Not Another Stylinson

What happens when Lucas Tomlinson meets Darcy Styles?
One Direction have been split up for 19 years now, Harry and Louis haven't talked since the break up and they never planned on talking again, that is until Louis' family moves from Doncaster to Belsize Park . Lucas has been drafted to a school of talent to play on the Football team. Lucas meets a girl at a party with the most gorgeous brown eyes, and brown curly hair, and man is she ever fit! They come to realise they live just around the corner from each other and Darcy convinces Lucas to be her dance partner for a competition of her dreams. Lucas hasn’t got an idea who Darcy's father is; his father doesn’t talk about his past. Will their fathers make peace between the One Direction family for their kids? Or will they forever stay Styles vs. Tomlinson.
(Swearing and explicit content. YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED)


10. Chapter 10

"How's he doing?" I asked David handing him and  Darcy each a Starbucks drink that I didn't even know existed. "You know I thought you were pulling my leg with this drink." I said Darcy and David both chuckled taking a sip at the same time. They started about a year ago where every time they went to Starbucks they ordered something different. 

"This taste like shit." Darcy said. "No good." She said holding the drink away from her with a shake of her head.

"Really? I don't mind it." David shrugged. We were standing outside Liam's room at the hospital. David and Darcy cut class today to stay here. "Well he's still alive." David sighed "Still doesn't remember some things." He said looking at the closed door in front of him that his dad was occupying. "He forgot that he was divorced to my mum. That was a little bit awkward with Harriets mum. He Doesn't remember being in a band. Although, he does remember that he's a solo artist."

"So he doesn't…" the rest of that sentence just hung there in the air for everyone to see. Darcy and David exchanged knowing glances.

"No." Darcy said shaking her head. "Unfortunately because he doesn't remember his band years he's also forgotten who Louis is." I just nodded "Hey, shouldn't you be at footy practice?"

"Oh no." I said shaking my head. "We had an early morning practice today because coach had some meeting or something this afternoon." 

"You don't have to be here." Darcy said.

"But I want to." I said back just as quickly.

“Lucas you should really go home.” Darcy mumbled before her phone rang. “Hello?” she answered before excusing herself walking around he corner. David took a sip of his drink, mindlessly looking as the closed door.

“He didn’t make it, almost.” He finally said.

“But he did make it.” I  assured him.

“I don’t know what I would have done if he didn’t make it.” He said sliding onto the ground.

“But he did make it and he’s in that room right now, he’s alive and well.” I said sitting on the ground beside him.

“Am I interrupting a bromance?” someone said Lucas and I looked up to see Harriet standing above us, her arms crossed over her chest. “What are we calling this ship?” she went on. “Lavid? or maybe Ducas!?” she exclaimed chuckling to herself.

“I’m sorry Harriet but this ship has sank.” David said leaning his head against the wall. Harriet took a seat next to me on the ground.

“I’ll leave you two to it.” David said getting up off the ground. He tossed his half empty Starbucks cup in the rubbish bin and rounded the corner.

I don’t know if it was just me but it felt a little awkward, it could have been me just making things seem awkward. “Did, did you um, change your hair?” I asked and mentally face palmed what the actual fuck was that Lucas!? I shouted at myself. I mean she really did change her hair, last time I saw her it was brown. this time it was a tint of purple.

Harriet chuckled “Yes I did.” she said. and it fell silent again.

I rubbed the back of my neck “So, um…”

“Look.” she stated. “You obviously have a thing for Darcy.” 

“Wait, I what?” 

“And I understand that, its cool really.”

“Wait, I don’t have a thing for Darcy. We’re just friends.”

Harriet laughed slightly. “Yes you do.” she nodded. “You fancy her, we can all see it. You’d have to be blind not to see it.”

I sighed resting my head against the wall. I don’t get where everyone was getting this stupid idea from. Harriet rested her head on my shoulder. “Hey, you wanna hang out sometime?” I asked, Harriet nodded. 

“Yeah sure, that would be awesome.”

“Cool.” and then it was back to silence.

“So why did you kiss me?” she asked. “I mean if you like Darcy and all then why would you, well you know…” she trailed off.

“Darcy and I are just friends.” I corrected. “And because I like you Harriet, you’re a nice girl and we get along.” I shrugged. “Why?” I asked. “Did you not enjoy it?”

Harriet lifted her head to look at me. “No.” She quickly responded. “I mean. No, no it was good.” she blushed slightly. I leaned over giving her a kiss on the cheek. 

“I’ll see you around.” I said standing to my feet. Harriet quickly followed.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“I’m going to head home.” I said.

“Oh.” Harriet said sounding a bit disappointed. 

“Look I’ll message you and we’ll hang out. I had fun last time.” I smiled.

“Yeah, okay.” She smiled. I gave Harriet a hug Just as Darcy came back around the corner with David.

“Lucas are you on your way home?” Darcy asked.

“Um, yeah.” I said.

“Could I catch a ride?” 

“Sure, yeah not a problem.”

“So who called?” I asked as Darcy and I made our way out of the hospital.

“My dad.” She said, I nodded. “He’s coming to the hospital.”

“Then why didn’t you get a ride him with him?” I asked.

“He’s visiting for a while and I’ve been here all day.” She said nervously.

“You’re lying.” 

“No I’m not.”

“I’m not dumb. Your dad may be coming here but your excuse on why you want to leave is a lie.” we got into the elevator and descended to the main floor. 

Darcy sighed. “Look last night my dad talked to me and he doesn’t want me hanging out with you so I needed you to go and its not all a lie, I’m tired and want to go home.” The elevator doors opened and we walked through the waiting area. 

“Well first I was leaving anyway and second Darcy is rebelling against her father?” I grasped. Darcy punched me in the arm. It kind of hurt but I dint show that it hurt. 

“Just shut up and get to your car.” Darcy scowled. I chuckled slightly as we excited the hospital and made our way to my car.


“Do you want to hang out for a bit?” Darcy asked when I dropped her off at her house. “Dad’s not home. I don’t know, we could watch a movie or something?”

“I’d like that. yeah.” I nodded. following Darcy out of the car and into her house.

Darcy ran up the stairs to the second floor “You com in’?” She called from the top. I chuckled shaking my head making my way up the stairs behind Darcy. “For someone that plays footy, you’re awfully slow.” She joked.

“Gimme a break, I’m tired. I had to get up early for practice and unlike you, I actually attended college today.”

Darcy stuck out her tongue. “Come on.” She said grabbing my hand and dragging me into her room. 

“I didn’t think it would be this easy to get into your room.” I joked

“Shut up Lucas.” She said going over to a large book self that was partly full of books but mostly full of old CD’s and some movies. “Movie?” She asks.

“What?” I asked looking around her room “Yeah sure.” I said mindlessly. Darcy’s room as something different from the other girls rooms I had been in. It  wasn’t the regular girly room I had seen. But then again this was Darcy, there wasn’t a lot of girly things about her. hung on one wall above her desk was dance medals and trophies along with different sizes of dance shoes that ranged from small pink ballet shoes to tap shoes to the ones she wore now. another wall was covered in old band posters from punk to rock. Some posters were signed and others we so old I swore my dad would have owned them when he was our age or younger. along that wall there were record covers from old rock bands.

“My dad gave me most of these.” Darcy commented. “The signed one mostly.”

“Theses are so cool, I think my dad has some of the same ones.”  I said.

“So.” Darcy said sitting on the edge of her bed. I smirked crossing my arms aver my chest. Almost as if she read my mind she rolled her eyes and scoffed.

“Don’t even say a damn word.” 

“What?” I smiled

“Don’t think I don’t know how you play” 

“What do you man?” I said sitting on the edge of her bed.

“Lucas, I know by that look exactly what you’re thinking.” She said crossing her arms over her chest. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder.

“Oh Darcy, babe.” I said and she tensed. “You’re no fun.” She rolled her eyes and pushing me away from her. I dramatically fell onto my back so I was laying on her bed, my legs hanging over the end. Darcy stood up and placed a disk into the DVD player. I sat up and scooted myself to the head of the bed resting my back against the headrest. Harriet turned around and I smirked. she crossed her arms over her chest and rolled her eyes. I patted the spot next to me and she smirked just the slightest taking the empty spot. “Which film are we watching?” I asked.

Darcy shrugged “Shh.” she said. Her eyes glued to the television hanging on the wall. I rested my head against the wall as i watched Darcy lean forward, her legs crossed in front of her as she rested her elbows on her knees  staring intently is the screen in front of her. I didn’t even watch the opening credits as I watched Darcy. Her hair was pulled up into a bun, little ringlets falling out at random places.

About five minutes into the film that i really wasn’t watching Darcy stretched her arms above her head with a yawn. she leaned back laying on her back. “Shatterd?” I asked. 

“Very.” she mumbled. I scooted down next to her and she rested her head on my chest. I put my arm around her bringing her closer. I turned my attention to the film but had no clue what I was even watching. I absentmindedly looked around at everything around the room. going over the posters again and looking at each dance shoe as she grew older and the shoes got bigger all lined up on a long shelf. I looked at the photo of her and her father at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. I remember going there  with my mum and dad when I was little. I looked forward to seeing the lions every time we went. The thing was the lions were right at the end of the Park so You had to see everything first before getting to the lions. I remember nagging my parents they first time I went, asking where the lions were at every cage we stopped at and every time I would get a Not yet Lucas as i grew more and more impatient my parents began to grow more and more agitated. Every time after that we would get to the zoo, walk to the Lions and go backwards through the zoo. I remember going so often that I began to find shortcuts and I would just spend hours looking at the lions when I was alone. As I lied there remembering all of the things I used to do back in Doncaster my eyes began to slowly close.


“Darcy? Darcy I’m home!” I jolted awake along with Darcy when we heard her father “Darcy?” He called

“Shit…” Darcy whispered. “I’lll be right back.” she quickly whispered before leaving her room “I’m up here.” she called

“Darcy why is there a Vehicle here?” he asked.

“I was just watching a movie with a friend.” she said. I assumed they were at a bit of a distance from each other because they were almost yelling at each other. I sat quietly at the edge of her bed.

“It’s Tomlinson’s boy isn’t it?” He asked. and I mentally face planed myself when I realized that the licence plate on my car was ‘TOMO003’ Darcy didn’t say anything.

“What did I tell you about seeing him?” He said this time things were quieter.

“You told me not to.” She mumbled

“And…” he said pausing like he was waiting for Darcy to answer but after no reply he said “Why is he here, and what is he doing in your room?”

“We’re friends, you can’t tell me I can’t hang out with him, if you have something against his father then so be it, but Lucas in my friend and you can stop me from seeing him, he’s not his father.” Darcy said as she began to rase her voice.

“Don’t talk to me in that tone young lady.” He said. “I don’t want to see the kid around here again, and that final.” 

“But dad!” She said he voice cracking just the slightest.

 “Darcy!” he said sternly. “Not another word, now you go in there and tell that boy he needs to go home or i will do it myself.”

“Dad!” she shouted this time her voice cracking even more.

“Darcy.” he said. and that was all he said as i heard footsteps come closer to Darcy’s room.

I quickly stood to my feet as the door flew open and Darcy came in “I HATE YOU!” she shouted before slamming the door. she had tears in her eyes.

“And you can forget about that dance competition in May, with that attitude!” He yelled back.

Darcy grabbed my hand and dragged me out of her room, and down the stares. “We’re going to your house.” she said. Not once did she loo at me as we put out shoes on and made out way to my car and back to my house. she stormed out of the car and was already halfway up the steps to my house when i caught up to her.

“Darcy.” I said calmly. she didn’t look at me. “Darc.” I said grabbing her arm and spinning her around to face me. “Darc, its ok.” I said wrapping my atoms around her and bringing her close to me. It was dark out, the only light was coming from the porch light and the lights coming out of the windows in the house. It had gotten pretty dark out. Darcy wrapped her arms around me and hugged me back taking deal breaths.

“I’ve never told my dad I hated him.” she mumbled, mostly to herself. “I said i hated him and he took away the only thing i was looking forward to.” she said. her words were muffled in my jumper but I just hugged her without saying a word.

“Lucas?” My mum called opening the from door. “Oh Lucas, Darcy? what going on, come on come in, its cold out there.” she quickly said ushering us into the house. I hadent noticed his cold it was until the heat of the house was surrounding us. As Darcy and I walked into the house the phone rang. “Lucas, take Darcy into the front room.” mum said before going to answer the phone. Darcy and I went into the front room. Darcy and I took a seat on the large sofa.

“I just can’t believe it, I’ve never gotten mad at him before.” She said. Just then mum came in.

“That was your father Darcy.” She said taking a seat. between Darcy and I “He wanted to know if you were here. I told him that yes you were here and everything was fine.” Darcy nodded Looking up at my mum.

“Thanks Mrs. Tomlinson.” she smoked slightly

“Now, he said he was on his way over.”

“Wait, how did he get our number?” I asked.

“There is a thing, you may not know about but its magical Lucas. You can look up anyones adders in a book and find their phone number, They are way out of your generation but its called a phone book, some people may call it google now.” mum said sarcastically. and I rolled my eyes. “So Darcy, your dad is on his was and should be here soo-“ just then a care horn beeped outside. “Jesus Harold people astrally sleep at this time.” mum mumbled as she stood up from the sofa and stood by the window scowling at Darcy’s dad. “Are you alright?” mum asked Darcy. 

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” Darcy sighed as she made her way to the door. “You should probably stay in here.” she said to me as I fallowed her to the door.

“It’ll be alright Darc.” I said giving her a hug. she exhaled deeply nodding her head. I let go on her and she opened the door.

“I’ll text you, maybe see you at work or something.” she said. and I nodded before she left the house closing the door behind her.”

“She’s a sweet girl.” mum cooed. “I like her, its a shame what happened between Harold and your father, otherwise you would have spent more time together.” she sighed before walking into the kitchen. I stood there a moment just thinking that if out fathers didn’t fight and their band didn’t break up Darcy wouldn’t even be here because the reason she was born was because out fathers fought and the band broke up. she wouldn’t even be here if this never happened, I was grateful that it turned out this way but i just wished that things between out fathers would be right so I could see Darcy. 

I walked into the kitchen where mum was sitting at the counter on her laptop sipping on her tea. i swear it was like a never ending cup of tea with her, we never seemed to run out of it either. “Where’s dad?” I asked.

“He’s been in his office all day, hasn’t left sense Niall told him about Liam.” mum sighed. “He just mumbles something every time i try to get him out of there.”

I nodded as mum went back to work on her laptop. I made my way to dads office opening the door. “Dad?”



here it is everyone!!!!! and it only took three months! Sorry guys I'll really do my best to not put it off that long next time, its kind of short but i wanted to get it done and it is better than nothing! 


So, I'm doing a contest!

yes, you read that right. from now until June there will be a contest for this story!! If you want to join its simple, all you have to do is write another characters POV from the story. just one chapter(any length) that is in the POV or any character for NAS!!! it cold be based on an event that has happened in the story or you can get creative and write a one shot, im doing this till June so that way there will be more chapters and more events to choose from as i plan to have most of the story completed by June(yes so that means there will be loads of updates coming your way!) there isn't an exact date as i may extend it into July. but basically you have free range to write about whatever you want so long as the characters are the same and it follows the theme or the story! All you have to do is write it, post it on here and comment the link down below! :) the winning entry will be put at the end of this story.  

and who knows, if I  enjoy some of the one shots i may write a chapter in Lucas's POV, as his POV will be the whole story!

~Mich Xx 

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