Not Another Stylinson

What happens when Lucas Tomlinson meets Darcy Styles?
One Direction have been split up for 19 years now, Harry and Louis haven't talked since the break up and they never planned on talking again, that is until Louis' family moves from Doncaster to Belsize Park . Lucas has been drafted to a school of talent to play on the Football team. Lucas meets a girl at a party with the most gorgeous brown eyes, and brown curly hair, and man is she ever fit! They come to realise they live just around the corner from each other and Darcy convinces Lucas to be her dance partner for a competition of her dreams. Lucas hasn’t got an idea who Darcy's father is; his father doesn’t talk about his past. Will their fathers make peace between the One Direction family for their kids? Or will they forever stay Styles vs. Tomlinson.
(Swearing and explicit content. YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED)


3. Chapter 3

"I'm starving." Darcy complained

"Well what do you want me to do about it?" I chuckled, looking out at the city below us.

"Get food." she explained.

"You want me, to get you food?" I questioned looking over at the girl sitting next to me; she was sat on the rock, her curls slightly blowing in the wind as she hugged her knees close to her, her head resting on the top of her knees.

"Yeup." she smiled looking over at me. "I could really go for some pizza." she stated.

"Well you know the area, not me. I just moved here a week ago." I said standing from the rock we were perched on.

"I know the perfect little place." she said standing up on the rock.

"Well then let’s go." I said looking up at Darcy. She just looked at me with a smirk I rolled my eyes, with a slight chuckle I turned around. "Hop on." I sighed. Darcy hopped on my back wrapping her legs around my hips and her arms slung over my shoulders. "You weigh like a thousand pounds." I huffed jokingly.

"Oh well." I felt her shrug. "Now, on ward." she ordered. I walked through the trail and out into the clearing. "You smell good." she stated.

"Um... thanks?"

"Smells like autumn."

"Well then." I laughed making my way across the park. "So where is this place?" I asked

"Just down the road."

"Close enough to walk?" I questioned.

"I guess so." she shrugged

"Good." I smiled stepping onto the pavement. I let Darcy off my back and grabbed ahold of her hand swinging it back and forth dramatically as I did an exaggerated skip down the road.

"Lucas!" Darcy laughed

"What?" I smiled stopping on the spot.

"You're going the wrong way." she giggled.

"Well." I said looping my arm around hers. "Now that I have made a complete knob of myself, why don't we go get some pizza yea?"

"Sounds good." she smiled up at me taking my hand in hers. She looked down at our hands and smiled then up at me with a shy look. I swung our hands dramatically again and Darcy began to laugh.

My mobile began to vibrate in my pocket and I stopped swinging our hands. I took my vibrating phone out of my pocket and pressed answer before putting it up to my ear "Oiy mate, where'd ya' go?" Ryan asked shouting over the music in the background.

"I, err left."

"Ah, who's the bird?" he asked

"Bloody hell mate, don't say that."

"What bird? Common I'm just kidding around. But seriously who is she? Oh wait a minute; it's that Darcy girl isn't it. It is." he joked "Oiy David, Lucas is with Darcy!" he yelled. I could hear David in the background but I couldn't make out what he was saying. Ryan laughed before regaining his attention back on me. "David says watch out for her father, he can be tough."

"No I'm jus-"

"Got to go. See you at school mate." Ryan said cutting me off, and next thing I knew the line was dead. I pulled the phone away from my ear looking at my screen.

"I swear when I see that guy on Monday I'm gonna-"

"We’re here." Darcy chirped I looked ahead of me at a little pizza shop. You could tell it was kind of old because the interior was warn and one of the z's lights were out, so at light it looked like The Piz-a Shop.

"Well I suppose so." I said. "After you." I said holding the door open.

"Why than you kind sir." she said with a fake gasp.

"Good evening." An oddly familiar girl from behind the counter said hopping off the stool she was sitting on. She was on the short side with dark brown hair and dark Filipino skin. Her nametag read Dani

"Hey Dani." Darcy said casually.

"Hey Darc, What can I get you?" she asked

"I'll get a slice of peperoni."

“Alright.” The girl replied punching her order in. “And you… Lucas right?” she said to me

“Um…” I couched slightly “Yea?” I said a little unsure.

“Oh I go to your school.” she laughed. “I’m friends with Ryan.” She explained.

“Oh, okay.” I nodded. “And well ill just get water.” I shrugged taking my wallet out and handing over a £10 note.

“Water?” Darcy almost yelled. “I’m getting pizza and all you’re getting is a bloody water?” she exclaimed. “Who’s the girl now, what are you watching your figure?” she joked.

“I’ not hungry” I shrugged “besides you need to eat, you were the one drinking, unless you want to feel like shit in the morning.”

“Oh I’m fine.” She scoffed.

“Here you go.” Dani said sliding the water and pizza across the counter to us.

“Oh, I need to pay.” Darcy said reaching into her pocket.

“I got that already you knob.” I laughed.

“Well you didn’t need to do that.” Darcy said crossing her arms over her chest.

“You’re right I didn’t” I said sliding Darcy her pizza slice. “But I did anyways.” I said blankly before walking to a table. I sat down at a booth and unscrewed the cap of my water when Darcy came over quietly taking a seat across from me. She placed her pizza on the table in front of us. Her eyes were fixed on the table.

“Look.” She said looking up at me her chocolate brown eyes meeting mine. “Sorry I’m just not used to the whole gentlemen thing I just-.” She started before her mobile went off. “Sorry…” she said before answering it “Hey daddy… no… eating pizza… yes that place… in like a half an hour… no I have one… okay... yes... okay… love you to bye.” She said before hanging up.

“The ol’ man wants you home?” I asked

“I have practice in the morning.” She shrugged taking a bite of her pizza; crust first. I watched intensely as she ate the crust off her pizza first then removed the peperoni from the pizza and placed them on her plate and began eating the rest of her pizza.

“It you don’t like the peperoni why wouldn’t you just ask for a cheese pizza?” I asked reaching over and stealing a peperoni off the plate.

“Hey that’s mine.” She said with her mouth half full of pizza. “And I do like the peperoni, I just prefer to eat them last.” She stated. I chuckled shaking my head, letting my dirty blonde hair fall into my eyes before pulling it back away from my face with my hand.

“So how do you know that Dani girl?” I asked stealing another peperoni.

“If you wanted to eat why didn’t you just get something?” Darcy scowled.

“Cause I’m not that hungry.” I smirked taking a sip from my water.

“Dani and I used to dance together, until she moved schools and started using the teachers they provided. We compete against each other, but there are no hard feelings.” Darcy explained. “Besides, a year later I got a new dance teacher.” She added.

“If you are as good as you make yourself out to be, then why aren’t you at my school?” I asked.

“It’s full of rich snobby kids.” Darcy said scrunching up her face. I gave her a flat look. “I want to find my own way of getting known. Teachers are always scouting their students and I just want to find a different way of getting noticed. Believe me I would have no problem getting into that school or getting noticed, but that’s because of my father, I love him. But I want to find my own way.” She explained.

“Understandable.” I nodded. “I had no say in going to that school; as soon as my father got the call from the school he took the opportunity.” I sighed. “Sometimes I wish I could just stand up to him and tell him what I think is best for me.” I explained.

“Sounds like you need to balance things out with your father.” Darcy said. I nodded. “Well I should be heading home.” Darcy said checking the time on her phone.

“Commin, I’ll drive you.” I said sliding myself out from the booth. “I should be heading home too.”


“Well here you are.” I said pulling up to the white stone house that Darcy lived at.

“Hmm, surprise you knew where I lived.” Darcy smirked.

“I may have seen you a couple of times on my way home from school.” I shrugged.

“Oh you mean when you almost trampled a mother with her child in a buggy.” She joked and my face started to heat up. “Yeah, I saw that.” She laughed. “Thank you for the ride home.” She smiled before opening the door and hopping out of my car. “I’ll see you around.” She exclaimed closing the door behind her. I sighed before driving away from the curb and to my house.

When I walked in the door I could hear what sounded like a one ended conversation in the kitchen. I made my way over to the kitchen to hear my dad talking obnoxiously loud on the phone. My mum was sitting on the counted tipping on a mug of tea, she looked like she was tired but who could get sleep with my father yelling down the phone. “No I don’t care if he lives her I’m not and I repeat not going to see him, I have moved on and so should he…” He yelled mum just shook her head before getting up of the stool and walking over to my father.

“Louis calm down.” She whispered. Putting her hand on his shoulder. I watched as his face softened at her touch and he nodded curtly. “I’m going to bed.” She said giving my dad a kiss. “And you two should too, its past midnight.” She ordered giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Yes mum.” I replied just before my dad began to speak again.

“Well if we have both moved on then why do you want up to see each other?” He said to whoever was on the other line. “I don’t care if it’s been nineteen years or ninety years I swore I would never speak to him again and that final.” He said through gritted teeth before hanging up the phone. I watched my father as he rested his palms against the counter looking at the white marble countertop. His arm muscled flexed when his hands balled into fists and he jaw clenched. I had never seen my dad this angry before, I had heard him yell at the phone before at reporters and staff members but never have I ever seen him this angry. He looked up at me pulling his hair with his hand. “I’m going to bed.” I said walking past me and through to door. “I’m done with this bullshit.” He mumbled as he walked up the stairs.

Sunday morning had passed and I had just woken up. It was already past noon when I got out of bed. I walked down the cool marble stairs in our grand entrance, the marble on my bear feet felt cool even with the sun shining through the windows all around the house. My grey track sweat pants around my waist, I could feel the heat of the sun hitting my bare back as I walked into the kitchen to look for food. I opened the fridge spotting a few left overs, some vegetables, and fruit. There was really nothing I wanted on there, sighing I closed the fridge door and made my way over to the living room taking a seat on the giant leather sofa and turning in the television. A recap of the footy match from Thursday was on. They were interviewing Cristiano Ronaldo asking him about the win against Barcelona and how their season was going, he was asked about the chances of them winning the cup game this season. “Look who finally got up.” I heard my dad say as he took a seat next to me on the sofa. I nodded still watching the interview. “You know that could be you some day.” He said pointing to the screen.

“Hmm…” I sympathized halfheartedly. “I’m going for a run.” I stated walking up to my room to change into some joggers.

I was in the middle of my run; just heading home actually. When I was running up the street next to mine; coincidently Darcy’s street when I noticed a group of guys in a 2008 Mercedes Benz convertible all shouting at someone. The closer I got the more clear it became that they were shouting things at a girl. “Oiy aren’t you looking fit today.” One shouted. They were driving slowly next to a girl who was dressed in jogging shorts and a tight fitting tank top. Her straight hair was up in a ponytail. Her ear buds were in her hears and her iPhone was secure around her upper arm. I took the other ear bud out of my ear when another one made a comment.

“Are you going to tell us what your name is pretty lady?” He asked the boys seemed amused but the girl just seemed ticked off as she started to pick up her speed. “You wanna come join us?” A guy in the back asked again. “We could have some fun.” He said.

That was enough. Ki picked up my speed catching up to the girl. “Darcy?” I asked as I came up beside her. She gasped startled for a minute turning in my direction.

“Mate get your own girl she’s ours.” N of the guys said. Darcy stopped her back facing the guys in the vehicle she looked at me with pleading eyes.

“Oh sod off!” I called “Leave her alone.”

“Oh yea and what are you going to do about it.” One spoke up.

“I’m not going to do anything unless I need to do something.” I said stepping in front of Darcy.

“Wah chill out, we are only having some fun.” The guy behind the weal said.

“Well knock it off you yob.” I glared.

“What did you just say?” she guy asked.

“You heard me, no go on and get out of here.”

“You can just talk to me like that.” The guy said through gritted teeth. “And I’m not letting you get away with it. He said stepping out of his vehicle. I was a little shorter than I was but we were still almost eye to eye.

“Back off.” I said in a deep voice. He stepped closer his eyes glaring at me as he shoved me back. I stumbled with my balance trying not to hit Darcy who was standing behind me. I bumped her a little and she grasped onto my arm letting out a little whimper I turned to face her. “Are you alright?” I asked and she nodded quickly but her eyes became wide and she went to say something when a blow was aimed to my cheek. I turned to face the guy who had just hit me when I lost it. My fist collided with his nose and retroceded back just before another punch was drought to his gut sending him hurled over clutching his stomach. I bent over next to the guy who was struggling for air putting my hand on his shoulder. “Now, next time I see you harassing this girl or any other girl it’s going to be much worse got it?” I said through gritted teeth. He grumbled a few words while nodding his head. I chuckled before straightening up and looking at the other three guys in the vehicle. “The same goes for all of you.” I said as the guy who I had just punched was using the side of his car to sturdy himself. He was still clutching his abdomen.

“Fuck.” He cursed when he took a step, his face showing pain with every movement and his nose gushing blood. I walked over to Darcy who was standing there in shock.

“Let’s go.” I said before I started jogging back to my house.

“What was that all about?” Darcy asked when she caught up to me.

“He was harassing you Darc, I couldn’t let that happen.” I explained.

“Well you didn’t have to beat him up.”

I stopped just outside my house. “Well he started it; I wasn’t going to just stand there.”

“Well you did call him a yob, you can’t just go around saying that stuff, you could get yourself seriously hurt!” she exclaimed waving her hands around in the air.

“Whose side are you on, mine or his?” I asked walking up the path to my house.

“You’re right, I’m sorry, I just didn’t want to see you get hurt.”

“Well I’m not hurt okay.” I said turning around to face her. She slowly made her way over to me putting her hand on my cheek. I flinched as a sharp pain shot through the side of my face.

“Didn’t get hurt eh?” She chuckled. “Common let’s get some ice for that.” She said jogging up the steps to the door. I followed her opening the door. We stepped inside the cool house and I made my way to the kitchen, Darcy fallowing behind me. I took an icepack from the freezer, wrapped it in a dish cloth and placed it on the cheek; it stung for a few seconds before the pain began to subside.

“Want some water?” I asked

“Um, sure.” Darcy asked. I opened the fridge grabbing out two water bottles tossing one to Darcy before closing the door. “Thanks.” She replied twisting the cap off.

“Oh who’s this?” my mum asked walking into the kitchen.

“Mum this is Darcy, Darcy this is my mum, Eleanor.” I introduced. Darcy choked on her water a little before answering.

“Hello Eleanor.” She smiled. Just then my dad walked past the door then quickly turned on his heal coming into the kitchen too.

“Who’s this?” he asked

“That’s Darcy.” My mum explained. He froze for a moment studying Darcy before clearing his throat.

“Oh, well I’m Louis, Louis Tomlinson.” He said with a nod. This time it was Darcy’s turn to freeze, what the hell was going on. Just then she looked at her phone.

“I… I think I should be going, my father will be wondering where I went.” She stammered out.

“Would you like we to take you home?” I asked putting the icepack on the counter.

“No!” she said a little too quickly. “I mean no, I’m fine, thank you though, and thanks for the water.” She said holding up the bottle of water in her hands. “You have a lovely home Eleanor.” She smiled.

“Oh thank you Darcy. Feel free to come back whenever.” My mum said cheerfully. Darcy gave a nervous laugh before scurrying out of the house.

“Well she seems nice.” I mum said turning to face me. “What happened to you?” she asked, concern written all over her face.

“Nothing.” I grumbled picking the icepack up and making my way up to my room. Why the hell did Darcy run out so fast? I mean my parents weren’t bad…


Monday rolled around and I was just leaving the house when my mum called me. “Lucas. You forgot your gear!” she said handing me my bag. I took the smelly bag from her hand, the smell was horrible, whatever was in there was in dyeing need of a good wash. “Sorry I dint have time to wash your uniform.” She explained.

“Well it’ll have to do for today.” I said giving her a kiss in the cheek before jugging out of the house and to my car. I rounded the corner onto the street Darcy lived on and right away I spotted Darcy walking on the pavement. I slowed down rolling down the window. “Hey Darc, want a ride?” I called; it was kind of chilly outside and on the verge of a possible rainstorm. Darcy looked up from her cell phone glancing in my direction. I stopped my car and unlocked the door.

“You sure, aren’t you going to be late?” she asked.

“I have a free period.” I shrugged. “Now get in before you catch a cold.” I ordered.

“I shouldn’t.” she debated.

“I insist.” Darcy sighed in defeat before opening the door. “What happened to you yesterday? You ran out so fast I didn’t even get to say bye.” I said as I started the car.

“Sorry, I had a ton of work to do.” She lied; I let it slide and began to drive down the road. “Take a left here.” she said. The rain started to pick up the further we drove. Her school wasn’t far from her house and eventually we were parked just outside the gates to her school. “Thanks for the ride.” She said without even a glance in my direction.

“Would you like me to pick you up after school?” I asked

“I have dance after school, but thanks though.”

“I have footy practice; I’ll pick you up on the way home.”

“No, that’s alright.” She said adjusting her bag as she stepped out of the vehicle. “Thanks again.” She said quickly before closing the door and jogging to get out of the rain. I don’t understand, why was she blowing me off, I didn’t think I didn’t anything wrong, what could possibly be her problem?   


So here it is, the promised chapter, so I have some things that I’m going to out down right here and now.

First: exams start Thursday and end next Tuesday so THERE WILL BE NO UPDATE!

Second: next weekend I will be in New York City so once again THERE WILL BE NO UPDATE (I’m sorry guys)

Third: I’m thinking of doing a contest for this book, BUT NOT NOW. AS YOU MAY… as you may or may not have guessed this book is only in one POV and it is going to stay that way. BUT I want to do a contest, maybe get you guys to write a chapter in Darcy’s POV? What do you think, let me know below. This won’t start till LATER in the book. If enough of you guys want to do it I’ll do it and post the rules and prize. LET ME KNOW!

~Mich Xx

P.S. you will see more of Dani… This character is dedicated to Dani Horan and I would just like to let you know that’s not all you are getting in the book because Lucas DOES go to school with her.


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