The UnBitten

a vampire girl whose mother died at birth runs away with her bestfriend which is mortal and there trying to find them how far will jackie go to turn her bestfriend into a vampire


17. chapter 16

Chapter 16

“Well it was like nine years and a half ago she when to our school and she never talked to anyone she would eat alone and I when to talk to her one day and I seen her eyes were red I asked her if she used contacts and she said she did after a while I noticed that she wouldn’t go to school one random day she showed up and she said that she was moving away for personal stuff I didn’t know why but I felt bad” I said before I got interrupted by Liam

“Yea you guys zink” (not a real word I think I got it from hotel in Transylvania haha)

“What is that?” I asked

“You felt like that because you where meant to be best friends” he said

“Oh okay well I catched up to her and we started talking and she didn’t seem that bad so we became close friends then she told me she was a vampire I tried asking her for her age but she never told me” I said finishing off

“Don’t feel bad she never told anyone her age she said if he ever told us she would kill him” Liam said and that did sound a little like my carrot

“Well have she ever gotten mad like how she did today”   the girl asked

“No first time seeing her like that why have you ever seen her like that” I asked

“Yea a few times Louis got her mad she didn’t know us but we knew her” Zayn said

Jackie POV

Even if I forgave Louis I still didn’t like that they were here they talked to my best friend and Harry was flirting with her I wouldn’t stand this so I wanted to be alone I got up on the tree and just sat there looking at the crowd of 6 people Louis was not there but I really didn’t care where he was my attention was making sure that they would all handle Joanna by themselves

“So what are you doing here by yourself” It was a familiar voice I turn around and there was Louis

“Well I was exploring”

“Up here exactly looking at them” he said and he pointed at the crowd

“Well-“I tried to explain myself by cut me off

“Harry won’t do anything bad it looks like he likes her”

“He can’t like her”

“And why is that”

“Well because when he changes her we are leaving”

“No you can’t leave me” he said really fast

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