Ryan Beatty is down here at the pool!! I don't see Cody though.

I am in the elevator. You don't see Cody, because I am with him now.


Ya, he is walking me down to the pool.

You lucky duck!!!


"Cousin was wondering where I was," I tell him, because he looks confused.

"Oh, well Emily is a beautiful name! Would you like meet and greet tickets for you and your cousin?" he asks me as the elevator doors open and we get off.

"Are you serious?" I stop walking, "Would you really do that?"

"For a beautiful girl with a beautiful name, of course!" he said as he walked a few strides ahead of me.

"Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!" I say as I run infront of him and give him a hug. I step back from the hug and say, "Umm...That hug might be viral for a while..."

"Why?" he asks and I point to the fans outside, "Oh...I don't care!"

"You don't care?! You are going to be horassed, just to figure out who I am!" I say as I put the key in the lock to open the door to the pool.

"I know, but I don't care, because I like you," he says as he takes his shirt off and kicks his dirty white Vans off. I do the same to my dirty grey Vans, and take my tank top and shorts off. I am O.C.D about things being out of line, so I fold my shirt and shorts and put them of a table and grab my Vans and out the underneath the table. I don't care about others things, but when it comes to my stuff, if one little thing is out of place in my room, I wait 10 seconds and if I don't fix it by the time 10 seconds pass, I tear up my whole room and clean everything up again.


Cody picks me up from behind, and throws me over his shoulder and takes off toward the deep end of the pool, and he throws me in, then jumps in after. "CODY!!" I scream, "I'M GUNNA KILL YOU!!!!"

"Ooo, I'm so scared!" he says and takes off swimming away. I swim after him, I catch up to him pretty fast, concidering that I have been swimming longer than I could walk. I grab him and climb on his back.

"Gottcha!" I yell.

"What are you gunna do? Splash me until I die?" he says and laughs. We were close enough to the shallow end, that we could both stand. He isn't much taller than me, concidering that I'm 5' 7" & he's around 6 foot. We stood there for what felt like 2 hours staring into eachothers eyes, until my cousin Sierra swims over and splashes me multiple times.

"Hey! Lets play chicken! Me & Ryan against you two?" she says with eyes that said we are talking later!

I look at Cody. He nods and I say, "Sure!" He gets down low enough that I can climb onto his shoulders, and Sierra climbed onto Ryans. Cody and Ryan walked toward eachother slowly so we didn't fall.

When we were ready, Matt yelled, "Ready? Set. GO!" Sierra leanded forward and tried to reach me, but Cody side stepped and I twised out of the way without falling. She fell into the water with a big splash.

Cody and I couldn't stop laughing when she said, "I want a rematch!" She climbed back onto Ryans shoulders and we kept doing the same thing, Cody and I kept winning and Sierra kept falling into the water.

I leaned down and looked at Cody very carefully without falling and said, "Don't you think we should let her win? She is a sore loser if you can't already tell."

He laughed and said, "Okay." By the time Sierra got back up onto Ryans shoulders, we had our plan ready to go. Matt said go for the kabillionth time, and Sierra and I leaned forward and grabbed hands. I am a lot stonger than her, but she doesn't know that. It took all the energy I had to hold my strenght back, but I did, and I fell backwards when I lost the energy to stay up any longer. I splashed into the water, and the next thing I hear, is a big splash and Sierra is in the water with me.

"What happed?" I asked when I came up. I wiped my eyes and spit the water that was in my mouth out.

"I don't know. I kind of just fell, but you fell first, so we win!" she says.

She high fives Ryan and Cody says, "So, that's what? One to like one million?" Cody and I laughed. Sierra pouted and said she was gunna go sit on the steps. Ryan followed her. Cody and I swam to the opposite end of the pool.

When we made it there, Cody said, "So, after the concert tonight, ; have a few weeks off, how long are you and your cousin going to be in Vegas?"

"About another week, then Sierra has to catch a plane back to Kentucky, and my family (My little bother is staying with my dad at his apartment, because he didn't want to stay with the girls in the hotel MOM AND DAD ARE NOT DIVORCED!!) and I catch a red eye flight to Michigan to see my dads side of the family," I say.

"Well, on that note, would you want to go on a date with me?" Cody asks.

"Sure. As long as it's not going to be formal. Formal is cheesy," I say smiling.

"Okay, no formal, there goes my whole date idea, down the toilet!" he says, l giggle, "I'm just kidding." I laugh even harder.

"Em! We gotta go! It's 5, the concert is at 7!" Sierra yells to me.

"Okay, hold on!" I yell back and grab the edge of the pool, and pull my self up and hop out.

I start to walk away, and Cody grabs my ankle and says, "Before you go, can I have your number?"

I laugh and say, "Sure, get out though. I'm not going to give it to a guy that's still in the pool." I smile. He gets out of the pool and grabs two towels and hands me one and I dry myself off.

When I'm dry, I put my clothes and Vans back on. I grab the room key and shove it in my back pocket, then I grab my phone. When I look up, Cody is holding both hands out, one with his phone in it and one with nothing in it. I unlock my phone and hand it to him. Since we both have iPhones, we know how to put new contacts into our phones. I add my number into his phone as 'Butt Kicker' as the note, I put 'Butt kicking partner in chicken'.

He hands me my phone and I hand him his. I take off towards Sierra. He runs to catch up. "What are you doing?" I ask him.

"I am walking you to your room," he says as a matter of factly. I don't say anything, just walk. He grabs my hand and our fingers entertwine. I smile.

This is going to be a good day.

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