The UnBitten

a vampire girl whose mother died at birth runs away with her bestfriend which is mortal and there trying to find them how far will jackie go to turn her bestfriend into a vampire


6. chapter 5

Chapter 5

*buzz buzz* Joanna’s phone vibrated and she just chuckled a little when she saw her message 
-hey Joanna its harry-your hazz

"Omg he texted me" Joanna said chuckling

"Did you see what he put his name under" she said

"Omg you like him don’t you" I said to her

"Maybe just a little" Joanna said while laughing

"Hey you know what maybe if he hasn’t changed anyone yet he can change you cupcake" I said to her.... she just looked at the ground

"Yea I would but I feel like if he turned me into one he probably won’t be able to stop" Joanna said kind of scared

"cupcake text him back if you want but don’t let him know where we’re at okay" I said to her so she texted him and I saw her text him
- hi harry-Joanna 
-were you at I want to see you- your hazz
-um sorry I can’t tell you- Joanna 
-why not I want to see you, Joanna I need to see you but alone-your hazz

I saw what he texted her so I grabbed Joanna’s phone and texted harry
-this is Jackie and you’re crazy-Joanna 
-Jackie can I please talk to Joanna I want to talk to her about something-your hazz
-if you hurt her ill beat you :)lol -Joanna 
-you know I wont lol well I need to go so tell Joanna ill message her later on and give her a kiss for me-your hazz
-watch it boy Joanna’s still mine  lol -Joanna 
-sooner shell be mine well got to go bye -your hazz

"Well Joanna harry is going to text you later" I said to her

"Oh okay" Joanna said with a smile. I hope he doesn’t hurt her like Louis did to me because if he does then he’s toast I taught to myself.

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