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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


5. Wow, You're Perfect

*My hotel phone rings*

Hello, I groan.

“Hi, it’s Mrs. Deyes the counselor from Slade University. Is Marceline Konn available? It’s about her status on her application to the university.”

I quickly sat up from my bed and I felt my nervousness come about. Oh good morning Mrs. Deyes, you are speaking with Marceline.

“Perfect, I would like to congratulate you for your acceptance to Slade University of Fine Arts. I was wondering if you can quickly stop by the school today, I must show you around. I must apologize for the last minute meet up; it’s been a hectic day. School is about to begin in a month or two and well; we must have everything prepared for our students.”

I smiled from ear to ear, I could not believe it! I was trying to contain my screaming, so I tried to let it out with a small squeal.

Oh my gosh! Thank you so much and believe you me, I will not disappoint. I will give it my all! And do no apologize, I am available to make it today. What time would you like me to be there?

“Wonderful! I’m sure you will be an excellent student, now about time. Like I said before, I do really apologize due to the fact that I was hoping you would come in right now?”

Oh perfect, I’ll quickly get ready and head over there. And again, thank you so much Mrs. Deyes!

She laughed, “Excellent, I’ll see you in a few my dear. And no need to thank me, your interest in art is welcomed. Be safe.”

Okay, I’ll be there in a bit. Goodbye.

I ended the call and yesterday when I bought my phone Maz put his and Sam’s number in my contacts. I was so excited that I text both of them and told them the good news. Maz immediately text me back and called me as well.

“Congrats Marceline! It doesn’t surprise me that you got accepted. You look very artistic! Wanna celebrate?”

Umm, I can’t really at the moment. The counselor told me that I have to go to Slade so she can show me the works and what not. So I have to take the train there, maybe later?

“Would you like me to accompany you? Or do you know how to get around?”

Aww thanks Maz, but I wouldn’t want to trouble you. I have my GPS on my phone, I’ll find it myself. Plus, I have to learn my way around this place solo.

“Oh okay then. Well, yea sure call or text whenever you’re free.”

Sure thing, bye Maz have a good day.

“Bye Marceline, be safe and have a good day as well.”

*End call*

After all the trouble I went through, just to get on one train I finally arrived. As I walked up those memorable stairs, I saw Maz and Sam standing there looking around as if they were waiting for someone.

Hello, guys I said.

“Marcelinee!!!” They both turned to me and gave me a huge tight hug.

“Congrats Marceline, I wasn’t shocked about your acceptance when Maz told me. You’ll be an even greater artist” said Sam.

Thanks Sam that really means a lot to me.

“Maz could not stop talking about you. He constantly kept reminding me about your acceptance to the school” he laughed.

“Shut up Sam!’’ Maz punched Sam’s arm.

“Oi Mate! That really fucking hurt!”

“Anyway, so me and Sam where thinking about a nickname to give you. Any names that you’ve been called back at home?” asked Maz.

Yea I get called Mars, which is the name I use when I do a throw up on a wall. I’m also called “Marcie, Lean, Pretzel, Marmar, Jell-O, Ali . . . Merchant.” I laughed.

“Pretzel? Why do they call you Pretzel, Ali and Jell-O?” the guys asked.

Well for starters, I am flexible so I guess I twist like a pretzel. They call me Ali because I fight. I do some kickboxing. And they call me Jell-O because I squeeze into really tight and tricky places just to see amazing graffiti on the walls.

“Wow! You never mentioned anything about you doing graffiti. You didn’t even tell me you knew how to fight nor that you’re flexible. I bet you’re hiding more things from me, aye Mars?” Sam said whilst he nudged me with his elbow.

“Well she told me that yesterday, but she didn’t tell me about the nicknames.” Maz added.

“Now I feel out of the loop” Sam frowned.

Don’t feel that way we can go hang out so we can get to know each other more. Sound good?

“Cool! We’ll wait for yah, we’re gonna be skating here anyway. Well, at least not until we get kicked out” said Sam.

Oh okay then, bye guys.

“HUG!” yelled Maz.

“Yea give us a hug there love” agreed Sam.

Maz P O V

I opened my arms for her but she seemed a bit disturbed. I think she might not like hugs. But wait- all of a sudden I feel someone’s arms wrapping around my waist tightly. It was Mars, she hugged me. I wrapped one arm around her neck and the other around her back. She was warm . . . she fit perfectly. I’m taller than her so she fit perfectly under my neck. I loved this position, I don’t ever want to let go.

“My turn” yelled Sam as he yanked her away from me.

She giggled; she’s so beautiful when she smiled. Her voice sent butterflies in my stomach. Her presence gave me Goosebumps but it made me feel good about myself. Sigh, shit I cannot believe I like her. I mean she’s beautiful she’s hot. But I just got cheated on not too long ago. As Sam hugged her I kept thinking about the day my girlfriend cheated on me with Sam. It wasn’t Sam’s fault, she threw herself at him and I witnessed him pushing her away. But she didn’t . . . sigh Lilah. My ex Lilah; my first love. I gave her everything but she just took it and stomped on it. Ever since that happened, I never fell for a girl again. I just kept to myself and turned to graffiti for a distraction. But now that Mars is here, I happen to fancy her after just talking to her for a day and a half. Shit, I can’t do this again but she looks so sincere. Innocent but independent and courageous, that’s what I love about her. She’s fucking perfect!

Marceline’s P O V

Sam you’re crushing my ribs!

“You don’t need them!”

Whilst Sam was crushing me, I noticed Maz doing that thing again. He keeps looking at me but this time I can tell he was thinking about something. He had a light smile on his face but he was in deep thought about something. I couldn’t make anything of it though. I’m just gonna ignore it all, less problems that way.

Maz’s P O V

Wow, I never noticed how beautiful she was. She has an amazing body too and she has long beautiful dark straight hair. She’s a beautiful pale girl with amazing colored eyes. Her eyes are different color. Yesterday, I could’ve sworn one eye was blue and the other was green. Today, one eye is dark brown and the other eye is grey. I don’t know how someone can be as beautiful as her.

Marceline’s P O V

Once I left the boys I went to take a tour of the school.

And let me tell you, it was amazing! The students were interesting to talk to and very energetic but chill too. I was very excited that I got accepted to this school.

The tour finished and I was tired. There was so much that I was to look forward to. When I walked outside, Maz was alone. He sat on the stairs looking down at his phone.

Hey Maz, I said whilst I touched his shoulder lightly. Where’s Sam?

“Oh Sam’s bitch ass had to go, some girl called him to hang out. He didn’t want to go because he really wanted the three of us to spend time together. I didn’t know what to tell him so I said do what you wanna do. Besides, Sam didn’t want to get you upset about ditching you so he was close to cancelling. But I told him that you don’t look like the type of girl that gets mad for silly things, so he left feeling a bit douchey. I hope you aren’t mad or anything. I’m sorry.” he said biting his lower lip.


“Marceline, I’m soo sorry, I can call him now if you’d like?” said  Maz with a scared and worried look on his face.

Haha, I’m only kidding Maz. And leave Sam alone, it’s cool I’m not upset. There is always another day for the THREE of us to hang no biggie. And you’re right, I do not get upset for silly things and that . . . is one of them. So I guess it’s me and you again. C’mon let’s go hang.

“Wow, you’re a jerk you know that!” Maz said laughing.

“Okay Mars, where too? Are you hungry, cause I sure am.”

Yes you read my mind, hmm but what’s good to eat here?


Nandos aye? Okay cool, I’m down. Lead the way Maz.

We arrived at Nandos and we ate Double Chicken Breast Fillet Pitta and boy was it a party in my mouth! It was truly the best thing I’ve ever had.

When we were finished eating, Maz took me around the town to take a stroll. I was speechless. London was vivid just like New York. But it also had its quiet side.

I never laughed this much in like FOREVER!

Then suddenly my phone started to ring. I picked up and an unexpected voice on the other line began to speak.

“Hello? Am I speaking to Marceline Konn?” the person said.

“Y-yeah who’s this?” I asked confusedly.

Maz turned to me and scrunched his eyebrows. And mouthed the word “what”. I slowly shrugged my shoulders when the person spoke back.

“Marceline, please do not hang up on me. It’s me Matthew. Please let me explain my stupid actions.”

Oh my gosh, MATTHEW?! Don’t apologize, it’s okay. I’m fine alright. I’ve been fine. I made two new friends, I got myself an apartment, a phone, a job, and I just got accepted to a university. Everything is perfect and I can’t be even happier.

I turned to Maz and he had a HUGE grin on his face. That kid has problems.

“Oh- okay. Well, I’m glad then. It seems you’re really happy there, sorry to bother you. I just called because I was worried that something might’ve happened to you.”

He sounded in such a sad tone. Matthew sounded like he was disappointed that I am actually happy.

Matthew, I’m fine trust me. You aren’t bothering me, I was just taking a walk with my friend. There is no need to worry for me, I can look out for myself. I said in a calmed and laughing-ish tone. By the way, is there something wrong? You sound like something is bothering you are you okay Mat? You know you can tell me anything.

“*sigh* Alright here goes nothing Marceline. Please just listen and do not interrupt. Okay, I love you Marceline. Like I love you love you . . . more than a sister. I’ve tried to stop myself from loving you more than a friend; I really tried. I kept telling myself that I will only see you more than a sister- but I couldn’t. Marceline I want you and only you. I fell really hard for you and I’m afraid I can’t ever get up.”

It’s completely quiet. I froze and I couldn’t speak. My throat went dry; I couldn’t believe I was blind to see it. H-he loved me? Why? I don’t know how to feel at the moment.

“Marceline . . . Marceline please talk to me” said Matthew.

“Marceline are you okay” asked Maz in a low voice.

I was too chocked up to even answer him so I simply shook my head.

“Marcey, who’s that? I heard another voice” asked Matthew.

I was finally able to move and speak. Ma-Matthew? I don’t see you in the way you do. I love you- when I said that Maz turned his head to the left and looked really upset. –but only as a brother. I never had those feelings for you. I’m sorry but when I said I love you as a brother- I meant it. Mat, you never fell for me . . . you just fell. I’m sorry Matthew, I really am but you and I will never happen. I said in a sad tone. I wasn’t gonna cry, I haven’t cried in such a long time. I just don’t want to break his heart.

“Marceline . . . please no. Please think about this. You cannot just say you never felt an ounce of love for me. Li-like that time you and I were at the park and you wanted to snuggle. You fell asleep on me, and you whispered “Matthew, I wish I can stay here forever”. I know you felt something for me . . . I know it. Marceline please don’t do this to me” Matt said in a frustrated tone.

Matthew man, there’s not much to think about. I never felt anything about you . . . just brotherly/sisterly love. The reason why I said that was because I had a terrible day at home, don’t you remember? My father said really rude and disrespectful things to me and it was driving me crazy. I needed an escaped and you’re my best friend. What better way to do than to feel protected by someone and fall asleep on their shoulders? Matthew that day at the park did mean something to me, it meant that I can always count on you for anything.

“Marceline are you okay?” asked Maz.

“Who’s that? It sounded like a guy. Wait . . . Marceline do you have a boyfriend?” asked Matthew.

No Matt, he isn’t my boyfriend. He’s my friend that I met when I arrived at the university.

“Marceline, don’t do this PLEASE!!”

Matthew . . . I said in a calmed tone. Please do not make this into drama. *sigh*, call me whenever you’re calm. If you are still like this yunno talking about love or if you’re angry . . . don’t bother. Bye Matthew, good night.

I hung up the phone and looked down. It was too much to take in but I didn’t let it get to me.

“Mars, who was that?”

It was Matthew. He called to tell me that he was worried about me since I haven’t gotten back to him. Also to tell me the fact that he loves me- not as a sister but more than that.

“Oh, well why don’t you like him. Does he was a horrible personality . . . not your type?”

I just can’t simply look at him like that. I always thought of him as my brother and nothing more. I feel bad but I know I shouldn’t. I don’t feel that way and as sad as thing sounds . . . I never will. I never had a boyfriend. I always liked being alone. I feel like having a partner, would slow me down yunno? My partner my slow me down if they don’t have my “pace”. Sure opposites attract, but I don’t really have many friends that are the opposite of me. I actually don’t have friends, I only have one and that’s Matthew. I know I’ll find someone to be with one day but I doubt it right now.

“Marceline, you shouldn’t feel bad. Your heart says no, so you say no. It’s alright to feel bad, I mean you turned someone down. He’s your best friend and you feeling this way is okay. You’ll soon find someone that can match to your pace. I never had a girlfriend either, I also feel that they might hold me back or something. I don’t really like having to feel lonely but these girls around here are just not right. They don’t understand me, they judge me for being a vandal. I like to have fun and they are stuck up. Whenever I wanna have a walk to look for Banksy’s art, they scrunch up their noses and prefer shopping. I have a few buds but Sam is my main niggah. But don’t worry everything is gonna be alright” he said with a sensitive smile.

I ran to him and hugged him. I never met someone that not once has judged me or treated me like a child. He gave me amazing advice. He never scolded at me like Matthew. Maz listened and spoke wisely. His words naturally flowed into my ears and it was music. What he said was right and he misunderstood. It’s like he can put himself in any situation and give advice, just like me! Wow.

Maz’s P O V

Holy shit! She’s hu-hugging me. Mars has he arms wrapped around me. Her scent was mesmerizing. Her heart . . . it was beating. Music to my ears, but then she looked up and said “Thank you Maz, for not judging me, treating me like a child, misunderstanding me, and most importantly thank you so much for giving me such amazing advice.”

Wow, no one has ever told me that. No one has never even thanked me for anything. She’s a really sweet and gentle person. She is also very appreciative about things.

But when she looked at me, her eyes where just glistening. She has big beautiful eyes, she’s fucking perfect man!

I felt like kissing her soo bad.

I leaned in for a kiss . . .

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