The UnBitten

a vampire girl whose mother died at birth runs away with her bestfriend which is mortal and there trying to find them how far will jackie go to turn her bestfriend into a vampire


20. chapter 19

"Me ,Joanna,and umm harry will go one way" niall said while harry gave him a look   "how about me and Joanna" harry said while still giving niall a look.   "noo I rather go with niall's choice. Liam and Louis go one way and zayn and araceli go another way" Joanna said and we all splitted up but I saw harrys face and he looked a little angry. I knew he just wanted to spend time alone with Joanna but it seemed like she really didn't want to.   *Joanna p.o.v* As we all splitted up I saw harry kept eye balling niall with was weird ...   "how are we ever going to find Jackie" I said all worried   "its okay Joanna we'll find her" niall said while giving me a big hug .   "niall" harry said in a low deep voice.   "whats wrong harry" niall said a little confused   "you know whats wrong now stop it" harry told niall .I knew what he was talking about but niall oh niall he didn't have a clue that's why I loved him so much as a friend though .. he was like a brother to me.   "oh harry just stop it" I said to him while giving him a hug so he wouldn't be all mad .it seemed to work   "you guys we need to search"I said and thats when niall finally had his idea face   ."whats your idea niall" harry said and we all laughed   ."i can sniff Jackie scent .I'm so dumb i berly taught about this idea" niall said in embarrassment   ."its okay niall we all have those times" I said while giving him a big hug .   ."okay now lets go" niall said all excited, as we followed niall we finally reached the house.   "wait I should of known that she would come to the house this is like the first place me and her would think of .man now im feeling dumb" I said while putting my hand over my forehead..   "its ok joanna at least we both know the feeling" niall said while chuckling   "now you guys lets go in" harry said ..   "you guys wait in the living room and i'll go to the room and talk to her because i need to know what happened earlier" I said to them and they nodded   "i'll call the rest of the boys on there cell so they can come back to the house" harry said while pulling out his phone. niall went straight to the kitchen to get some food   ."okay harry but dont let no one in the room untill me and jackie come out okay and niall you better not eat all my food or ill hunt you down" i said to them while walking upstairs to the room laughing.
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