Some Call It Destiny, I Call It a Coincidence

After leaving her North Caroline home, Zoe Meadows starts a new life in Ruislip, England. A surprise encounter with the boys causes her to have to make a decision. Who will she choose?


4. Chapter 4

*Zoe’s POV*

"You have arrived at your destination," said my iPhone interrupting my ‘people watching’. I chose a cute little flat that is on the 2nd floor which means I’m going to have to get used to taking the stairs but, come on it’s one flight of stairs! How bad could it be. Other than that it’s one bedroom, one bathroom, and in my room there was a couch and a tv, so I guess that is my living room too. There is no dining room which means I will be eating whatever I feel like it. "Note to self, buy a table thing that people use when they eat on their couches," I told myself not really able to recall the name of the makeshift table.

    After I lugged my three luggage bags and two carry ons that were all packed full into my "house" I check my phone for missed texts and calls while throwing Niall's hat that he forgot onto the kitchen counter. There’s about 50 missed texts from my best friends-Katie and Ryan, mostly Katie-along with a call from my dad, seven from Katie, four from Ryan, and one from an unknown number. I guess it was important because I had a voicemail notification. As I began to call my voicemail another call came in from my former boss from my latest job at Victoria’s Secret. We were pretty close. I was her favorite employee and when I told her I was leaving to come to here, to England, she simply shook her head saying it was shame because she believed if I worked there for about 2 more years I could have become a manager. "Hello," I said figuring it was a simple way to answer considering how confused I was that she was calling me.

    "Zoe! I wasn’t sure if you were still on your plane or what but I wanted to tell you this personally before you got another call about it," she exclaimed making me semi scared to hear what she had to say but also excited too. "I just spoke to the manager of a Victoria’s Secret in London! I sent her your resume with a letter from myself and also sent a copy of your sales record and time card, I know those are private but I couldn't’ help but show you off and if you want the job it’s yours and you start off with a 7 pound per hour pay which is a dollar above average pay!" This was such good news! I was always good at helping customers finding out exactly what they wanted and my persuasion skills truly showed when helping a client. I was able to get a women coming in who just wanted to buy a new bra buy two new ones along with matching underwear and usually new perfume. I don’t know how I did it but when it came to sells merchandise I was unstoppable.

    "I would love to work there," I exclaimed. Did she think I would just throw this opportunity aside? I love helping people at places like that over serving rude customers their food or babysitting, yet people believe that I am "amazing" at all of those. I’m just dedicated to whatever job I have, no matter how much I despise it.

    "Great! I pretty much told the manager at the store that you would accept and she said hat she would be sure to contact you within the next two work days so just watch for a call or email."

    "Thank you so much Angela. One of the hardest things about leaving was that I had to quit." She knew that I wasn't just saying that to be kind. She knew that work was my escape from home, hence all the extra hours I picked up and filled in for people, and that I always came early, left late, and never missed a day.

    "You're welcome Zoe. If Ann doesn't contact you in a few days let me know and I'll pester her until she does," Angela said with a chuckle, "I have to get going I still have work to do. I hope England is everything you thought it would be!" And with that she hung up.

    I looked over at the clock on the wall in my pre-furnished home and read 2:27pm meaning it was almost 9:30 in North Carolina. I never really ever did extra sleeping at home. I was always doing some assignments, working, or doing anything else possible to be away from my home. I would usually hang out with Katie when I had nothing to do cause she only took two online classes a semester so she never had any work to do and her parents supported her so well financially that she never had to get a job. She loved shopping and working out. The main reason she works out is to "maintain a good figure and always be a size 2" she told me one time. I honestly don't care about my figure that much. As long as I am skinny and have no bulging stomach I am happy.

    I decided that I should get at least half of my unpacking done before I decide to procrastinate. Since my room was three steps away from the front door moving all the suitcases into the room was the easy part. I took two and threw them onto the bed and the other onto my couch, setting the carry-ons into the bathroom just to be sure that they aren't in my way. I opened the suitcase on the couch first. I figured it would probably be smart to hang up dresses and jackets up first and then deciding what else can be hung up based on how much room is left. I only own a few dresses so that wasn't a lot of work and I gave a lot of my clothes away before I left meaning I didn't have that many, not that I started off with a plethora of cloths in the beginning.

    Once I was finished with the suitcase on the couch I moved to the bed. Instead of one at a time I opened them both up. In one was mainly shoes and some jewelry I own, most were small earrings but nothing to "fashionable", in the other was pictures and other "homey' decorations. There weren't a lot of pictures, just a few. Some of me and Katie, Katie and Ryan, and all of us together, along with a pictures of me and family, before we became a "mess" as my mother likes to call it. The picture frames rotated which was my favorite part about them. Katie and Ryan both got me one each before I left and took all my favorite photos of us and my family and put them in the frames. The frames have pictures on both sides and that spins and the whole thing spins so you can see the pictures better.

    I decided to put the frames on the only dresser in my room and left the shoes in the suitcase and just simply slid it under my bed. The rest of the items were placed miscellaneously around my room giving it simple touches to liven it up. Before long I finished unpacking my carry ons with the little make up I had and other toiletries. "    Well that was easy," I said walking back to my room. I heard my phone began to play the Skype ringtone and right away I knew that it was Katie. I answered it to the sound of her screaming.

    "GUESSSSSSSSS WHAAAAAAAAT," she exclaimed loud enough for half the neighborhood to hear her.

    "Um.... I have no idea."

    "No!! I won't tell you until you guess," she protested.

    "Forever 21 is having a huge sale on everything in the store?" Allow me to explain this. Katie loves Forever 21, it is her favorite place in the whole world. She even worked at one just to get the employee discount for about two months and so she keep up with the latest trends. Once a month she drags me to whatever store she finds pleasing and makes me try on literally everything in the store and buys me whatever she find suitable.

    "NO! Not even close! Guess again."

    "How long are we going to play this Kate." Kate is her nickname, it’s kind of like an inside joke because we had one teacher in freshmen year who always called her Kate.

    "Just two more guesses then I'll tell you. I promise."

    "Fine. You are going to Australia?" Again, I will explain. Katie has the biggest obsession EVER with Australian guys. She has a thing for guys with any accent really but Australian ones are her favorite. She literally dated this guy because he could do an Australian accent and he did it whenever they hung out.

    "Nope," she said popping her "p".

    "Okay, last guess. You are getting a your closet expanded." She's always wants a bigger closet. She's already had the walls down to extend them even more, that's how many clothes she has.

    "No! It's better!"

    "Well you said three guesses so tell me."

    She started to laugh and bit her lip to try and calm down. After a minute of her giggling she said, "One Direction is in England for the next few months and they will be having a few concerts and my parents agreed to rent me a house and let me stay out there near you for half the year and maybe move if I want!" My jaw dropped open. I loved Katie so much and I was already missing her, if she lived here we would have the best time ever! "They also said that if you want you can come live with me because they are going to make it a three bedroom house! And I'm working on letting them have Ryan stay with us too!"

    "No. Way. You're joking!"

    "No! I swear I'm not! They already talked to a few places rented houses out and bought my ticket! I live in a little less than a month!"

    "There has to be a catch to this, your parents never do anything without making a small deal with you."

    "Ya... I was getting to that. This one isn't even fair, I'm sure they are making me do it for torture."

"What is it?"

"They said I have to donate a fourth of my cloths, shoes, and accessories! And I have to get a job when I move out and pay them $200 a month! I can't do either of those! I will die!"

"Why? You don't need all your cloths?"

"Yes. I. Do. I need them all!"

"Fine. Why don't you take small boxes of clothes and say you are going to donate them but actually send them to me here."

"My parents will see it on my card."

"So go to the bank and take money out and stash it somewhere and then go buy a small carry on so they think you took it out for the carry on."

"You are a genius Zoe! I don't know what I would do without you. I need to start packing now and begin to "give" my clothes away. I love you," she hung up before I had a chance to reply. I don't know where I would keep the boxes but I'm sure I would find somewhere to. Hopefully.

After a few minutes of doing absolutely nothing I decided I would go exploring. I was sitting up to leave when I realized I still had the same clothes on from when I left for my plane, "how about some new clothes first," I said to myself. I searched through my closet and chose a simple dress with black covering the top and red with mini polka dots as the flowie part (in not a cloths expert, don't judge), black wedges, a white coverup, and a heart ring that Ryan gave to me on my 17 birthday.

I double checked that I had everything in my clutch and left my flat, ready for my first adventure in England.

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