Not Another Stylinson

What happens when Lucas Tomlinson meets Darcy Styles?
One Direction have been split up for 19 years now, Harry and Louis haven't talked since the break up and they never planned on talking again, that is until Louis' family moves from Doncaster to Belsize Park . Lucas has been drafted to a school of talent to play on the Football team. Lucas meets a girl at a party with the most gorgeous brown eyes, and brown curly hair, and man is she ever fit! They come to realise they live just around the corner from each other and Darcy convinces Lucas to be her dance partner for a competition of her dreams. Lucas hasn’t got an idea who Darcy's father is; his father doesn’t talk about his past. Will their fathers make peace between the One Direction family for their kids? Or will they forever stay Styles vs. Tomlinson.
(Swearing and explicit content. YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED)


8. Chapter 8

(Niall's Kids^)

"So what exactly did she say?" Ryan asked.

"She wants to know where we stand." I said whipping down the counter, the bakery was dead this morning, well the odd regular would come in to pick up an order, Ryan was leaning against the counter, I shoved his elbow out of the way whipping the place where it rested. 

"Well?" Ryan urged.

"Well I like her."


"But I don't know if I like, like her." I sighed.

"Well why are you having such a hard time figuring this out?" he asked. "Wait a minute, you snogged her didn't you?"


"Did you shag her?"


"You did! Way to go mate, Harriet is smokin'."

"I thought you had a thing for her?"

"Oh Lucas, I have a thing for many, many girls." Ryan said obnoxiously "So how's Darcy?"

"I don't know." I shrugged. "She has been in a bad mood since friday night."

"And you haven't talked to her about it?"

"Believe me I've tried. she Just keeps blowing up in my face."

"You obviously did something wrong mate." Ryan said

"I don't know what I did."

"Give me your mobile." Ryan said holding out his hand.

"What, no."

"I won't go through it, I'm just going to call her."

"You can't do that."

"I'm just going to call to her, Jesus mate calm down."

"I don't trust you." I said pulling my phone out of my pocket.

Ryan grabbed it out of my hand. "Good." he said turning away from me.

"Where are you going." I called after him from behind the counter.

"I need a smoke." he said holding the phone up to his ear. "Hey, Darcy?" I heard him mumble as he walked out the door pulling a pack of smokes out of his pocket, he lit on up and took a drag then positioned my mobile between he's shoulder and ear. He talked to her for quite some time before he hung up and dropped the cigarette on the ground squishing it with his foot and walked back into the bakery. He slid my phone across the counter and rested his elbow on the top. 

"Well?…" I asked impatiently.

"Oh, you know." he shrugged.

"Ryan…" I warned.

"Well you're in luck, she isn't that mad at you."

"Well what did I do?"

"She wouldn't say." He reflected. "but she does want to talk to you." he shrugged. "Maybe the four of us could chill."


"Me," he said pointing to himself. "You," he said pointing to me "Harriet. And. Darcy." He said slowly.

"I don't think thats a good idea." I said reorganizing the things on the shelf.

"Lucas." Todd called as he came out from the back "Yu ca-" he stopped short. "Did you do all of this?" he asked. I looked around the bakery.

"Do what?"

"I have never seen the bakery this tidy in a while."

I shrugged. "There was nothing else to do, the only person who has come in and stayed is this knob." I said pointing to Ryan. "and he hasn't even bought anything."

"Then why is he here?" Todd asked looking over at Ryan

"Hello, I'm Ryan." he said with a wave. "I'm just waiting for Lucas over there to get off of work, you see I can't drive a-"

"Thats enough out of you." Todd said turning back to me. "Lucas you are free to go for today, I can handle it from here."

"You sure?" I asked.

"Yes, I'm positive." he said. I walked to the back to hang up my apron, on my way out Todd stopped me. "Go sort things out with Darcy." he said patting me on the back and returning to the oven to pull out some rolls. I was just about to leave the kitchen when he called "Hey Lucas, catch." he said, I turned around just as he tossed a roll my way. I fumbled with the catch but caught it before it hit the ground. "Its a good job you play 'soccer' and not American football." he said putting air quotes around the word 'soccer' and attempting an american accent.

"I was born to play footy." I chanted as I grasped the hot roll and walked out of the kitchen.

"Is that for me?" Ryan asked eyeing the hot roll.

"Um, no." I scoffed. "Keep your filthy hands off my roll." I said wrapping it up and putting it in a plastic To-Go bag

"I was just asking." He said raising his hands in surrender.

"Lets go." I said taking out my car keys. "I'm driving you home."

"What you can't hang out?" He complained.




"Because why?"

"Because I need to go see what the hell is up with Darcy." I said leaving the bakery.

"Oh…" Ryan said slouching in his seat. "You should ask her if she would like to go on a date with me." He said. "And you and Harriet of course."

"Well why don't you get your own license?" I retorted.

"I'm trying." he argued.

"not hard enough." I mumbled. "I'm not asking her to go on a date with you."

"So you do have feelings for her"

"Shut up"

"You get so defensive when I mention mention her. It is so obvious that you like her."

"Ey, shut up will ya?" I said Ryan was really getting on my nerves. I didn't actually like her that way, but she was my friend and I didn't want a jerk like Ryan to have at her. Ryan is my friend and all but he is a bit of a manwhore and i wasn't about to let Darcy get with him.

"Alright, alright I will." Ryan said slouching back in his seat. "but answer me one thing" 

"What?" I sighed.

"If Darcy said she liked you, what would you say?" He asked.

I sighed as we pulled up to an intersection. "I don't know." I shrugged.

"Well what if Darcy and Harriet said that you had to choose one of them?" This was the first serious conversation I had ever had with Ryan sense we met and it was quite weird.

"At this point I would…" I thought for a minute, I knew for sure that Harriet liked me and man was she ever fit. but Darcy on the other hand just had something else, I wanted to be able to just sit down and get to know her I wanted to have one of those conversation where you could just sit there and talk about nothing for hours. I didn't ever want to see Darcy hurt, and i didn't want to hurt her either. The like turned green and I continued down the street. "I…I…"

"It looks like you need to sort your own shit out before you get with either of them." Ryan said

"I don't want to 'get with' them." I corrected. "There is more to a relationship than sex." I said turning the corner onto Ryan's block.

"I know that mate." Ryan said rolling his eyes. "I'm just sayin' I think you should figure out who you would want more." I pulled up to Ryan's house and he got out. "Good luck with Darcy mate." Ryan said before closing the door. I hated it when people said that, its like setting you up for failure. I started back down Ryan's street. It takes about twenty minutes to get to my house in good traffic and for a sunday afternoon things weren't looking so great on the main road, so instead I drove around the back roads which probably took me way longer than it was supposed to on account that I'm still not used to the area and I had to turn around a few times because I was lost. Finally i found myself just outside of Darcy's house. I have yet to actually go into her house and to say i was nervous was an understatement, for some reason the thought of going into a house owned by the guy my dad hated so much for some reason made me feel a bit woozy. I don't know why though, I mean the guy owned the bakery that I work at. i took the two short steps up to a wooden door similar to the one our house had and rang the doorbell. Not long after the door opened and a very shot lad with short brown hair answered he looked to be about six years or so.

"Li who is it?" I heard Darcy call.

"Its a boy." the kid called back eyeing me up like he was some sort of big deal. Darcy came around the corner with a little girl on her back, she looked like the little boy but with longer hair. 

"Ok, Car's I need to put you down." Darcy said bending her knees and letting the little girl jump off her back. "Com on in." Darcy waved. I stepped in the house and closed the door behind me so the cold wouldn't start to come in any longer.

"Darcy has a boyfriend." The little boy said running after who I assumed was his sister. Darcy rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. 

"So what are you doing here?" she asked.

"Ryan called you, said I should come see you" I said rubbing the back of my neck. I happened to do that a lot when I was nervous. "If you don't want me to be here I'll just go home, I just thought that I would stop by after work and I've you a hand." I stated to ramble.

"Its fine." Darcy sighed. "You can stay, and I'm fine with you." she said. I followed Darcy to the sofa.

"Well why were you so mad at me?" I asked taking a seat next to her.

"That Chance guy was just, I don't know, he was talking about you. he just kept saying that you were this big 'player' so he called it, and then when I saw you with Harriet, I don't really know I just felt kind of jealous?" she said is almost like a question as if she wasn't sure herself if that was why she got so mad. 

"And you believed him?" I asked

"Well I didn't, but then I saw you and Harriet."

"Well you left me and went with him."

"Ya but-"

"No, I wouldn't have left you for Harriet, but you left me for Chance." I said. I tried to keep my cool but I have the temper of my father and when I get mad I really get mad.

"But then Ryan talked to me today, he told me to just talk to you, so here I am talking to you. Do you like Harriet?" she asked. I looked at her but she was looking at the little girl colouring in a book. 

"Sure, I mean I like her. but I like you also." 

"Thats not what I meant." this time she turned to face me, her chocolate brown eyes looked almost sad.

I sighed. "No." I had to admit Harriet was very nice but she wasn't really my type.

Darcy looked down at her lap with a slight nod. "Then why did you kiss her?" she asked. Fuck

"Is that why you were  mad?" I asked slowly. Darcy nodded but she still wouldn't look at me.

I sighed lifting her head so she would look at me. "I was caught in my moment," I said slightly above a whisper. Harriet didn't say a word. my stomach was giving my that woozy feeling again, it wasn't something I was used to. Darcy and I sat there for a little while not saying a word, just looking in each others eyes only inches apart. But it was almost as if something clicked in Darcy and she moved away. To be honest I didn't want another in the moment I wanted a right moment 

"Carly where is Li?" Darcy asked. Carly just shrugged and continued doodling in her book. Darcy sighed "I'll be right back." she said getting up from the sofa. "Liam!" she called as she walked into another room.

"Hey there Carly." i said laying on my stomach on the ground next to the little girl. "What you drawing?" I asked looking over at her drawing, she was colouring in a Little Mermaid colouring book.

"This is flounder." she said as she pointed to the Blue and yellow fish that she was drawing in, she was pretty good at drawing even though she was only colouring in the picture she did it very neatly, I don't even think I could stay in the lines as good as she was. she was concentrating really hard as she was sticking her tongue out, it was cute really. I love it when you watched someone in concentration, the faces people make without even noticing.

"Well I must say Carly, that is one brilliant drawing of flounder." I said.

Carly giggled. "You sound funny." she laughed

"I sound funny? you sound funny!" i said poking her in the side. She giggled more. the accent wasn't an english accent but an irish accent, and a thick one too. "So how old are you?" I asking tapping her on the nose. she scrunched up her little nose .

"Six!" she said with a holy smile, she was missing her two bottom teeth. 

"oh did the tooth ferry come visit you?" I asked.

"MM-hmm." she said nodding her head. pieces of her hair were coming out of her braid as she nodded her head. she moved them out of her face with her hand. She looked up at me, she had the sweetest blue eyes. "Whats your name?" she asked.

"I'm Lucas." I said sitting up and crossing my legs I held my hand out and Carly sat up copying what I did placing her hand in mine. "It was a pleasure meeting you Ms. Carly." I said in a very proper english accent. Carly giggled covering her mouth with her free hand.

"Carly!" I heard Darcy call. "Are you hungry?" Carly perked up at the mention of food.

"Yes!" she said scrambling to her feet. she ran into the other room leaving me by myself. I stood up taking in my surroundings. the walls were painted white, there was a very large flat screen television hanging on the wall just like my house. There was a massive leather sofa and a lazy boy. On the ledge of the window there were a few frames. some were photos of I assume Darcy she she was little, there were some little photos of her on a stage doing some sort of dance pose in a costume. Then I noticed some photos of Darcy with a an older man who looked awfully like her so I figured he was her father, funny he looked like the guy I saw at the- wait a minute, this is the guy that was at the pub, fuck how did I not notice this!

"Lucas?" I heard Darcy. She was leaning against the doorframe.

"Sorry, I was just-"

"No it's quite alright."

"Should you be watching-"

"No they're fine." she waved it off and stood beside me looking at the photos.

"So, how come there are no photos of your mum?" I asked but right away knew that was the stupidest thing to ask. God why am I so stupid? "I'm sorry i didn't mean to-"

"No, no. its alright." Darcy assured me. "I don't have a mum." she said. "Well I actually don't know who my mum is." she added.

"What do you mean?"

"I was a mistake." Darcy whispered. I put my arm around Darcy and lead her to the sofa.

"Now common that is not the case." 

"It is, you don't even know."

"You don't have to say anything." I said, I knew it bothered her and I wasn't about to force her.

"You see, the night our fathers band broke up my dad got really drunk, he was one of those guys who partied in those big clubs almost every night when he was young, well he was at one of those and hooked up with one of the girls at that club." she started.

"You don't need to continue."

"Lucas she didn't even want me, my dad found me on his door step the minute I was relieved from the hospital."

"Darcy I'm-

"you're sorry, I know." she said Darcy was looking down at her lap and I watched as she rubbed her eye with the back of her hand. I wrapped my arms around her bring her closer. she rested her head on my shoulder. We sat there for a while as I rubbed her back.

"Darcy your father Loves you and thats all the matters."  I whispered as I pulled her away whipping away the few tears on her cheeks with my thumbs. I cupped her face in my hands Darcy nodded. "He loves you so, so much. Why does it matter about who your mum is? your father raised you just fine." I assured her. Darcy rested her forehead against mine and I got that weird feeling again.

"Daddy's coming!" Carly called. Darcy and I looked over to Carly and Liam, they were both sitting by the window watching as their dad walked up to the door. the two kids ran as fast as they could to the door and opened it before he could even get it open both kids shouting "Daddy, Daddy!"  

"Oi! you two. let me get in the house would ya?" a man said stepping into the house, both Carly and Liam had their arms and legs wrapped around his legs as he walked he dragged them along. He had dark brown hair that matched his son's hair but his hair looked a little messier than Liam's hair was. 

"Hi Niall!" Darcy said getting up off the couch. "How was Golf?"  

"Oh it was good, yer ol' man beet me again, but only by Three" He said, but the 'three' came out sounding more like 'tree' with the Irish accent. "Who's this Fella?" the guy nodded toward my direction. I got up and walked over to him. he had Carly in his arm and Liam was next to Darcy.

"Lucas, Sir." I said holding my hand out. he grabbed my hand and gave it a firm handshake.

"Niall. Darcy's Uncle." He said.

"Not literally." Darcy corrected.

"I'm a friend of her fathers." Niall corrected. "Known him for years now." 

"Well I think I should be heading home." I said feeling a bit awkward.

"Oh no need, We were just leaving." Niall said.

"I really should be heading home now though."

"Are we going to see mummy?" Liam asked

"We will be leaving to pick her up soon." Niall assured him. "Thank you Darcy for looking after these two crazy kids while we were out." Niall thanked Darcy.

"They were not bad at all." Darcy smiled. "Tell Mel I said hi!" 

"I will." Niall said picking up Liam in his other arm. "You two want to see Nan before we go back home?" Niall asked the two kids who both cheered. "Ok, but daddy needs to stop somewhere before we get mummy and see Nan. I don't know when we'll be around again, maybe Christmas." Niall told Darcy. "Tell Harold I'll get him next time." he smirked

"I will. Thank you for visiting." Darcy said "Bye Carly, Bye Liam." she said giving them each a hug. "I'll see you when you come back to visit ok?" she said sweetly and they both nodded.

Niall and Darcy said goodbye again and Niall headed out the door with the two kids. "That was exhausting." Darcy said leaning against the door just as her phone rang. "Hello?" she answered "Niall just left… yes… so you'll be home around?…" I blanked out as she talked on the phone instead I looked at the layout of the house. it was pretty much the same as mine a den the the left kitchen to the right, dining room behind the kitchen, staircase up the centre."Love you too." Darcy sighed before hanging up the phone. "Well looks like I'll be home alone for a while." Darcy sighed.

"I can stay." i said

"I thought you had to get home?" she said crossing her arms over her chest.

I shrugged. "I can stay a little while."

"You should head home." 

"No really its no big deal." 

"You've been working and I can't let you stay here, just go home."

"Ok, but if you want company tonight you know where to find me." I gave in.

"Thank you Lucas." 

"It was my pleasure." I said giving Darcy a hug. I rested my chin on top of her head as she buried hers in my chest. "Why don't you come over yeah?"

"I think I'll practice some dance for a bit." Darcy mumbled in my chest. I didn't want to push her to come with me and i figured that she just wanted some time alone.

"Hey, how about I take you out for dinner tonight?" I asked we were still hugging each other.

"Are you asking me out on a date?" she asked looking up at me.

"Do you want it to be?" I asked.

"Do I have to get dressed all fancy?" she asked ignoring what I asked.

I took a look at what she was wearing, he had on a pair of white skinnies, a black Jack Daniels t shirt and a red blazer. "What you have on is fine." I said.

"Then its a date." she smiled. I knew it was a date, I would have called it a date even if she didn't say it was.

"Brilliant." I smirked. "I will come get you around six?" 

"Don't be late."

"Not a minute late." I smiled.

"See you then." she chuckled.

I gave her one last hug before leaving.

I puled up to my house noticing the oddly new vehicle parked by the house. I hopped out of my car and headed into the house. "Lucas!" I heard my dad call as i walked through the door. "Come here, i have someone you need to meet." i walked into my dad office and sitting in one of the chairs was the same guy I met earlier today. "Lucas this is my old friend Niall." 

"Hi, I'm Lucas." I said hopping he'd play along which he did and we did the same greeting that we had done back at Darcy's house.

"Niall Horan." he greeted with a slight wink.

"It was nice meeting you Mr. Horan."

"Louis, you raised one fine young man." Niall said turning to my father. I tried not to laugh, if i was anything like my father I wouldn't be this polite, he should be saying that to my mum.

"Well I'm going to my room." I said. "Once again, it was nice meeting you Niall." i nodded shoving my hands into the pockets of my jeans and heading out the door. "Tell mum I'm going out for dinner with Darcy!" I called as I left the room

"Oh Darcy i like that girl." I heard mum call as she came around the corner. 

"Oh you're home, I thought you were going out with a friend.

"I did, but she had to go to teach a dance class," mum sighed.

"I see, well I'm going to be in my room." I said as I bounced up the steps.


"So he just played along?" Darcy asked

"Ya we shook hands and everything." I chuckled telling Darcy bout what happened when I got home today.

"Oh man he's crazy." Darcy said with a slight smile playing on her lips. we had ended up back at the lookout spot that Darcy had taken me to my first week here when my mobile went off.

You busy?-H

I ignored it.

"You don't have to ignore her," Darcy said as she looked over my shoulder from the rock we were sitting on. "she probably just wants to know why you aren't talking to her." Harriet was a year younger than Darcy and I and I wasn't ignoring her, I just didn't know what to say to her right now and I didn't want to talk to her while i was with Darcy.

"I'm on a date, that would be rude." I said turning my phone off and shoving it back in my pocket. just then Darcy's mobile went off. she looked at it briefly then ignored it, but she continued to receive messages for the next few minutes. 

"I think i need to take this." Darcy said looking at her mobile. "David never rings me unless it's important."

"Answer it." 

"Hello?" she quickly answered. "I'm with Lucas right now" she said then she blushed slightly. "No, god no." she said shaking her head "David says hi." She whispered to me.

"Hi David!" I shouted so he could hear me from the distance. i heard someone chuckle on the other line.

"So what do you want?" Darcy asked. "At the Lookout, what do you want?" she talked quickly to David for a while. "I'll be there in a bit." she sighed "Just wait." She covered the receiver on her mobile. "Do you think you could drop me off at David's house?" she asked with pleading eyes. I nodded and she turned back to her phone. "Yes I'll be there… No… Ok just stay there." she said before hanging up. "I am so sorry."

"It's fine." I shrugged. But really it wasn't, I mean I had no problem with dropping her off there, but I was kind of hopping to spent more time with her. 

"So why did David call?" I finally asked as we were driving to his house, Darcy was on her mobile as she continued to message David.

"His father was in a car accident." just then her phone rang again. "Shit, its my father." She mumbled before answering "Hi daddy." she said sweetly. "Yes, i know I'm no my way over to David's now to get him… a friend… just a friend dad… ok I'll see you there." she said before hanging up. "my dad is going to meet David at the hospital." Darcy was starting to get a bit nervous so I grabbed her hand.

"It'll all be alright." I said squeezing her hand in mine. "I'm sure he will be just fine."

"Lucas, I think you need to tell your father about this." Darcy finally said as we pulled up to David's house.

"Why?" I asked confused.

 "Just tell him Liam Payne is in the hospital." she said opening the door and running up to David's door, he opened the door just as Darcy got there giving her a hug burying his face in her shoulder.


i finally updated! Yaaay! sorry it took so long! the next one may take a while cause I'm really busy with school But I hope this makes up for it. let me know what you think :)

Love you guys! Xx

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