Not Another Stylinson

What happens when Lucas Tomlinson meets Darcy Styles?
One Direction have been split up for 19 years now, Harry and Louis haven't talked since the break up and they never planned on talking again, that is until Louis' family moves from Doncaster to Belsize Park . Lucas has been drafted to a school of talent to play on the Football team. Lucas meets a girl at a party with the most gorgeous brown eyes, and brown curly hair, and man is she ever fit! They come to realise they live just around the corner from each other and Darcy convinces Lucas to be her dance partner for a competition of her dreams. Lucas hasn’t got an idea who Darcy's father is; his father doesn’t talk about his past. Will their fathers make peace between the One Direction family for their kids? Or will they forever stay Styles vs. Tomlinson.
(Swearing and explicit content. YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED)


7. Chapter 7

“You know don’t listen to those guys.” Jason said. We were on our way to school in the morning and that was basically the first thing Jason had said all morning. “You know with Darcy.” He added. “If you’re just friends then so be it, Darcy is a great girl and a lot of the guys at school know her and would love to get with her but everyone is too afraid of her father.” He chuckled. “Him and David, I know David and I know that if any guy did anything to her they would be dead.”

“David seemed fine when I was with her.” I said

“And that’s un usual, I think he trusts you, but you didn’t try to pull anything on her the minute you saw her.” he said. “And O’Connor has been trying to get with Darcy for years.” Jason said. We reached the school and I parked in my usual parking spot. As soon as Jason and I got out of the car Ryan was right by my side.

“Lucas, I have good news.” He said putting his arm around my shoulder.

Like always I shrugged him off “What.” I sighed.

“You will no longer be the new kid.” He exclaimed. “There is a new guy; rumour has it he’s American.” 

“Have you seen him?” I asked.

“Well no.”

“Then where did you get this assumption?”

“Word gets around.” He shrugged. 

I wondered what went around when I started here, I figured it was something along the lines of being part of the footy team as that’s what all the teachers kept saying I hoped it wasn’t some other rumour that went around. The first bell rang and Ryan and I headed off to our lockers then split off to our first class and low and behold the new kid was in my first class, he sat in the back corner of the room, his light brown hair styled neatly he wore a blue plaid shirt with the sleeves pushed up to his elbows, and a pair of jeans with white converse. Most of the class was already in the room when I got there and I took one of the last sets that were left in the middle of the room, next to me was O’Connor.

“D’you see the new kid.” He we said he was sitting at his desk leaning back on his chair with his arms folded over his chest.

“It’s kind of hard to miss when he’s sitting right there.” I said nodding in his direction. The kid was tapping away on his mobile with his ear buds in.

“You know it’s not nice to talk about people.” The new guy said once class was over. O’Connor and I were standing by our lockers with a few of the other guys from the footy team and as usual Ryan was there.

“What’s the name?” O’Connor asked.

“Chance.” He said holding his hand out for O’Connor

“Charlie O’Connor but everyone calls me O’Connor.” Charlie said shaking Chance’s hand. “And this is Lucas, Oliver, James, Aaron, Luke, Tyler, and Ryan.” He said gesturing to each of us. “Most of us go by last names which you’ll figure out soon enough.” He said crossing his arms over his chest.

“So do you play Football?” I asked

“Star quarterback for West View High School four years in a row.” He stated and the group of us cracked up.

“No.” I said shaking my head. “What do you Americans call it? Oh yea soccer, do you play soccer?” I corrected

“I’m shit at soccer.” He said.

“So why are you at this school?” Ryan asked.

“My father pays loads of money to the school every year.” He shrugged. “I hate it here.” I knew exactly how he felt because two weeks ago I said the same thing.

“I was the new kid once, but it’s not half bad here, besides I think I might have some competition, it seems as though the girls here love your accent.” I said.

“The girls here are shit.” He said. “They are much hotter back in Cali.”

“You haven’t met the cheer team.” Ryan said putting his arm around Chance and dragging him off in a different direction down the hall.

“Are you going to the club tonight?” Ryan asked before I was about to leave school

“I thought we were going to the pub?”

“We were but last night we found a club near your house and it’s crazy.”

“I’ll be there.” I said. “Oh and good luck with your driving test, is Harriet coming tonight?”

“Thanks mate and I invited her, I think she may come.” He said before walking off in a different direction. “I’ll see you tonight.” He called over his shoulder.

"Are you ever going to spend a friday night at home?" my mum asked as I was getting ready to leave.

"I don't know." I said with my mouth full of left over pizza from last night.

"Can you please not talk while food is in your mouth?" she glared. 

"Sorry mum." I said swallowing what was left in my mouth. "I'll try and keep a friday open once in a while, but just be happy that I made friends."

Mum sighed "Let him go Eleanor." dad said. he was sitting at the table, typing away at his laptop, his glasses slid slightly down his nose as he pushed them up with one hand and continued to type. "He's a teenage boy, having a life is a given." he said, not once did he look up from his laptop, I was a little surprised to see that he was even letting me go after what happened this past week. I turned back to my mum who sighed. 

"Alright." she said in defence. "Go on now." she said. "But be safe." she added sternly.

"Thanks mum." i said giving her quick kiss on the cheek.

"Lucas." I heard my dad call just as I left the room, I signed and slid back into the room.

"Yes father?" 

"Don't be too late, you have work tomorrow." 

I tried as best as I could to not roll my eyes. "Yes sir." I nodded. I was finally free for the night, free to have fun and let the week just be a blur.

"Be safe!" mum called when I grabbed my keys.

I mumbled a quick "I will." and walked out the door.

"Partying tonight?" Someone said when I closed the door.

"Just going to the club." I smiled. Darcy was leaning against my car, arms folded over her chest. "You coming?" I asked.

"I don't know, I wasn't invited." she shrugged with a slight smile.

I walked up to her our faces inches apart. "You're invited, do you want to come?"

"I thought you'd never ask." she smiled and opened the door to my car.

"You were coming no matter what, weren't you?"

"Yeup." she said typing away on her phone. I shook my head. closing her door and got in on my side. "I couldn't miss a party." she said in an excited tone. I chuckled and started up the car.

"So how did you know there was something going on?" I asked.

"I didn't, but there is usually something going on friday nights, and i figured you were in the loop so I came here." she shrugged. "And Harriet told me." she added

"Ah, is she going?"

"as far as I know her and David are going."

"Together?" I asked.


Thats weird, are they together? I thought, if they were together then why would Harriet flirt with Ryan? "Are they…" I started.

"Oh no." she started to laugh. "No, no they are step siblings."

"Oh I see." I nodded. The drive wasn't too long and soon enough I was parked a little ways down the street, the street was full of Clubs and friday night was insane! Darcy got out of the car and kicked the door closed, she still had her phone in her hand, whoever she was talking to seemed pretty important. "If your dad is a music producer and he's got money, why don't you have a car?" I asked. "Sure enough you can drive."

"I do have a car, but I just use it for work mostly." she shrugged.

"So what you're saying is you'd rather walk in the rain than drive to school?" I asked

"Yeah." she shrugged again. "Its cheeper that way."

I shoved my hands in my jacket pockets. "Thats the dumbest thing I have ever heard." I mumbled. 

"Oiy, Tomlinson." I heard O'Connor call. I nodded in his direction and he came over "I see you brought Styles." he said putting his arm around Darcy.

"Charlie." she greeted

"Aw no kiss?" he complained. Darcy rolled her eyes and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "Thats all?" 

"Yeup." she said before patting him on the back and walking up to the bouncer, past all the people in line. I watched her work some magic or something but in no time she clapped her hands together. "Are you two coming?" she called

O'Connor and I looked over at each other "How does she do that?" I asked.

"Have you seen her, she could get away with anything." O'Connor shrugged then ran up to catch up with Darcy. I followed O'Connor and Darcy into the club, the place was buzzin' 

"Tomlinson!" I heard someone call. Ryan came through the crowd with one arm slung lazily over Chance's shoulder and a beer in his other hand. Ryan slid his arm off of Chance and around mine, dragging me to the bar.

"Who brought the sack of douche?" I asked when a guy behind the bar asked what I wanted, I got a beer and returned my attention back to Ryan.

"I did." he shrugged. "He's not that bad."  I looked over to the crowd of people on the dance floor. Chance was dancing with Darcy, his hands on her hips as she moved them to the beet of the music. I watched as he leaned his head down to her ear and said something, she smiled the half smile, took ahold of his hand and pushed her way further into the crowd, and they were gone, hidden in a sea of people.

"So how did your test go?" i asked taking the beer that was set on the counter and focusing my attention back on the crowd, hoping that if I looked hard enough I could see them.

"Failed it." he sighed.

"Again?" I smirked.

"I'm going for a record now." He laughed.

"At this rate you'll make the record in no time." I joked.

"Well I'm going to go, I don't know, work some magic with the ladies." he said rubbing his hands together before making his way over to a group of girls. I stayed at the bar when someone stood beside me.

"Why the long face?" someone asked in a cheery voice. I turned to look at the girl standing beside me. she had on a black tank top and a blue waist high skirt. her long brown hair flowed down her back.

"Hey how's it going?" I smiled at Harriet. "Ryan is over there." i nodded my head in his direction.

"Yea I saw him, he's with other girls." she sighed. i took a sip of my beer finishing it off and set the empty bottle on the counter.

"He's not worth it." I said. Harriet sighed folding her arms over her chest.

"I just wanted to have a good time, but I don't want to be around him, he's a jerk."

"If it helps my night isn't starting off too great either." I said. "So how about we make it fun for ourselves." I said taking a hold of her hand and pulling her onto the dance floor. Harriet smiled, it was one of those smiles where it reached your eyes.


It was about three hours into the night and I was feeling good, Harriet and I had spent most of the night drinking and dancing, we were sitting at a table and Harriet was laughing at something I had just said, her bubbly personality made everyone around her crack a smile and I couldn't help but laugh, I admit if I have a raw more drinks i would be out of it in no time. A bit of a slower song came on and Harriet jumped out of her chair. "I love this song." she said taking ahold of my hand. When the music slowed most of the people who were dancing decided that was the time for a drink, this left the dance floor pretty empty. Harriet put her arms around my neck and I pulled her closer to me and put my hands on her hips. Harriet was shorter than Darcy even with the heals she was wearing she was only up to my shoulder. Harriet rested her head on my shoulder burring her face in my neck as we swayed to the music. For the first time since we got here I spotted Darcy. she was still with Chance, they were both dancing. Chance would say something and Darcy would laugh, She looked like she was having fun, without me. "I'm having fun." Harriet said. I looked down at her and smile. she returned a warm smile before giving me a kiss in the cheek. the song was over and a more upbeat song was coming on. Harriet and I were in the middle of the dance floor, my hands still on her hips and her arms still wrapped around my neck. I don't know why but as more people started to file back onto the dance floor and in the moment that Harriet had pulled away from me and started to head back to the table, I grabbed her wrist pulling her back to me wrapped one arm around her waist and my other hand around her neck, our lips meeting. Maybe it would have went differently if i hadn't been drinking, but for some reason I liked it.

"I'm so sorry." I said when I pulled away. Harriet didn't say a word instead she put her lips back on mine, her arms wrapped around my neck and mine wrapped around her waist.

"Don't be." She whispered in my ear when she pulled away. 

"Hey Harriet." I heard David call. "Are you ready to go home?" he asked. Harriet nodded and let go of me.

"I'll see you around." she smiled before following David.

I grabbed another beer and sat down at an empty table. I hadn't talked to anybody all night, I had no clue where O'Connor and Ryan had gone. "Lucas?" I heard Darcy's voice. "Lucas I want to go home."

"Is everything alright?" i asked standing from my seat.

"Its fine but can you just take me home?" she asked.

"I've been drinking, I can't drive." 

"Well give me your keys, I'll drive." she said holding her hand out.

"Oh no, you are not driving my vehicle."

"Well how were you going to et home?"

"Call a cab." so you were going to leave your car out on the street all night?"

she had a point. "Fine." i said reaching into my pocket and handing her my keys.

"Now lets go." she said walking out of the club.

"Hey, is everything alright?" i asked once we were outside.

"I'm fine." she said opening the door and getting in the drivers side.

Darcy parked the car at my house and we both got out. I stumbled a but at first but regained my balance. my head was beginning to hurt as everything around me was spinning. "Seriously, whats wrong?" I asked

"I'm fine." was all she said. I wrapped my arms around her. But not in one of the intimate ways it was more juts to pull her closer to comfort her.

"Was it Chance? I swear if he did anything I'll kill him."

"I'm fine." she said pulling me off of her. "I don't need you to help, I need to go home." she said. Darcy made her way down the street alone, I watched her until she rounded the corner onto her street diet know what was going on nut right now all i wanted to do was go inside, if i stayed out here any longer i thought i was going to puke.

turns out it was worse in the house, the spinning continued as I made my way over to the kitchen i find something to eat. it was two in the morning and my parents were both in bed I presume. I made some toast and trotted up the stairs into my room when my phone went off. i fished it out of my pocket, I didn't know the number but answered anyways. "Hello?" I said closing my eyes the spinning making everything feel uncomfortable.

"Hey, sorry to bother."

"You are not a bother." I smiled when Harriet replied

"I hope you don't mind but I got your number from David."

"Not at all." I said sitting on the edge of my bed.

"So um, I was wondering if you would like to i don't know maybe hang out tomorrow?" she asked

"Sure, I have to work as one but I'll be free after work." I said lying back in my bed, I completely ignored the toast I had made because now all I wanted to do was pass out.

"Oh and Lucas?" Harriet said


"I had a great night, thank you."

I smiled. "Me too."


"Get up." Someone said, it was too early and my head hurt. "Ge up we are going to be late." I heard Darcy say. just as I was opening my eyes she pulled the blinds back, the little light that was coming in through the windows made my head hurt.

"Oh god that hurts." I said rubbing my temples.

"Maybe you shouldn't have drank so much." Darcy said, she sounded angry as she stood by the window on a t-shirt and track pants.

"Whats with the anger?"

"Nothing, just get ready, of we are going to be late." she said before leaving my room. "I'll be in the car." she called.

my mouth tasted like stale alcohol and my head hurt and for some reason i thought today was going to be a long day.


"I'm so tired." I complained, Darcy was driving me back to my house after our first practice. I don't know how I'll e able to do that every saturday morning.

Darcy rolled her eyes. "You are such a baby." she mumbled. Darcy had been in a mood all day, it was as if I had done something wrong. She pulled up to my house and didn't even say anything.

"Hey." I sad softly, I put my hand on her knee. "Is everything alright?" she flinched away and unlocked the door. I sighed and got out closing the door behind me as Darcy drove to her home. I had an hour till work which didn't leave me much time to get ready so I ran into my room changed into a pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt then made my way back outside and to my car.


"Ah Lucas Tomlinson." Todd greeted when I walked into the bakery. "Take this shirt." he said handing me a grey sharp with the letters S and B stamped onto the back. "And this." he said handing me a red apron with the bakeries logo. just as I was coming back out from changing my shirt Darcy was walking into the bakery. "Darcy, great to see you." Tom greeted. I she came here regularly. "You'll be training the new guy." Todd said. Darcy was looking at her phone when she walked in and didn't notice me. "Lucas Darcy here will be training you today." Todd said before patting me on the back and walking into the kitchen.

Darcy looked up from her phone. "Oh great." she sighed taking of her jacket and pulling on a apron. "Ok so have you worked a cash register before?" she asked.

"Uh, no."

"Can you bake?"


"What can you do?" she asked and I shrugged. "Have you have a proper job before?"


"This should be great, well here." she said picking up a stack of papers. "Go outside and hand these out." she said handing over the pile of paper. I took the stack and walked out the door.


"Ive never seen sales like this before." Todd said excitedly. "I have to say Lucas you did a good job." the place was packed. Most of the place was girls, what can I say I just brought on the charm. Darcy roles her eyes and took another order.

"Why are you bing such a bitch to me?" I asked.

"Don't call me that." she said

"Well its true."

"Call me a bitch one more time Tomlinson, I dare you." she bit back

"Well what did I do wrong? you've nearly said anything to me since last night."

"Nothing ok." she said angrily. "Just go do something." she said

"Well what do you want me to do?"

"I don't know, go clean the bathrooms or something." she said. frustrated I walked into the bathroom.

"Those things are nasty." I said walking out a half hour later. The place was empty and it was almost time to close.

"Darc can you work tomorrow?" Todd asked.

"I can't sorry, i have to babysit the twins."

"Horan's kids?" Todd asked

"Yea, they are in London for a few weeks on vacation."

"I really need someone for sunday." Todd said.

"I can work." I offered.

"Great, Sunday morning at seven alright?"

"I'll be here." I said

"Its only will one."

"That is alright." I smiled

"Good, you two finish up out here and you can leave." Todd said before going to the back.

"So." i said grabbing a cloth and whipping down the tables. "How long have you been working here?" I asked

"About two years." Darcy shrugged. "When my dad bought the place."

"Your dad own this?" i asked

"Yea, esses Bakery, like the letter S, you know for Styles I don't know what made him buy it, he says it reminds him of his teenage years."

"Oh, cool." I nodded. "So uh…"

"Look I just want to get this done so I can go home, so if you could do your thing and I'll do mine that would be brilliant."

"Why do you keep blowing me off?"

"Thats it, I'm done here." she said dropping her rag and going to the back. What the hell is up with her?

"Alright Lucas you can go home now I'll Take it from here." Todd said. "You did great today."

"Do you know what is up with Darcy?" I asked.

"No, but if she is mad or upset I would leave her alone, she'll come around." He said. "Hey, its probably not your fault anyways so i would just forget about it." He said. and maybe he was right, I was just over thinking it probably was none of my business. 

I grabbed my keys and mobile, said bye to Todd and walked out to my car I checked my phone which had gotten a message from an unknown number.

Hey, where do you want to meet tonight? -H

I hadn't saved Harriet's number in my phone from last night because I was nearly capable to hang up the phone last night. 

It's fine I can pick you up, what time? -L

I start red the car and drove home, when I got home I received another message.

Is 8 alright? I'm as my step dad's -H

great i knew where that was. It was five thirty now and last time it took almost an hour to get to David's house.

I'll be there. -L

I replied.


"Is that a him of sarcasm I hear?" Harriet said, we were in a park sitting on the plastic playground. We went for pizza and walked here. Harriet was great, she was really easy to talk to and she had a great sense of humour.

"Oh it wasn't just a hint babe." I said sliding closer to her. "It was dripping in sarcasm." I said in a low voice. Harriet smiled that bright smile, her teeth slightly catching her bottom lip. she glowed under the moonlight. everything seemed to be going right, it didn't matter what happened this past week because right now everything was great. This time I knew it wasn't the alcohol, I leaned in pressing my lips against hers, my hand cupped the side of her face and our lips moved in sync. "Harriet." I whispered my lips grazing over hers, she was breathing heavily. "I like you."

Harriet smiled, biting her bottom lip.before putting her lips on mine. she was practically sitting in my lap, I put my hands on her waist I could feel goosebumps where I hands touch the bare skin that was exposed when her shirt slid up. I pulled her closer and her hands played with my hair. "I like you too Lucas."


The end was a little Awkward cause i was writing about Lucas kissing Harriet which is essentually me writting about kissing Harriet, and Harriet is based on a girl Harriet that i know... d'you catch my drift aha anyways sorry it took so long for an update but here it is!

oh and the winner for my new book title is 

Corky Porky:

When Two Become One

Thank you to everyone who submitted titles and to everyone who voted! 

~Mich Xx

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