The UnBitten

a vampire girl whose mother died at birth runs away with her bestfriend which is mortal and there trying to find them how far will jackie go to turn her bestfriend into a vampire


25. chapter 23

Jackie POV

"no mom that cant be you" i yelled and finally opened my eyes and seen that every one was around me except louis

"carrot what happened" joanna said while hugging me tight

"i couldnt fall asleep last night because of what louis told me and i decided to go to the kitchen and i seen my mom" i said and every one looked shocked 

"what i thought your mom was dead" niall asked

"yes she is so thats not possible. is it?" joanna said looking at me

"i dont think so where is louis" i asked 

"he is in the room crying over you" harry said 

"i have and idea" zayn said 

"what is it" liam asked

"we should scare louis and tell him after jackie woke up she left" zayn said and i smaked him on the head

"no your crazy im going to go calm him down" i finally said and got up to go with louis at the room


i couldnt loose her not again i love her and if she goes i want to go with her to i got broken out of my thought as i heard someone knock on the door

"go away" i said while still crying

"so first you tell me you love me now you want me to leave" i heard jackie's voice and the door open i turned around

"jackie" i yelled and ran to hug her 

"dont cry please" she said and i let her go

"i wont if you are still here with me" i said

i seen her beautiful brown eyes they still the way i remembered them i pulled a piece of her hair in the back of her ear

"im sorry but i cant do this" she said and i stepped back

she pulled me by the shirt and she kissed me i was shocked because i thought she said she cant do this i reacted and i started kissing her after a while she pulled away

"i thought you said you cant do this" i said in a smile

"yea i cant handle when you tease me" she said "keep this between us" she said finally in a whisper after she said that she didnt do anything she just stood there 

"jackie?" i said and she jumped

"sorry its just that i need to do something" she said and ran out


jackie ran out of the room to me

"jackie what happen" i asked her

"cupcake come with me" she said and pulled me to the bathroom

"okay get a book and start looking for an answer about my mom being here" she whispered and took out the books from her hiding spot

"okay then" i said and locked the door 

we where in the bathroom for hours looking for an answer the boys kept knocking on the door but we told them to leave us alone for awhile longer

"jackie" i said finally finding the answer to all of this

"what is it" she said coming close to me

"i found your answer" i said in a low boys because of what i read

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