Some Call It Destiny, I Call It a Coincidence

After leaving her North Caroline home, Zoe Meadows starts a new life in Ruislip, England. A surprise encounter with the boys causes her to have to make a decision. Who will she choose?


3. Chapter 3

*Louis POV*

By the time I was able to put the car into drive Niall was opening another bag of chips, Zayn was fixing his hair, Liam was beginning to wake up, and Harry was bothering me for Zoe’s number. “Please? I just wanna see if she wants to hang out sometime?”

“No Harry, we all know what you mean when you-”

“STOP,” Niall screamed causing food to fly everywhere from his mouth and my ears to start ringing.

”Jesus Niall. What do you want?”

“I left my hat on Zoe’s car!”

“You have about a hundred other hats mate, why do you need that hat?” Niall literally has a closet full and has a small suitcase he carries around just for his hats, I don't understand why one hat makes a difference.

“Louis just turn the car around,” Harry said joining the conversation after hearing Zoe’s name and having the possibility to see her again.


“Do not even think about turning this car around! I will not get in trouble again because of you idiots,” Liam said sounding so serious it kind of scared me.

“Bu-,” Niall started to say but I interrupted him.

“Niall, I am turning the car around for your hat. If you really want it I will call her and see if we can stop by at her place and get it. And then Harry, you can talk her into going on a date with you.” Niall simply grunted in his chair along, but Harry definitely had something to say about what I said to him.

“You say that like she won't want to! If I had had five more minutes with her she would have been mine.”

“I’m just saying that after I ask her out that she probably won't want to cancel and go with you.”

“I want to ask Zoe to go out with me some time! That is not fair that you can just call dibs on her or something,” exclaimed Niall in my ear again. And right when I thought the ringing was gone.

“Take the next right and after that it will be on our left,” Liam said casually as if a fight was going to begin.

It was silent for a few minutes and after I turned on the right I looked back at the other three to find Harry smiling devilishly. “What are you thinking about mate?”

“A plan.”

“Oh this has to be good,” said Zayn. I hadn’t heard from him in a while so I had figured he was asleep or listening to music.

“Do tell,” said Liam agreeing as Niall just looked at Harry with wide eyes nodding his head.

“I was thinking that when we get to Zoe’s house I’ll ask for a tour and whatever room we come to first lock us in there and refuse to let her out until she says yes to going out for a meal, and if anything more happens, well we all know I’ve won,” Harry said matter-of-factly. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Niall’s jaw drop open and drop whatever food he was eating now fall out of his hands and on his lap and some onto the floor. This was not going to end well and everyone knew it.

“Why don’t each of you take her on a date or something? I would probably wait for a month so then you all get a chance to get to know her.” Sometimes I think if we didn't have Liam’s logical, and parenting, we would all just be running around not knowing what to do.....or killing each other.

“We should ask her to come stay with us,” exclaimed Niall, yet again in my ear.

“Um, Niall, we will only be at our place for the two months that we are here and then we are leaving for quite awhile.” I wished I was lying when I said that we had to leave soon but I wasn't. Zoe seemed like an amazing girl and I wanted to get to know her probably more than anyone but I wasn’t going to fight Harry and Niall about it.

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