Some Call It Destiny, I Call It a Coincidence

After leaving her North Caroline home, Zoe Meadows starts a new life in Ruislip, England. A surprise encounter with the boys causes her to have to make a decision. Who will she choose?


1. Chapter 1

“I hopped off the plane at LAX”  hahaha just kidding, I’m in London. As I walk through crowds of people trying to locate baggage claim, I was a little disappointed by the sights of the airport; I was expecting something a little less familiar, as this London airport looked pretty most exact to one back at home in Greensboro, North Carolina. My legs still numb from sitting in my chair for nine hours straight, it was had to walk without wobbling a little bit.

Finally I found my way to baggage claim, next step was to locate carousel number four. I eventually found a family I remember seeing on the flight, and stood next to them casually. After a few minutes, I found my three favorite purple suitcases, loaded with enough clothes and toiletries to last two months. After all, I’ll be staying here in England for at least a year. Except I wasn’t saying in London, that’s much too crowded and tourist-y for me. Instead I’m staying in a nearby town called Ruislip. Located only 30 minutes away from London, it offered a great price for a simple two roomed house that I would be renting for the year along with a wonderful and friendly environment.

Finding a job shouldn't be an issue considering I’ve already begun applying to any job opening at least 25 minutes away. I was pretty versatile in what I could do and my resume showed it with the list of jobs I’ve had since I was 14 from working with my mother in her person professional organizer business to being an expediter a small restaurant in Greensboro, my favorite. School wasn’t something I was really worrying about either. I graduated a year ahead of my glass at 16 as a junior and completed two years of community college I had agreed to with my parents so they would help me pay to come here. That being said, although my parents have given me enough money to help with my rent and the cost of my rental car, I need a job to pay for food, clothes, and just to have spending money while I’m here.

    After telling people about my achievements they labeled me as an over achiever. Truth is the only thing motivating me to achieve everything I have was leaving my house, my family, and few friends, and moving here, to the UK, to begin the life I’ve wanted since the family vacation when I was 11. Not that my childhood was terrible or anything; we had enough money to afford more than a few nice things, my sister and I always went to a nice school, and my parents got along well enough. It’s just that, to me things were so boring, and I was always under so much pressure, especially because of my mother. She’s pretty stuck up and she was always pushing me to the extreme. Because of that, she and I had some nasty fights in my teenage years. So, I took refuge in my dad. He’s so laidback and easy going, he’s pretty much the exact opposite of my mother. Whenever she got too hard on me, my dad let me let loose and do something fun, like go to the movies or the waterpark. By the time I was 18 I had enough money to last me about 10 months and start my life, independent, in my dream country.

    A good looking member of the airport staff must have noticed the dazed expression on my face and approached me, asking me if I would like a cart to put my bags on. I gladly said yes, and he helped me put my suitcases on the cart. He asked in his sexy British accent “Is there anything else I can help you with?” I asked him where I could find a taxi and after he finished explaining how to get there I tipped him and was on my way. I found a black taxi, unfamiliar to me because American cabs are yellow, put my bags in the trunk, and got in. I told the driver to take me to the nearest rental car center, and after a few minutes we had arrived. I paid him the fee, thankful to have exchanged my American money for British pounds before I left, and got out.

    I rented a red Hyundai I10, the cheapest one they had, and drove to my new home. Since I have never been here before, I had to keep looking down at the GPS on my cell phone in order to know where to go. I guess I was being kind of careless, I wasn’t really looking at my mirrors like I was supposed to, and all of a sudden I felt a crash behind me. Shocked, I slammed on the breaks and dropped my phone. I pulled over, and there was a silver camri, pulling over behind me. I could see 3 maybe 4 people and it looked like there may be another but I wasn't sure. The two in the front seats had dark sunglasses, flat brimmed hats supported, what I guessed, was their favorite soc- I mean football team.

    I got out of the car just as the driver, a skinny yet fit guy wearing sunglasses despite it being gray and cloudy outside, walked up to me. He said, “Hey, sorry about that. I’m not that great of a driver,” he laughed. I just stared at him; something about this guy seemed oddly familiar. “Anyway, I don’t think I did any damage to your car besides a scratch or two.” I was a little taken back by how kind this guy was being. It was unusual to have a pretty calm and normal conversation after being hit, even if it was “a scratch or two.”

“Oh. It’s fine. I should have been paying attention instead of looking at my GPS,” I replied unsure how I was going to explain this to the rental company. He chuckled, took his hat off, ran his fingers through his hair and walked to the back of the hyundai to examine the damage he had caused. Then, another man stepped out of the car, this one also wearing sunglasses and a hat. He seemed even more familiar as he walked toward me.

“Hey, sorry, my friend here really shouldn’t be allowed to drive.” This guy’s accent seemed slightly different than the other. For some reason, both of these men seemed so familiar but I couldn’t quite place where I had seen them before. “Can we get your information?” the second, blonde guy asked me. I nodded my head.

Another guy with thick black hair stuck his head out the back window and screamed to the others as I wrote my information down, “Hurry up mates! We’re going to be late for the photoshoot. Tell her we’ll give her our autographs if we can just leave.” His loud, smooth voice startled me, and I dropped the pen and paper. Autographs? That was probably the strangest thing I have ever heard in my life. Why would I want random guys autographs? It’s not like they were famous.

It suddenly started to come to me. The familiarity of the bad driving comments, the sun glasses in this weather, the blonde one with a different accent. I laughed, this was not true at all. The statistic of meeting One Direction was probably higher than that of getting hit by lightning. Both the boys that were waiting to receive my information stared at me, then at each other, to the vehicle, and back to me. The driver whispered something in the others ear and he shrugged. At the same time they took off their sunglasses and hats throwing them onto the cars front.

“Hi, I’m Louis.” said the first guy, with straight light brown hair and a nice smile. “And this is Niall.” He informed me as he motioned his body to the guy to his left. Niall stuck his hand out and smiled at me. I stuck my hand out to return the gesture but once I opened my hand the pen I had been holding fell to the ground. He and I both reached down at the same time to pick it up and ended up colliding. “Damn Niall! We don’t wanna send this girl to the hospital! I’m sure we’ve done enough damage today.” Louis joked.

While rubbing the spot on his head where my forehead had hit him he replied saying, “It’s not my fault you hit her car!” I laughed.

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