The UnBitten

a vampire girl whose mother died at birth runs away with her bestfriend which is mortal and there trying to find them how far will jackie go to turn her bestfriend into a vampire


5. chapter 4

Chapter 4

"I sorry Jackie you never knew the reason why I left" Louis said trying not to shed a tear

"Eehhh you guys stop your chitter chatting man it’s giving me a headache" an Irish voice said while getting closer to me. Hey he looks human, no red eyes I taught to myself

"Ewwww what’s that dog smell" Jackie said out loud

"Hey that’s not cool" the Irish boy and this other tanned cute guy said in union

"Oh so they are werewolves then" I said while looking at both of them 

Jackie POV
"well nice meeting you guys but we got to get going" I said to everyone

"Wait you never met me" two people said in union

"I’m Araceli but people call me Cheli & I’m Liam” Cheli and Liam said

"well nice meeting you but we got to go” I said trying to leave but harry grabbed Joanna’s hand and Louis grabbed mine

"Wait Joanna give me your phone" harry told her while grabbing her phone and typing his number on her phone and sending a message to himself so he can have her number as well

"Umm thanks I guess" Joanna said confused and nervous

"You welcome babe" harry said to Joanna. Joanna just gave him a weird look

"Jackie I need to explain" Louis said trying to grab me

"Louis just stops" I said to him. I grabbed Joanna’s hand and we took off running until we stopped at a high mountain

"He’s the one you turned to a vampire with the chance you had didn’t you" Joanna said to me I couldn’t help but just shed some tears

"Yes cupcake that was him I just can’t help it but I’m okay" I said to her trying not to cry more

"Oh carrot it okay at least were not with them right now" Joanna said while hugging me 

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