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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


15. Unpleasant



Marceline’s P O V

My head is aching, my body is bruised, everything is moving and but I can’t move.

(A/N: I wanted to rhyme HA!)

*deep heavy breathing* W-where am I?

No one answers.

W-where am I? I ask again, knowing no one will answer.

I start to get frustrated, paranoid and angry.

WHERE AM I-AHHHH!! I moved the wrong way and hurt my rib.

I can hear someone rush inside my room.

Suddenly I remember that I’m not wearing my mask, I’m not in disguise.

My eyes widened in fright, crap!

“Hello miss, I’m Dr. James. Now, do you recall any events of last night?” he asked.

Thank God it was a doctor . . . unless Maz saw me already!!

Hi, I’m Marceline and no I don’t remember anything. Has anyone come visited me, perhaps a boy with crazy hair?

“No, not one person has. A few nurses were assigned to keep a close eye on you. You nearly didn’t make it, you lost tons of blood. Thankfully we had blood that matched your type. Although there was a boy who brought you here, he’s asleep in the waiting room, would you like me to call him in? By the way, I must let you know about your injuries. I also must call your parents to let them know what’s going on”

Thank you Dr. James, thank you so much. No, I don’t want anyone to visit or see me. Can you make up some lie to that boy in the waiting room; I don’t want to see him, please? I’m not from the UK, I’m from America. My parents aren’t here with me, I live here by myself. But don’t worry about the costs; I have money to pay everything. I looked down.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure no one sees you but may I ask why? I should’ve known you’re American, you’re accent was so distant yet familiar. Well the bill should be the least of your worries Marceline. You’ve been stabbed twice. One blade stabbed you in your appendix and the other, your stomach. Now I must say your wound in your appendix was pretty deep and your stomach was sliced deeply an-”

I’m having flashbacks of last night, I can remember everything.

WAIT! He looked up.

I remember now. There were two guys with weapons on them. I took the first stab and that’s when he stabbed my appendix. The knife was lodged in there pretty good so with my tactics, I pulled it out of me. The second time I came in contact with a knife was because . . . I protected the boy in the waiting room. He was going to get stabbed, he froze during the whole situation and I was fighting them off. Even though I’ve been stabbed once by them, I didn’t give up and I put up a fight. He, however, didn’t. They wanted to stab him and once I took care of one guy, the other didn’t give up. He charged at him with the blade and I knew he wasn’t gonna move, so I pushed him away from the blade and took the stabbing. Since he practically slashed me with his knife, everything else went dark.

“Well Marceline you are very lucky and very strong. I will assist you in making a police report as well. Yunno that boy outside really cares for you. He was crying and wore your blood all over his clothing. Now, I’ve seen people cry and hurt, but that young man looked trashed. He couldn’t keep it together; he carried you all the way here. I had some nurses try and take you from him but he seemed too paranoid about that too.”

I was speechless; does he really care about me? Does Maz really care about me that much?

I didn’t speak, I just nodded.

He waited for a response.

H-how long will I be in here? I have to go to work and I want no one knowing about this.

“You will be here for another 5 days. You’ve been badly injured. Did you know you’re in intensive care? That’s how bad you got it Marceline. Missing work shouldn’t be your focus. I’ll call your job place and give them a heads up if you’d like?”

Intensive care huh? Wow, I thought I wasn’t going to make it. Five days? Yunno what, I won’t rush into healing. I’ll call them and tell them I’m too busy or something, they wouldn’t question. But thank you so much Dr. you’ve been such a great help.

“Thank you Marceline for not rushing yourself out of here. That’s perfectly fine, I’ll hand you a phone and you can call them. And there’s no need to thank me, it’s my job” and with that he smiled and left.

*sigh* what am I to do now? I wanna see how I look.

I slowly turn my head and look for a mirror.

My bag is sitting on a chair, I have a mirror in there.

I tried to sit up but it hurt everywhere.

“May I ask, what you are trying to do?” asked the Doctor.

I wanna see myself. Also, my phone is in my bag and I want to call my job right away.

“Marceline I don’t know you too well so I don’t know what you’re gonna do to yourself when you see yourself in the mirror”

I don’t self-harm and I’ve been through worse things before. I’m strong, bruises and scars are nothing to me, just a mere accessory to the body.

“Alright, here” he hands me my bag. “I’ll be right back to give you some medicine for the pain”

I nodded in response. Thanks.

I grabbed my mirror and opened it.

I looked in the mirror and I was speechless. My face had scratches and cuts all over. I had a few black and blues on my jaw line as well. There were maybe 2-3 stitches on my lower lip, eyebrow, under my eye and lower right chin.

I put the mirror down and called up Finn.

“Hello?” he asked.

Uhh hi Finn, I’ll be out of work for a few days, something came up. Do you think you’ll be fine without me at work?

“Marceline is everything okay? You’re voice sounds terrible. Did something happen?”

I just don’t feel too good and I have some things to take care of and I need a few days off. I’m sorry, I just need a few days off.

“I know we are not in the best terms right now but I still care for you. If you want, I’ll stop by your house today and check up on you?”

N-no thanks Finn, I might not be home and I really just don’t feel like seeing anyone at the moment. And about the problem we have, don’t worry about it I forgive you. I’m sorry for not listening to your honest words.

“Oh okay, I’ll give you some time then. What do you mean ‘honest words’, did he hurt you?” he asked a bit angry.

Look Finn, I don’t wanna point the finger but if he’s a man, he should tell you himself. Well, I gotta go Finn, I’m expecting someone soon . . . bye. I lied.

“Okay, I hope everything goes well Marceline. And thank you for forgiving me; you really are a nice person. Well, I’ll see you in a few days then. Bye.” he hung up.

Finn’s P O V

For one thing, I’m happy that Marceline forgave me but on the other note, what did Jack do to her? She didn’t sound too good, her voice was really different. It sounded like she was in pain. I doubt Jack would ever lay a hand on a woman, so what did he do?

I’m gonna call him.

I put the phone to my ear and waited for him to pick up.

“What?” he yelled.

Please forgive me mate, we’re brothers and I don’t want you to stay mad at me.

“Oh, okay . . . whatever. She was a bitch anyway, just another slut” he spat.


“If you knew what she was up to, you wouldn’t be backing her up like this!”

Wh- he cut me off.

“She was cheating on me with her mate Maz! I saw them in Abbey’s store, hugging for a long time. It wasn’t a friendly hug, it was a FRIENDLY-FRIENDLY hug!”

I know Marceline isn’t capable of doing such a thing. He is over-reacting.

Did she kiss him? Did she look super happy with him? Because to be honest Jack, she was kinda ignoring him ever since you guys have been going out. She’s faithful mate, now what did you do to her?

“W-well no, she didn’t kiss him nor did she look happy. She had on a fake smile but that’s it. I didn’t stay too long, I was pissed Finn! I did what she deserved; I cheated on her with some girl in the club. She stopped by my house and she saw me ‘feeling’ the girl up. We had a huge fight and I looked at her right in the eye and face the girl I was with and kissed her, right in front of Marceline. She was gonna leave my flat when she punched the shit out of me!” he yelled.

Wow Jack, you really deserved worse than a punch. You are not a man, you’re a bitch! I don’t know what’s wrong with Marceline, but she doesn’t sound too good. I spoke with her on the phone and she sounded like she was going to die. She’s not going to work for a few days and refuses to see me or anyone. I don’t know if she self-harmed but something isn’t right with Marceline!

We had an awkward silence.

“She’s suck a fucking drama queen! She was probably crying, yunno how bitches are!”

I couldn’t even talk to him, what a fucking ass he’s being!


I hung up on him.

Jack’s P O V

Little bitch hung up on me.

Now that I think about it, she was probably telling the truth. She DID have a fake smile when she hugged him. She didn’t want to hug back and she didn’t until maybe like 25 seconds INTO the hug.

*sigh* fuck. FUCK! FUCK FUCK!!

I punched the wall.

The best thing I’ve ever had and I FUCKING RUINED IT!! UGH!! I have to apologize but she DOESN’T WANT TO SEE MY FUCKING FACE EVER AGAIN!

I grabbed my shoes and made my way to her house.

---At Mars’ Place---

*sigh* here goes nothin’. *knock knock*

No one answers.

*knock knock knock*

No one.

Hmm, maybe she’s at work.

Maz’s P O V

“Excuse me young man, may I have a word with you?” asked a Doctor.

I looked up.


I stood up.

“You are the one that brought a girl here yesterday, correct?”

Yes Doctor I did, is she okay?

“No, she’s in a critical state but she requested that no one visits her.I'm surprised she's even breathing. She's lucky to be alive and you're a hero for bringing her here. She's unrecognizable and barely stable. She's allowed to have visitors at the moment but she declined that freedom, I'm sorry.

My heart somewhat dropped. That poor girl is in there battling death and it's all my fault. We helped each other out, I want to thank her. But I guess she’s mad at me for not moving. If I did something, fight back or moved when she told me, she wouldn't be in this state.

I rather be there instead of her.

Oh, umm okay. May I ask why?

“She didn’t say, she just doesn’t want anyone to visit that’s all” he said looking at his clipboard.

O-okay. Well thanks Doctor, can you tell her that I said ‘thank you so much’? And that I hope she feels better so we can hang out again? Please tell her that even if she doesn’t want anyone to see her that I’ll be here every day to talk to you so you can keep me updated on her being. I won’t leave her side at all, it is my fault that this happened to her. So I owe her this and much more . . . thanks Doc.

He stood there, nodded his head and walked away.

I too left and made my way home. I know me and Marceline are a bit ‘odd’ with each other but she’s still my friend. I have to let her know about everything.

I dialed her number and it kept ringing but no one picked up.

*sigh* she’s probably at work. Maybe I should go pay her a visit but first I gotta shower.

I ran home, got ready, called a cab and made my way to Marceline’s work place.

Finn’s P O V

I opened Abbey’s Store and did the cleaning.

*sigh* Welp! Cleaning’s done.

I was gonna put the cleaning supplies away when I heard someone coming in.

Hello, how may I-

“Listen, I made a mistake mate, I have to see her. Where is she?”

Jack what the fuck? Are you bipolar or something? You make her fall for you, then you cheat on her, you don’t care for her and now you want to get her back? Fuck off!

“Finn! I now understand that she wasn’t cheating on me. I’m a fucking idiot, I just wanna apologize Finn! That’s it alright, now where is she?!”

Whatever mate, and you’re right YOU ARE AN IDIOT! She isn’t here anyway, she’s gonna be out for a few days. I don’t know what happened to her or what she did or what YOU caused her to do; but she sounded terrible! She won’t be at her place, she’ll be going somewhere, and she didn’t want to tell me. Jack, you fucked up big time mate and I swear if something serious or terrible happens to her; IT’S YOUR ASS!!

Jack stood there like an idiot.

“F-fuck” he whispered.

Suddenly someone else walked in . . . Maz.

Jack quickly stood up; angry.

Maz glared at Jack.

And I stood there . . . hoping a fight wouldn’t start.


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