The UnBitten

a vampire girl whose mother died at birth runs away with her bestfriend which is mortal and there trying to find them how far will jackie go to turn her bestfriend into a vampire


13. chapter 12

Chapter 12

“I think you should let them and then maybe they will talk and everything will go back to before” harry said

“Like before” I said with a question look on my face

“Right I forgot you weren’t there yea they use to be in LOVE with each other but Louis did something wrong and yea now they hate each other” harry said

“What did he do” I asked him

“I’m sorry I can’t say it I promised and a vampire promise is sacred” he said and I looked back and seen that Louis and Jackie where gone so I just walked to Niall side and harry fallowed me

Louis POV

I took Jackie back to the house

“To be honest I was a bit scared of Jackie when she gets mad but I missed her it’s been 10 years that I haven’t seen her and I hated that she was mad at me I need to clear this with her but she won’t listen to me I have to do something” I said to myself with that I placed Jackie in the bed and looked around the house to fine something I could tie her up with after a while of searching I seen she had handcuffs under the bed I tied up Jackie’s hands to the bed and good think because she started waking up

“Where am I” she said

“You’re back home” I said and she seen me and tried getting up

“Louis Tomlinson let me go” she said trying to get up

“No we need to talk” I said she was still struggling I heard the door open

“Carrot” Joanna said

“We are in here” I replied she walked in and seen that Jackie was tied up to the bed

“Let her go” she said and the boys came in

“Not until she agrees to talk about” I said and I seen the boys and they when and grabbed Joanna

“Let her go” she said again

“I told you I’m sorry Joanna but I been waiting since you guys been running and how many years is that 9” I said and the boys nodded in agreement and Joanna started walking to the door

“No Joanna don’t stay I don’t want to talk to him” Jackie said

“Jackie just give me 10 minutes” I begged

“No I don’t trust you”

“Jackie I promise I’ll come back in 10 minutes just talk to him” Joanna said

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