The UnBitten

a vampire girl whose mother died at birth runs away with her bestfriend which is mortal and there trying to find them how far will jackie go to turn her bestfriend into a vampire


4. chapter 3

Chapter 3

"Jackie I’m scared now" Joanna said in a scared voice I don’t like it when she’s scared because she my best friend

"Hi I’m harry" said a boy with curly hair with red eyes and was tall to Joanna

"Umm hi I’m Joanna, can you please um keep a distance" Joanna said to him even though she wanted to be like me she felt like she was going to be lunch to them

"I won’t hurt you I promise" he said to Joanna, she just calmed down 

Joanna POV
this gorgeous guy who was a vampire was next to me and I felt like I was dinner to him

"I won’t hurt you I promise" he said to me. I kept looking at Jackie who look so mad and irritated from seeing Louis.  I wonder what happened to them to be so mad

"Joanna we need to go now" Jackie told me while grabbing my hand

"No wait!!" harry and Louis said in union while harry was holding my other hand although I took my hand from his reach because I didn’t trust him I don’t know why.

"Jackie if you want to leave already then let’s go" I said trying not to look at harry

"You’re just going to leave like that Jackie" Louis said to Jackie. I saw that a tear came out from her eye

"Jackie you okay carrot" I said to her. I called her carrot for love

"No I’m not leaving the way that you did to me!" Jackie yelled out loud 

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