The Change

What happens when a regular girl that is in love with Niall Horan falls for Zayn Malik?


2. The meet'n'greet...... Kind of

  " Cristina get up now its almost 7'o clock!" my grandma yelled

     " Alright I'm up!!" i yelled back. My name is Cristina and i have brown hair with blonde highlights. I have hazel eyes and love one direction. Anyways, i drug myself out of bed and got ready. Once i was ready I went to school. When I got there all I heard was screaming girls. I wondered why. Well, I soon found out when i ran into a certain blonde hottie.

    "Oh my, sorry," i apologized

     " It's ok dear" Niall replied

  That is how our friendship started. We ended up hanging out all day and i thought that I had a chance to date him but that's when my luck turned bad.

    " Cristina wait up" Niall shouted

     " What now Niall?" I asked while laughing

     " Well I need advice, you know your "friend" Aubry?" Niall asked putting air quoutes around friend.

      " Yeah," I said confused

       " Well I want to ask her out" he said

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