The UnBitten

a vampire girl whose mother died at birth runs away with her bestfriend which is mortal and there trying to find them how far will jackie go to turn her bestfriend into a vampire


12. chapter 11

Chapter 11

“Finally what happened” Jackie said all worried

“We were just talking” harry said from behind us. Jackie and I jumped

“You better not try something with my cupcake styles” Jackie said

“And if I do?” he said

“Don’t go there” Louis said while pulling him back

“Why not she’s just a girl” Harry said I turned to see Jackie and she didn’t look like she always did I’ve never seen her like this she looked paler her eyes changed to hazel *her normal eyes where brown*

“Oh he really got her mad” Louis said

“How do you know” I told him

“Well you see her eyes changed there your first hint then there are that she looks pale and look at her hands. Run harry!” Louis said and that’s when I looked at Jackie and she ran to harry I guess harry didn’t really listen because he just stood there

“Jackie leave him alone” I said seeing that she threw him on the floor

“Quick help me get them to separate she can easily just snap his head off when she’s mad” Louis said walking up to Jackie

“Don’t touch me” Jackie said

“Carrot don’t hurt him he said he will turn me if we help them” I yelled

“I won’t hurt him” she said

“Good” we all said in union including harry

“If he takes it back” she finished off I knew it she always does this

“Harry do it she can hurt you real bad. I learn that the hard way” Louis said

“I take it back” he struggled to say and Jackie let him go he ran by my side

“You see that she tried to kill me and you are all calm” he said to me

“Well yes I just meet you and now I know not to get her mad” I said I turned around to see Jackie and she was back to normal

“Carrot what was all that about” I said and she just feel to the ground

“It’s okay this happens to her” Louis said I can’t believe he knew her more than me I lived with her for years but then again she has been living for years and years  and Louis has been with her Louis then and picked up Jackie

“I think we should go back” Zayn said

“No I’ll just carry her everywhere” Louis said I noticed the sarcasm

“Okay then” Niall said

“He was being sarcastic” I told him and I seen that Louis was going back to the house I started walking with Louis and that when I felt a hand grab me 

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