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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


20. You're Mine & I'm Yours


Marceline’s P O V


“Yeah?” his eyes immediately looked at my lips.

That kiss, umm, what was it like?

“That kiss was per-”

“Knock knock!! Hey Marceline how are you feeling?” asked Sam.

Sam, Bridget; how are you guys? And I’m fine thanks, just a little altercation.

“What happened Celi?” asked Bri worriedly.

Have a seat you two, it’s not gonna be easy to take.

They nodded and sat down. I began telling them my story again and kept Maz’s name out of it. I could see him in the corner of my eye; looking down at the floor. I guess he felt guilty for all of this and I’m such a jerk for making him feel that way.

“So what about your friend, are they alright?” asked Sam.

They are perfectly fine, and I can tell they feel guilty for what has happened to me but it’s alright. They aren’t used to those types of circumstances. In all honesty, I should be apologizing to them, for putting their lives at risk. My friend is amazing but they shouldn’t be facing ‘near death experiences’.

“Where’s your friend now?” asked Bri.

Well, my friend is-

“I’m the friend she’s talking about” Maz said in a sorrow tone.

“Oi mate! All this crazy shit happens and you don’t mention anything to me?! The two of you could’ve gotten killed!!” Sam yelled.

Sam, please don’t yell at him. It isn’t Maz’s fault. He was worried about me and well he kinda didn’t know it was me to begin with.

Both of them looked confused.

*sigh* there’s more to this.

I told them how I would disguise myself whenever I would go out and paint. Bridget looked like she fell in love. She thought of this whole scenario as a romantic novel. Sam on the other hand, looked really worried and sad. As if I laid here on my death bed.

It isn’t Maz’s fault. I needed to protect him. Had I not put up a fight, we would both be in here or worse, dead.

Sam stood up.

“I’m sorry mate. You’re my bestie so you should know how that is” Sam gave Maz a side hug.

Maz didn’t say anything, he kept looking down.

“It’s cool man” finally Maz spoke.

“But you’re okay now right? You’re not gonna die or anything” Bri asked.

No I’m not gonna die, I’m perfectly fine. I smiled.

“That’s good, well as selfish as this sounds; me and Bridget are gonna go have lunch with her parents. We gotta go guys, call me whenever you’re out of the hospital; we must have a celebration, cool?” said Sam.

That’s fine, I’m sleepy anyway. Have fun you two and good luck with the ‘in-laws’. I’ll call both of you to let you guys now alright? Bye-bye.

“Before I go, I didn’t mean to break in or anything but since you’ve been in the hospital; I decided to get some clothes from your place. I hope you don’t mind. I mean since you’ll be discharged soon, I want you to look cute and all” Bri winked.

Oh my gosh Bri, you’re the best! Thank you! I hugged her.

“You’re welcome Lean!” she grinned.

They both said their goodbyes and left.

“Ermm, you should probably get some sleep, considering the fact that you’re tired” Maz said.

I couldn’t help but feel that Maz was down.

Maz, is everything alright? You seem down.

“I just hate to know that you’re here because of me. I’m sorry Marceline” he quickly wiped his tears away.

Come here. I said in a soft voice, grabbing his hand and pulling him to me. I sat on the edge of the bed and he got down on his knees.

I cupped his face in my hands.

Look at me. I said in a soft tone.

His eyes met mine. I saw deep into his eyes and saw sadness, anger and frustration. I truly felt bad for everything I’ve done to him.

You aren’t here because of me. Last time I checked, I was the one who decided to go out and vandalize; not you. I exchanged words with those two assholes, not you. You just happened to be there remember? You said it yourself, ‘how is it that everywhere I go, you’re there?’ None of this is your fault, it’s theirs. So don’t apologize for something you didn’t do, it’s not right. You’re a hero, if it weren’t for you; I’d be dead somewhere so thank you Maz. Thank you so much. I kissed his forehead.

More tears streamed down his face.

Don’t cry Maz . . . just please don’t cry. I wiped his tears away.

I pulled his head to my chest and hugged him.

The unexpected happened. He completely let it all out. He cried and cried and wrapped his hands around my waist.

His grip on my waist would tighten and I would hold him tighter.

“I’m sooo so-sorry M-Mars” he cried.

Shh, it isn’t your fault Maz. I lowered my head and gave his head a kiss.

I sat there comforting him as he kneeled before me and cried. It felt nice holding him. It felt nice knowing that someone truly cares for me. I-I guess I’m starting to like him.

Yeah . . . I like him, I like Maz.

Finally after hours of his crying his troubles out he kissed my neck and held me tighter.

When he kissed my neck it sent shivers all over my body. Jack never had that effect on me. Being wrapped in his arms made me feel secure, loved and important. I like this feeling, I like this . . . I like him.


“Thank you for everything Marceline” he mumbled in the crook of my neck.

Thank you for everything Maz. I hugged him tighter.

“It’s been a long day” he yawned.

We still have a ton of time to kill. Let’s take a nap together.

“I’d love that” he stood up and I saw his puffy brown eyes.


He turned to me.

I cupped his face and kissed both of his eyes.

A beautiful smile ran across his face.

Come on, let’s go to bed. I held his hand.

We laid on the gurney and we had our backs facing each other. I was gonna close my eyes until I felt Maz skipping a few breaths. I knew he was crying again, I don’t know how to make this all better but I turned around wrapped one arm around his stomach and pulled myself closer to him.

His crying paused when I spooned him.

Sooooo . . . this is ‘spooning’ huh? I chuckled. I wanted to make him laugh so he’d stop thinking so negative about this whole thing.

He chuckled. “Yea, although the guy should be the spoon not the girl” he sniffled.

Welp! Times changed buddy. It’s 2013 not 1956; get used to this. I chuckled into his back.

“I like this” he stopped laughing.

Ditto. I peeped my head to see that he wasn’t crying anymore.

Sweet dreams Maz. I kissed his cheek.

“Sweet dreams Marceline” he said in a low voice and drifted off to sleep.

---After Nappin’---

Marceline’s P O V

I woke up around 10:30 p.m. I saw Maz was still asleep but I couldn’t help but to stare at him. I laid there with him in my arms; thinking deep thoughts.

I was thinking about him and only him. The way he accepts me, cares for me and looks at me. His kisses are my new addiction. His voice is my new favorite genre in music. His eyes make my heart beat faster and my mind bottle. His hair is my favorite texture. His arms are my new guard. His body is my new temple as my body is his.

A smile grows on my face just by thinking about him but then it hit me. I’m not his yet and he isn’t mine yet. Is he ready to be in a relationship? Is it stupid for me to think that he might not want to be with me?

*sigh* I am abso-fucking-lutely crazy for him. I don’t like him . . . I love him

Is this real? Is this feeling that I’m experiencing, called love? Hell, I don’t mind not one bit.

“*sigh* I am abso-fucking-lutely crazy for her. I don’t like her . . . I love her” Maz hinted.

My eyes grew wider and my pupils dilated. Oh my gosh, we were meant to be with each other. I wanted to say it back but I was so overjoyed that I froze like a dumbass.

Maz’s P O V

I woke up but could barely keep my eyes open. All that crying had my eyes swollen like a mother. I’m such a fucking wimp for crying but she was there. She made me feel better. I liked that feeling, I liked this . . . I like her.

She still had her fragile arm around my stomach. It’s so cute and amazing how much she cares about me. No one has ever made me feel that way; not even my ex; Lily. Yea Lily was cute, but looks don’t cut it for me. Marceline has the personality I never experiences before but love and she has the looks every guy desires for a woman to have.

I just noticed, she isn’t mine yet and I’m not hers yet either. Is she ready to be in a relationship? Does she want to be with me?

*sigh* I am abso-fucking-lutely crazy for her. I don’t like her . . . I love her

*knock knock*

“Come in” said Marceline.

Holy shit; did she hear me say that I love her? I hope I didn’t scare her away.

“Hello Dr. James” she sat up.

“Hello Marceline and Maz. How are you two doing or in other words, WHAT have you two been doing?” the Doctor laughed.

I looked at Marceline and she had a cheesy smile on her face and she blushed. I loved it when she blushed and smiled. Whenever she would have a cheesy smile, cute dimples would show up slightly under her lips, on her cheeks and under her eyes.

“Doctor, we took a nap and that’s it” she chuckled.

“Haha, I only kid. Well remember when I said you’ll be discharged around 11 or 12 at night? Right, well we need a room open for surgery so-” Mars cut him off.

“Finally, I get to go home! Don’t worry Doc., I’ll have this room cleared within seconds” she jumped off the bed and left to get changed.

“Alright, so when she’s ready you may go home. Get home safe okay?” the Doctor said.

Sure thing, thanks once again. You not only saved her life, but also you saved mine.

“Haha, you’re welcome and you two love birds take care” he smiled and left.

“Love birds”, I like the idea of that.

I sat there packing my stuff when I heard Marceline walk in.

“Ready?” she hugged my waist.

I couldn’t help but feel warm inside.

Ready. I looked over my shoulder

“I’m going to my flat if you don’t mind” she added.

Sure that’s fine, I’ll drop you off.

“No! I mean, I don’t want you to drop me off. I-”

Marceline, it’s night time. I don’t want anything bad happening to you. At least let me- she shushed me by placing a gentle sweet kiss on my lips.

“You didn’t let me finish Maz. I want you to stay the night with me” she said softly.

Oh, I’m sorry. I chuckled nervously.

“It’s alright, let’s just go home, I’m hungry”

I nodded and we made our way to her place.

---At Marceline’s Flat---

Marceline’s P O V

I’m going to take a quick shower alright? So you can just sit back and hang.

“You don’t mind if I take a shower as well do you? I mean, not with you or anything. I mean, I’m not disgusted by you and stuff; you’re beautiful believe me. I mean, I don’t wanna sound like a pervert and all but yunno” he rambled

Yes Maz, I get it. I laughed.

I took a quick shower and slipped into some jammies. For the time being Maz took a shower and I began cooking.

“Mmm, something smells good” Maz said, creeping up behind me.

Thank you and please, make yourself at home. Mi casa es su casa. I winked.

“Oh someone knows Spanish” he laughed.

I turned to see he was shirtless and wearing only boxers.

(A/N: Their outfits will be posted on Look for the username “Coeur-shapedbox” the outfit set will be titled under the same name as this chapter. So there should be no difficulty finding it)

Oh dear GOD! I said make yourself at home but DAMN MAZ YOU TOOK THAT SHIT TO THE GRAVE!! I covered my eyes.

 “Want a solution, don’t look and plus all you’re wearing is a jersey.” he said in a sassy tone.

You butt! Go put a shirt on or something. Plus, this is my place; need I remind you! I laughed.

“Fine, how about now?” he grabbed a cushion and covered himself

Yunno, you look better that way.

“Whatevs you’re jealous” he laughed.

Someone’s a bit snotty today. ‘HA’ TO THAT!

We continued our little “argument” until he stopped and looked at me in all seriousness.

Maz? I intoned.

“Will you be my girlfriend baby?” he hinted.

I stood there . . . frozen. He leaned his head in, waiting for an answer. I snapped out of my little train of thought and looked at him.

Maz, I heard what you said in the hospital. You said you’re ‘abso-fucking-lutely crazy for me and that you don’t like me, you love me’. I am not lying to you when I say that I said the exact same thing just a few seconds before you did. That made me realize how you and I crossed paths for a reason. Maz, you were meant for me; we were meant for each other. I love you Maz and I would love to be your girlfriend. I’m yours and you’re mine Maz. You are mine and mine only. I bit my lip.

“You’re mine, you’re finally mine. I will not hurt you, I will not stop loving you and I will not leave you. I love you Marceline, I love you a whole lot. You are mine, forever and always as I am yours for eternity. You are mine and mine only” he walked over to me and kissed me.

He pulled my waist closer to him. His hands sat on my back and waist.

I played with his hair and tugged on it from time to time. I bit his lips softly, causing his hands to roam all over my body. I want this . . . I want him.

His hands went from my waist to my neck, causing him to take control. I want more; I want to deepen the kiss. I bit his lip a little rougher, causing him to open his mouth. Just before I could even slide my tongue inside his mouth, his tongue dashed inside mine. I can tell he wanted to dominate this time.

One of his arms made their way to my bum. He gave it a light squeeze causing a small moan to escape my lips. But having a play isn’t enough for me. I want more, I need more . . . I need him. I broke the kiss and looked at him.

“Is something wrong Marceline? Am I going too fast?” he asked breathlessly.

Maz . . . make me yours.

“Babe, you’re already mine” he said.

Make love to me Maz . . . make love to me. I uttered.

“A-are you sure? Even if I wanted to, I didn’t bring anything”

I sometimes have severe cramps so I use birth control to help with that so we’re covered.

He nodded. “Oh okay” he said slowly.

Maz carried me bridal style and we continued making out until we got to my room.

He laid me down gently and hovered over me.

“You’re perfect, you know that?” he murmured.

You’re perfect. I said, hypnotize by him.

He continued kissing me roughly yet softly and passionately. Being the gentleman he is, one of his hands were on my waist and the other, next to my head to support him.

I grabbed his hand that was on my waist and I lead it to one of my breasts. I felt him tense up, but he soon caught my drift.

He gave my breast a light squeeze, triggering yet another moan escape my lips. As the kissing got heated, so did us. I felt myself getting wetter by the minute and him getting harder by the second. His manhood was poking at my thigh and it turned me on even more.

I was running out of air so I broke the kiss and titled my head back. Maz took the opportunity to leave kisses all over my neck. I never experience this before, but it feels wonderful. It’s like everywhere he kisses, he hits the right spots. I bit my lip to stop me from moaning, but that didn’t work.

He moved from my neck down to my collar bones, sucking on them. He bit into my skin and sucked on it, I knew that’s how hickeys were made.

I hated hickeys, I thought they looked terrible and I never understood why people love getting hickeys; until now. It represents a mark from your lover. You’re one and only reminding you who you belong to. Reminding you how perfect you are for them and how they want to please you. And knowing that I’ll have hickeys all over my upper chest area makes me feel loved. He wasn’t ‘fucking’ me; he was making love to me. I don’t think he knows that I’m a virgin but even so, he is making my first time a memorable one; and he doesn’t even know it.

Maz left at least a few dozen hickeys but it feel good getting them.

“You need help with this?” he tugged on my jersey.

I shooked my head and forgot about the scars. It didn’t bother me, surprisingly the scars were somewhat barely noticeable. The Doctor was right, I am healing too damn fast.

I pulled the jersey over my head and saw him staring at my body in awe.

“You are absolutely beautiful babe, I mean it” he hinted.

I couldn’t help but blush and giggle like an idiot.

Thanks, you’re quite fit yourself. I slowly ran one finger down his pecks.

He bit his lip and continued kissing my body and kissing each stitch on my wounds.

He kissed his way back up. He still hasn’t unclasped my bra but he still kissed my unexposed breasts.

His hands soon unhooked my bra and gently massaged my breasts. He massaged one breast as he kissed and softly bit the other. He took my nipple in his mouth and sucked on it.

Mmm. I moaned

He placed my other nipple between his thumb and index finger and began rubbing it. He did the same to the other breast and I felt like I was in heaven.

My hands tangled around his head and tugged on it every time he’d hit a spot.

Maz stopped kissing my breasts and began kissing my stomach and making his way lower and lower, until he reached my lace panties.

He kissed the hem of my panties and slowly took them off me. He stayed there studying my features as I was being hypnotized by his.

“Fuck, I can’t believe you’re all mine babe” he growled.

He opened my legs and trailed kisses and sucked on some spots on my inner thighs. I felt his love, his passion . . . his needs. This feeling, a feeling that no other man could give me, was a feeling that every woman would desire to have.

Maz hovered over my womanhood and kissed my slit from top to bottom.

He doesn’t understand how he makes me feel. His touch, voice and presence makes me wet for him.

His tongue circled around my clit and lips.

Mmm, Maz I moaned.

Me moaning made him deepen the foreplay. His tongue went inside me and as his thumb rubbed my clit.

Fuck yes Maz. I growled.

I grabbed the sheets to help seize the loud moaning.

“Yeah baby, moan my name” he purred.

At this moment, I was dripping. I hadn’t even had an orgasm yet but I was completely wet for him.

He took his tongue out and replaced his tongue with one of his fingers. Maz slowly pushed his middle finger inside me. Since I was so hot and wet, it didn’t hurt; it felt really REALLY good.

I arched my back and tilted my head back further. One of his arms reached for my breasts and massaged them as he tasted me.

“Babe you are so wet for me, I like that” he growled.

He suddenly pushed his ring finger inside me. He was stretching me out but holy shit did it feel great. Maz fingered me and sucked on my clit, he fastened his pace and I heard my wetness every time he went in and out of me.

This was amazing and all but, I want to pleasure him as well.

Maz, p-please let me pl-pleasure you. I moaned.

He accepted my ‘proposal’ and put his fingers covered in my juices near my lips.

I held his wrists and sucked and licked his fingers.

“You taste really good babe, like I knew you would” he breathed.

With my index finger, I signaled him to come closer to me. As he crawled to me, his throbbing cock brushed my pussy, making me moan again.

His lips met mine and I pushed him down, gently, on the bed. Still kissing him, his hands circled on my bum. Maz gave it a little squeeze and soon he was running out of breath. He broke the kiss causing him to look into my eyes. I kissed his jaw, neck, collar bones and left hickeys everywhere.

I made my way to his lower region and took all of him inside me. I never done this before but my instincts kicked in and took over the matter.

“Ohh fuck Marceline” he moaned.

I went up and down completely and was gagging. I didn’t mind, it made me feel good and it certainly made him feel even better.

I played with his sack as I kissed and licked the tip of his penis.

“Ohhh Marceline . . . Marcelineee . . . Marcelinee” he moaned.

I sucked on him and made a popping sound as I came up, and that drove him crazy.

I ran my hand from his chest to his pecks; feeling every inch of him. He drives me crazy . . . fucking crazy.

Maz, I want you inside me. I whispered.

He wasted no time and quickly turned me over. So I was now on my back and he was hovering over me. He looked at me and spoke.

“Are you ready Marceline?” he said with his swollen, hot-warm lips.

I’m a v-virgin Maz. I breathed.

A smirk grew on his face. “You are really perfect you know that? I’m gonna make this night, a memorable one” he said softly.

He gave me on last, long and passionate kiss before he aligned himself to me.

Our hips were perfectly aligned and he tapped his penis on my warm clit.

He slowly put the tip inside me. I was dripping wet, so it didn’t hurt; it made me crave more.

Mmm, more Maz . . . I-I need more of you I moaned.

He then pushed the rest of him inside of me, slowly but surely filling me up.

“Am I hurting you babe?” he stopped.

No Maz, I’m super hot for you right now, it’s not gonna hurt trust me.

He leaned in and left a kiss between my breasts.

Maz then went in and out slowly. It felt really good but I was impatient.

Babe faster . . . I moaned in frustration.

He didn’t need to be told twice and soon starting thrusting harder and faster in and out of me.

Ohh fuck! Yeah, right there! I screamed.

He tilted his head back and let out a few moans.

“Mmm Marceline, you’re sooo fucking tight”

Maz came down to kiss me and I dug my nails onto his back as he kept pumping in and out.

FUCK! I yelled.

“You like that?” he said mumbled in the kiss.

Uhu! I purred.

He grabbed my arms and held it above my head and kept going deeper in me. His manhood hit my G-spot every time he thrusted in me. His balls slapped the lower part of my womanhood; sending vibrations all over my body.

“I-I’m gonna c-cum!” he panted.

Me t-t-too! I gasped for air.

Maz, I want you to come inside me please. I whispered in his ear.

He let go of my hands for he was gonna pound me harder and faster. I took the opportunity to grab his face and kiss him.

I wanted us to cum at the same time so I waited ‘til his breathing increased.

My God, everything was a rush. Him pounding me, his lips kissing mine, my wetness, his hardness . . . our love making; everything was perfect.

Ahh ahh ahh ahh AHHH!! I gasped, disconnecting from his lips.

“Mmm, FUCK!! AHH!” he gasped into the crook of my neck. His warm breath brushing against my skin made my very first orgasm better and last longer.

We came together, my walls tightening around him and is cock filling me with his cum. When he came in me it sent shivers all over my body; I felt it shooting out of him and brushing my G-spot as he pushed his all deeper in me.

He laid on top of me; both of us catching our breaths.

That was amazing Maz. I love you. I uttered.

“I love you Marceline, you were amazing. I can’t believe you handed your all to me. I just took your virginity. I hope it was an incredible experience for you, as it was for me” he said, resting his head on my bare chest.

Words cannot describe how I felt. I’m glad it was you who made love to me; I wouldn’t have it any other way. I kissed his head.

“Goodnight babe, I love you forever and always” he said under his breath.

Sweet dreams handsome, I love you for eternity. I said softly.

I soon drifted into deep slumber; with the man of my life on top of me. I wouldn’t have it, any other way. 


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