Some Call It Destiny, I Call It a Coincidence

After leaving her North Caroline home, Zoe Meadows starts a new life in Ruislip, England. A surprise encounter with the boys causes her to have to make a decision. Who will she choose?


8. Chapter 8

He was so fixated on his hair he didn't notice me come up behind him so I decided to use this moment to my advantage. I reached up and pulled one curl from the back of his head jokingly and whispered, "your hair I already perfect; stop messing with it and pay attention to me."

He jumped at when I pulled his hair and the hairs on the back of his neck stood up as I spoke. He turned around and grabbed my waist. "You're far more perfect than my hair," he whispered back causing me the hair on the back of my neck to know stand up and my cheeks flush. His phone began to "bark" -again, causing me to jump-again.

"You really need to change that ringtone," I said as he answered his phone.

"I told you I'm on my way."


"I ran into a...complication."


"Sorry. I didn't know that it was mandatory, Zayn didn't tell me that."


"Yes, yes. I'm on my way."

He hung up, shoved his phone in his pocket, looked at me and said "I swear my phone is a total cock block."

Giggling I said, "let me grab my coat and then I'm ready to go."

"Okay, just hurry up before you get me into more trouble."

30 minutes later we pulled up in front of a high end looking club where the music was so loud you could feel it vibrating the ground even if you were across the street. A nicely dressed man, obviously vallee opened my door and lent me a hand. I smiled and right before I could take his hand Harry's was already there. Immediately once he turned around paparazzi began to take photos of us, mainly him considering the fact that I'm not famous. I clutched onto his hand even tighter since I was unable to see.

"It's okay. Just focus on the door and not leaving my side and you will be fine," he whispered into my ear, causing me to get goosebumps which were-thankfully- not visible under my coat. After about a thousand more flashes from cameras and people yelling at Harry asking him questions like "who's the girl," "how long have you two been dating," and etc. we made it to the door. Once inside Harry seemed to know where to go and I let him lead me over to a booth in the corner behind the bar. Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam were all sitting preoccupied with whatever they were doing to notice us. Harry asked what I would like to drink letting go of my hand as I said that some white wine would be fine. Louis glanced up from his phone and I must have caught his eye because he looked up once again to make sure that I was there.

"Zoe," he yelled with a questioning tone over the music.

"Hi Louis," I yelled back trying to act like this was all normal.

The other three looked up from their phones and just stared at me, confused. Harry joined my side again handing me my glass and taking my hand again.

"Nice of you to join us," Louis said sarcastically.


*Liam’s POV*


I now understand why Louis was so upset with Harry having Zoe's number and Niall wanted to go get his hat back; she was stunning. I was at a loss of words for a few moments trying to regain composure.

"Nice of you to join us," I heard Louis, who sat to my left, say sarcastically. I looked over at Niall and Zayn who were both staring at Zoe, watching as she just stared in her glass.

"Do you guys want to sit down," I asked breaking the silence between us. Zoe looked me in the eye and just nodded with a small smile. I nudged Zayn with my shoulder and he moved down to the end of the booth and Louis and Niall slid closer to me. Harry motioned for Zoe to get in first and she obeyed and joined us sitting between Niall and Harry, who sat on the other edge of the booth.

"So, where were you all day Harry," Louis asks obviously extremely upset with him.

"Zoe and I went to a little breakfast diner, walked home and played in the rain, and then we played Go Fish." He smiled at Louis as if telling him that he won whatever game they were playing. "Oh! And I forgot the best part!" I watched his face light up as Zoe looked up wide eyed. "I saw Zoe na-ow what was that for," he looked at Zoe while reaching down to grab his shin. She didn't say anything just looked at her drink with satisfaction and took a sip. Niall, Louis, Zayn, and I all laughed for a good 5 minutes before fully being able to calm down.

"It wasn't that funny," Harry said looking slightly offended.

"They seem to think that it was hilarious," Zoe said finally speaking up. She had a beautiful voice and all of us leaned in just to hear her when she started to open her mouth again. "Harry," she said exaggerating his name while looking at him with a glare, "he didn't see anything." She looked each of us in the eye and once she had made contact with everyone she nodded her head.

"Its okay Zoe," Niall said, "Harry will brag about it later." Immediately after he finished Louis hit him in the stomach causing Zayn and I to laugh even harder. Zoe's cheeks flushed with heat and she glanced over at Harry who just shrugged.

"I need to use the bathroom," she said while grabbing her purse to get out, keeping her head down.

"I'll show you where it is, Zayn get out," I told him. I wanted a chance to get her alone and talk and this was my chance.

"Fine, I need to get another beer anyways," he said while sliding out of the booth.

I wrapped my arm around Zoe's waist which took her back for a second and then she relaxed and allowed me to lead her. "Whatever it is that Harry saw its probably not as big of a deal as he is making out it to be," I said looking down at her, trying to sound reassuring.

"It may not be for you guys but it is to me," she replied looking straight ahead.

"It can't be that bad."

"To me it is." Her tone was kind of harsh so I decided to drop it.

"You don't really need to use the loo do you?"

"No. I just wanted to leave the table. It was kind of overwhelming."

"We can just go sit at the bar, or something like that, for a minute if you want to."

"That would be nice."

I turned us toward a small table meant for only a few people. "Do you want me to get you something to drink?"

"No, I'm okay. Thank you though."

I sat down and for a minute we just say in silence. "How long will you be living here, in England I mean?"

"I'm for sure going to be here for a year or two but I would really love to live here for the rest of my life."

"Oh. That's cool! Have you applied anywhere for work yet?"

"Ya, I'm pretty sure I will have a new one starting next week. My manager from the store I worked at back home called one here and set me up with a job. I'm supposed to go in one of these day for the formal interview."

"What store is it," I asked running the lists of different stores we had here that were in America.

"Um," she paused for a second wondering if she should tell me, "Victoria's Secret." She tipped her head down seeming somewhat ashamed of working there.

"Really? I never would have pegged you for the girl who works at a Victoria's Secret."

"A lot of people say that. But I like it and I'm really good at it, selling the merchandise that is."

"That's cool. At least you enjoy it." She was different than most girls I've ever met. She didn't try to show off or get my attention, in fact it seemed as if she was trying to do the opposites and not attract attention to herself. A million thoughts ran through my head the main one being what her and Harry did and if I would ever be able to have her completely alone to myself.

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