The Change

What happens when a regular girl that is in love with Niall Horan falls for Zayn Malik?


3. The Kiss and Question

   " Oh," i said as my heart sank about as fast as the titanic. I ran through the halls crying until I bumped into a tall body.

         " Sorry Crist...... wait are you crying?" he asked now a little over protective

          " Yeah" i said as Zayn and i sat against the lockers " Just Niall"

           " What did he do to you?" Zayn asked now furious


           " He wanted to ask out this girl that bullies me and i loved him I really did" I said

        Zayn was now trying to get up but i pushed him back down" Zayn dont even bother" i said

       " Well with him out of the way do you want to go out with me?" Zayn asked with hope all through him

      " Of course" i said

      Zayn and I shared a very long kiss. Just then some little blonde leperachauhn( sorry if i spelt that wrong) decided to run down the hallway breaking the kiss.

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