The UnBitten

a vampire girl whose mother died at birth runs away with her bestfriend which is mortal and there trying to find them how far will jackie go to turn her bestfriend into a vampire


21. chapter 20

i knocked on the door but i didnt hear nothing so i just walked in and seen jackie on the side of the bed crying

"carrot what happen why did you leave just like that?" i said to her a bit mad

"He kissed me cupcake he kissed me" she half yelled

i got mad and walked out of the room to go downstairs

"is everything alright" louis asked

"wouldnt you like to know" i said yelling and pushed him 

"yes i would what did i do to you?" he said 

"you kissed my carrot thats what you did" i said pushing him again and he gave me a little shove 

"Dont touch her ever again" i heard Harry say from the door

"harry its okay it has nothing to do with you so back off" i said out of anger

"what did you do louis" he said after some silence

"he kissed my carrot" i said since louis stayed quite

"why would you do that louis shes the only chance to turn cheli to a wolf" harry said

"i still love her"he mumbled

"What i didnt hear you" i said

"i still love her okay is that what you wanted to hear. i still love jackie" he said while yelling

"you still love me" jackie said while standing on the stairs

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