The UnBitten

a vampire girl whose mother died at birth runs away with her bestfriend which is mortal and there trying to find them how far will jackie go to turn her bestfriend into a vampire


16. chapter 15

Chapter 15

“Hey styles back off my cupcake” Jackie said to harry he smiled then spoke

“Well it’s not my fault if I’m falling for kitty and her beauty” harry said to Jackie

“Kitty … that’s not her name” Jackie said to harry while giving him a weird look

“Well that’s her nickname from me and she loves it” harry said while hugging me

“Cupcake why you going to let him give you a nickname” Jackie said to me

“Well carrot you didn’t want him to call me cupcake so I let him choose a nickname for me and he chose kitty” I said to Jackie she just stuck her tongue at harry

“My nickname for her is better” she said to harry

“No my nickname to her is better” harry said to Jackie then they kept arguing back and forth to each other it got annoying

“You guys stop arguing and let’s just have fun I love both nicknames so shhhh now” I said to them everyone started giggling including them

“Well just letting you know that what she said means she loves mine more” Jackie said and I rolled my eyes and we started laughing

“Well I’m going off and explore on my own I’m going to be at the house in two hours okay cupcake” Jackie said and I nodded

“Be careful and styles keep your hands off her I know how you smell so if I smell you on her I will beat you” Jackie said while running of in a random direction

“Well I will explore on my own too” Louis said

“Well that was totally the point of us getting to know each other” Niall said sarcastically as Louis ran to the same direction as Jackie ran off and I knew what he was up to at this point

“Well then I guess we will have to learn about you and Jackie by just talking to you” Liam said

“Well not if I go and I take her with me” Harry said getting close to me and i just stood there in an awkward way I do when I’m nervous

“If I was you I wouldn’t go off with her” Zayn said

“And why is that” Harry said looking at him

“Well do you remember how she threw you on the floor the today? And how she was acting” Liam said

“Oh yea I better not then. But for a girl she is pretty strong”

“Well then Joanna we have to know how you and Jackie met” Niall said and we all sat on the floor making a circle

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