Not Another Stylinson

What happens when Lucas Tomlinson meets Darcy Styles?
One Direction have been split up for 19 years now, Harry and Louis haven't talked since the break up and they never planned on talking again, that is until Louis' family moves from Doncaster to Belsize Park . Lucas has been drafted to a school of talent to play on the Football team. Lucas meets a girl at a party with the most gorgeous brown eyes, and brown curly hair, and man is she ever fit! They come to realise they live just around the corner from each other and Darcy convinces Lucas to be her dance partner for a competition of her dreams. Lucas hasn’t got an idea who Darcy's father is; his father doesn’t talk about his past. Will their fathers make peace between the One Direction family for their kids? Or will they forever stay Styles vs. Tomlinson.
(Swearing and explicit content. YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED)


1. Chapter 1

“Are you ready for your big day?” My dad asked looking through the mirror in the car at me.

“Yea, sure dad.” I mumbled flipping through the text messages on my phone.

“You have worked very hard for this, don’t mess it up.” He said sternly.

“I won’t.” I groaned sticking my headphone in my ear and turning up the volume, my mum put a hand on my father’s shoulder saying something to him that I couldn’t quite hear over my music. I looked out the window watching the droplets of rain race down the window. We weren’t even in Belsize Park for half an hour and I already hated it. I just wanted to take the next flight back to Doncaster, where I belong. This place had a ton of huge houses; it was nothing like the house back where we use to live. That house was smaller than these ones, but it was nice, and felt more like a home. I sighed when we pulled up at one of the houses; it was very modern, from the outside. With a white marble build, with black accents that framed the windows and wooden door.

“Lucas you can help bring your bag in.” my dad said when he lifted the boot of the car taking out his and my mum’s bags and scurrying out of the rain and into the house. I opened my door stepping out into the cool breeze, and the falling water. With one swift kick my door was closed and I was making my way to the back of the car, pulling my bags out and closing the boot. I slung my football bag over my shoulder and held my suitcase in my hand making my way to the house. “Lucas your room is up here!” my dad called from the top of the marble staircase.

“Coming dad.” I sighed making my way to the second floor while shaking my hair out.

“Oh Lucas, don’t do that!” my mum complained “We just got here, don’t make a mess.”

“Sorry mum.” I replied reaching the top of the stairs. There was a hallway with quite a few sets of doors lining the walls. I fallowed my dad till I reached my room. Everything was already brought over here, and my mum and dad had spent the past few weeks setting up the place.

“I already set your room up!” mum called from down the hall.

“Thank you mum!” I smiled at her. I opened the door to my new room, I have to admit it was bigger than my old room and it looked much nicer. The walls were painted blue and all my football trophies were lined up on a shelf against one wall, my posters were already up, my King sized bed was freshly made; oh how I missed my bed. I dropped my bags on the ground and flopped into the bed, I was so exhausted.

“I’m ordering dinner.” Dad said from the door.

“I’m not that hungry, I think I’m just going to go to bed, I’m shattered.”

“Very well I’ll see you tomorrow morning for school.” he said before closing the door behind him.

I groaned running my hands through my hair. I did not want to go to a new school; tomorrow was not going to be good.


My alarm continued to beep louder and louder on my bed side table. I groaned slamming my hand down to stop the annoying sound. Groggily I looked at the time before shooting out of bed as fast as possible. “Shit!” I mumbled scurrying to find some cloths.

“Mum I’m leaving!” I called as I ran down the stairs buttoning up the rest of my shirt.

“What about breakfast?” Mum called coming around the corner. Her wavy brown hair was pulled up carelessly into a messy bun; she wore a pair of black fitted jeans and a white jumper. To all my friends back home my mum was still ‘Fit’ I admit she could have been a model if she want wanted to.

“I’m already running late, I’m sorry.” I said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“I’ll drive you.” I dad called from the kitchen. He walked through the door whipping his hands on his slacks before giving my mum a kiss. I groaned and turned to walk out the door. “I’ll be back in a few minutes El.” He called while grabbing his keys and jacket. I picked up my bag and made my way out of the house and to my dad’s range rover.

“I’m going to be late!” I called before stepping into the car. My dad came running down the stairs pulling his jacket on.

He got in the car and started it up. We sat in silence as we drove down the road. My eyes were focused on a girl, who looked to be about my age walking down the road. Her curly brown hair was pulled over to one side; a black beanie was keeping her hair in place. She wore a greenish blazer, blue skinny jeans and pink kicks. She had a backpack on and her headphones in. “What’s up with you?”  Dad asked as we drove past the girl, I continued to look at her through the rear view mirror till she disappeared.

“What do you mean? Nothing.”

“You have been grumpy all week.” He stated

“Well how would you feel if you had to leave your friends behind? I grew up with them dad.”

“I did, I moved here when I was your age, and besides this is good for you, now you get the chance to live out your dream.”  I sighed crossing my arms over my chest; I didn’t want to say another word. I loved football, but I liked doing it for fun, I didn’t plan on this being my career. I stayed silent for the rest of the ride till we finally got to the school. “Would you like me to come with you?” my dad asked as I opened the door.

I looked back at him with a disgusted look “Um, no… I think I can go on my own.”

“I was just asking.” He said in surrender. “Cut it out with the attitude.”

I mumbled a quick sorry before grabbing my bag and closing the door. I walked up the steps of the school admiring the old red brick and the concrete steps that had students rushing up and through the massive wooden doors on their way to their lockers trying to beat the bell. I made my way into the school which looked much bigger on the inside. It had a large foyer that branched off into many different hallways. I made my way over to the office; it was all windows, there was a long counter in the front, behind the counter sat an elder lady with short greying hair and glasses on the tip of her nose.

“Do you have an appointment.” She said without lifting her head.

“Um, I don’t really know. I’m new…” I trailed off. Without even one glance if from her paper she reached over handing me a time table.

“This is your schedule, now off to class.” She said shooing me away with her hand.

“Ok…” I said in an uncertain tone before leaving the office. I was walking through the hallways looking for my first class. It seemed oddly quiet and I didn’t really like it. I still had my backpack and my football tote when I finally made it to the right class. I knocked on the door and soon after the door opened revealing a woman, she was about average height.

“You must be Lucas, correct?”

“Yes ma’am.” I nodded.

“Why do you still have your bags?” she asked pointing to the bags slung over my shoulder.

“I um, don’t know where my locker is.” I admitted. I heard a few students let out a laugh and that’s when I realized there was actually a class here. I shook the hair out of my eyes and gave a slight wave and a cheeky wink to a group of girls who then started to giggle and whisper to each other, I admit for my age I was pretty built, and I have always had a way with the ladies.

“Well we need to get this sorted, Ryan could you come here.” she asked, a kid sitting in the back with a group of guys stood from his seat, he was a little taller than me. He made his way over to us.

“What’s up teach?” he asked when he reached the door.

“Could you show Lucas to an empty locker.” She asked politely.

“Sure thing, let’s go.” He said walking past me and through the door. “So you’re the new kid.” He said putting his hands in his pockets.

“Sure am.” I sighed.

“Believe me the school isn’t that bad.” He laughed.

I chuckled “I just didn’t want to move.”

“Oh you’ll fit right in. I saw the way the girls acted when they saw you. You are a real ladies man, aren’t you?” He said with a hint of amusement,

“I have my ways.” I shrugged.

“So what are you here for?” He asked like this place was some sort of institute for the troubled kids.

“Pardon?” I asked

“I mean what talent are you here for? If you are…” He trailed off fiddling with the coins in the pocket of his jeans.

“What do you mean by ‘If you are’?” I asked.

“Well some kids make it in by having a skill at something, while others are here because their parents paid top dollar for their child to go here.” He explained. I just nodded in response. “So which one are you?” he asked

“I’ve been drafted for football.” I sighed running my hands through my Golden brown hair and out of my eyes.

“Ah, so you are supposed to be the guy who will bring us the championship.” He said cocking his head to the side to look at me.

I smirked and gave a shrug “I guess…” I trailed off as Ryan came to a stop in front of an empty locker.

“You’re in luck, a locker right next to mine.” He smiled.

“Oh great…” I said with a hint of sarcasm which only caused me to get a punch in the arm.

“See you are already fitting in, I can see us being good friends.” He smiled slinging his arm over my shoulder as I proceeded to open the locker.

I smirked shaking my head. “You know I could get used to this, but could you please take your arm off of me mate, it’s getting kind of weird.” Ryan smirked removing his arm from my shoulder and I proceeded to put my bags in my locker and taking my books out for class. “Alright, I’m ready.” I huffed holding my notebook under my arm as I locked my locker.

“Back to class we go!” Ryan said in a very loud manner which caused the teacher in the closest room to pop their head out.

“I should have known it was you, what are you doing out of class Mr. Cooper?” the teacher asked crossing her arms over her very large chest, not that I was staring, I’m just observant.

“I was helping the new kid to his locker.” Ryan said gesturing to me.

The teacher glanced at me. “Very well, off you go Mr. Cooper and…”

“Tomlinson, Lucas Tomlinson, Ma’am.” I said clearing my throat.

She grinned at me for a moment. “Oh, Tomlinson, I see I haven’t heard that name in a few years. Well off you go.” She said dismissing us to our class before returning to her class.

“Well that was weird, what did she mean by that?” Ryan asked

“I don’t know.” I shrugged. "My father was apparently a very important person before I was born, and I really don’t know the details because well, he doesn’t like to talk about it.”

“Well then, guess we’ll have to figure that out.”


The day passed in a blur, Ryan introduced me to his buddies and most of them were on the football team as well. I never did ask Ryan what he was at the school for, but he pretty well knew the whole school; pretty much like me back home. I was sitting on the front steps waiting for my dad to pick me up when a teacher walked out of the school.

“What are you still doing here young man?” he asked and I turned to see a pretty well-built male in a pair of jogging pants and a t-shirt.

“Waiting for my father, Sir.” I said getting to my feet.

“Alright, is he going to be long?” he asked.

“I don’t know he hasn’t messaged me back.”

The guy nodded before asking another question. “Who are you young man?”

“Lucas, Lucas Tomlinson.” I said adjusting the bag on my shoulder.

“Ah, you’re the Tomlinson kid I have been hearing all about. Well I hope to see you on the field tomorrow, I’ll work ya’ hard.” He smiled before patting me on the back and walking down the rest of the steps.

“I’ll be there sir.” I called back after him.

“That’s coach to you.” He said turning to glance my way.

“Coach.” I corrected. He nodded his head and proceeded to walk to his car when my phone buzzed in my pocket.

Something came up. Sorry you need to find a way home- Dad.

I groaned shoving my phone in my pocket. I picked up my duffle bag and started heading through the school gates. I was walking home admiring the buildings around me and having a pretty peaceful walk home. I was about a block away from home when I noticed the girl from this morning walking a little further ahead on the other side of the side walk. She had her headphones in and was pretty concentrated on her phone to even notice what was going on around her. I didn’t notice I was staring till I almost ran into a mother pushing her kid in a buggy “Oh, sorry.” I quickly apologized before continuing to walk; I glanced over at the girl and noticed she was turning down a driveway to a large white stone house with a black wooden door. I sighed putting my hands in my pocket and fiddling with my phone till I rounded the corner to my street. I walked up the steps to our house opening the door; I slipped into the warm house slamming the door behind me.

“Lucas, is that you?” my mum called from the den.

“Yes mum.” I sighed dropping my bags at the door.

“What took you so long?” she asked.

“Dad forgot to tell me he wasn’t picking me up.” I grumbled plopping down on the black leather chair adjacent to my mother. She nodded her head with a knowing look.

“He never really was good at letting people know things, he used to be worse.” She chuckled, I could tell she was thinking about old memories that she had stored away. My parents met 22 years ago through a friend of theirs. All I know was dad and mum didn’t see each other much for the first four years of their relationship and they struggled a lot, but all my parents have ever said were ‘your father was a very important man’ “So did you meet some friends?” my mum asked as she stood up from the couch she was sitting on.

“Yeah, I guess.” I shrugged fishing my phone out of my pocket.

“Well that’s good honey, well dinner is ready.” She smiled

“Not waiting for dad.” I mumbled pushing myself up from the chair.

“He should be home soon I’m sure of it.” And she was correct not even a minute later he came strolling in through the front door.

“I’m home!” he called through the house like he does every night, I rolled my eyes and walked into the dining room, everything was already set. I took a seat in my usual spot and waited for me parents to come in, in no time my mother was scurrying into the room with a grin on her face fallowed by my dad who took a seat at the head of the table.

We ate our meal pretty much in silence, or I ate my meal pretty much in silence while my mum and dad had talked about what they did all day. I was just about to excuse myself from the table when my dad called my name. “Lucas I have something for you.” He said standing up from his seat. I looked at him confused but he only gestured me out of the room. Cautiously I fallowed him until we were outside on the front garden. “Now I'm sorry about today, but hopefully this will prevent this from ever happening again, he said handing me a set of keys. I looked at him dumbfounded till he gestured to the silver Porsche panamera.

“No way…” I finally spoke walking over to the new vehicle.

“Be safe.” He said in a stern tone.

I felt a little weird hugging my dad especially out here so I just nodded with a big smile on my face. “Thanks dad.”

“No problem.” He smiled putting his arm around my shoulder. I was a little taller than both my parents but there wasn’t much of a difference between my dad and I. we don’t get along often but it was times like these that made my mother happy. I could tell by the excited look on her face that she was happy, my dad just ruffled up my hair before pulling me over into a headlock.

“For an old man you still got the muscle.” I complimented.

“Forty-one is not that old.” He said. I wrapped my arms around his side and tackled him to the ground.

“But I’ve still got the moves.” I laughed.

“And where did you get those moved from hmm?” he said in a cocky tone.

“Certainly not from some old man.” I joked. He just chuckled and picked himself off the ground. I followed suit. “Hey dad.” I said “Would you like to play some footy for a bit?” I asked for the first time in years.

I think he was kind of surprised because he looked at me in shock for what felt like ages before clearing his throat. “Sure.” He nodded with the biggest grin on his face, something that I have not seen in a long time.


The rest of the week went by pretty quickly and it was finally Friday, I was just about to head out of the school, I had my keys in hand and was about to open the school doors when someone called my name. “Oiy Tomlinson!” I turned around to see Ryan coming my way. “You coming to the party tonight?” he asked


“Oh right, there is a party tonight, there are going to be a ton of people there. You in?”

“Sure mate.”

“Great, I’ll text you the address.” He said before patting me on the back and walking out of the school.

I fallowed him down the marble steps and to my car. Like every day the girl that I saw on the first morning drive to school was walking home. I assumed she didn’t go to my school because I haven’t seen her and someone as beautiful as her would have been introduce to me on day one. Today she was wearing a navy blue blazer and a pair of white skinny jeans and white All-star high tops. Like always she had her headphones in, a rucksack slung over one shoulder and a black beanie covering her wavy hair. She turned into the driveway of the large white stone house just as I turned the corner to my street. I parked the car in our driveway grabbing my football bag from the back seat before getting out of the car and locking the door. My bag smelled so bad and was due in for a good wash having spent the past few days in practice, when coach said he was going to work me he really meant it, although I was the only one he worked, I guess he saw potential but it’s not me who needs the help, I was only there to help the team, I don’t think of myself in a cocky way but I grew up under the roof of Louis Tomlinson Major Football coach in all of London. Ha ran some pretty big teams.

“Mum I’m home!” I called.

“Your mother went out.” Dad called from the couch, he had the television turned on and was watching a football match from last night.

“Oh, well there is a party tonight, can I go.” I asked leaning over the back of the couch taking a glance at the game Madrid was playing Barcelona.

“I guess so, but don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” He said pointing an accusing finger my way.

“Oh so I could get away with a lot then.” I smirked

“Watch it.” He warned.

“I know, I know.” I rolled by eyes before pushing myself off the back of the couch making my way to the stairs. “Oh and Madrid wins.” I called with a smirk. Dad turned around with a scowl.

“Thank you so much.” He said sarcastically.

“Anytime pal.” I called before jogging up the stairs but not before hearing my dad mumble a few profanities. I changed into a pair of black tight fitted jeans and a Ramones jumper before collapsing onto my bead. I wasn’t   laying there for long till my mobile went off with the address to where the party was. I pulled up Google maps on my phone to get the directions and was shocked to see that it was almost a half hour from my house, I guess it didn’t surprise me that much because I don’t even know the person who was holding the party, I don’t even think they even went to the school, but like everyone else they didn’t live in my neighborhood.

At eight thirty I was pulling out of my house and to the party. I turned onto the street next to mine and was heading down the road. I noticed a Black Mustang pull out of the house that that girl lives at. I must have fallowed them for quite some time till just before my stop they drove off a different road that lead into the town. By the time I reached the house if was a little past nine o’clock and the place a buzzin’ I pulled out my mobile before getting out of my car that was parked a little ways down the street, I sent a text to Ryan telling him I was here and seconds later I got one back.

I’ll see you out front- Ry.

I put my phone in my pocket and hopped out of the car. After closing and locking the door I made my way up the sidewalk and down the footpath leading to the front door, the thump of the music could be heard from outside. There were a few people whom I recognized out on the front porch I gave a curt nod to the group of guys mingling on the deck before noticing Ryan. “Sup.” He nodded before leading me into the house.

“Do you know any of these people.” I shouted over the loud music and I walked beside Ryan through a big crowd of people.

“Most of them yea.” I was shocked that Ryan knew so many people, and cereous as to how he knew all of them. “Oiy David.” He called, a rather tall guy with blonde hair made his way over to us. “David this is Lucas.” Ryan said leaning on my shoulder. This was becoming a very bad habit of his. “Lucas this is David, he’s the host.”

David stuck hit hand out and a gave it a firm shake “Nice to meet you.” He smiled

“You too.” I smiled back. Just then something caught David’s attention as he looked over me to someone else.

“Darcy you made it!” He said excited. I turned to see who he was talking to when I noticed the girl from the next street over. She was wearing the same thing I saw her in earlier minus the beanie and I noticed the top she was wearing under the blazer.

“David!” she smiled coming over to give the blonde a hug.

“Who is she?” I mumbled to Ryan.

“I don’t know her all that well, but her and David are good friends.” He answered. Out of all people he didn’t know her.

“This is Lucas.” David said catching my attention. I gave the girl a side smirk and she smiled at me.

“Nice jumper.” She commented. I looked down at my Ramones jumper and then at her shirt, she too was wearing a Ramones shirt.

“Twins?”  I smirked.

She just laughed before grabbing my arm and pulling me away from Ryan and David. “Dance with me.” She said. “So I haven’t seen you around.” She commented. I watched her hips sway to the music playing.

“That’s because we walk in different paths.” I said pulling her closer to me by her hips. We were pretty matched in height but I was still a few inches taller than she was.

“Common, I know most people here, you must be new.” She said. He hips just barely touching mine as she continued to move her hips to the beat; I must say she had some good rhythm.

“I just might be.” I smirked.

“Where bouts do you live?”

“Do you have to ask so many questions.” I chuckled.

“I’m just being friendly.” She grinned.

“Belsize Park.” I answered.

“Very interesting.” she hummed. “I take it you go to a different school, I guessing the talents school, correct?”

“How would you know.” I fake gasped. “Yes I do.” I sighed

“You don’t seem happy about that.” She said cocking her head to the side.

“Nah, it’s a good school and all and clearly I’ve made friends but it’s not my dream, more like my dad’s dream.”

“Ah, I see.” She said. “Hey I’m gonna grab a drink would you like one?” she asked.

“I gotta drive home.” I sighed

“Good choice, how about like a coke.”

“Sure I guess.” I allowed Darcy into the kitchen; it was less crowded in here than on the main part of the house.

“Coke for you.” She said handing me over a tin can of coke. I clicked open the can and took a swig as I watched amusingly at Darcy trying to open the cap to a beer. I took the bottle from her hands, clicking the lid off with the corner or the counter. I smirked and handed it back to her taking another sip of coke. “Thanks.” She mumbled. She took a swig of the beer leaving it with only about half the bottle. I looked at her in surprise. “What?”

“Nothing.” I smirked shaking my head.

“No what is it?”

“Nothing, I’ve just never seen a girl like you before.”

“I don’t know if I should be offended or start jumping for joy.” She laughed taking a smaller sip from her bottle.


“It’s a complement love.” I whispered in her ear before walking back into the main part of the house.


Alright, so this is the first chapter. please I would like feedback. Hope you like it! :)

Mich Xx

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