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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


33. Underlined & Bold Confessions

Marceline’s P O V

I filled the tub up with warm water and slowly stepped in. I could feel myself changing as time passes me by. I mean c’mon, I got in the tub fully clothed. Little by little, I would take off bits of my clothing off; ’til I was completely naked.

*beep beep*

From: Bri

          Oh my gosh, I was on my way home when I saw some girl get hit by a train! They haven’t identified the body yet but one man said she had a bruised up face. I’m sooo frightened Marceline, you don’t even know!

I chuckled at her text.

Well, well, well . . . one down; one to go. I said to myself.

Poor train, running over trash like that. I wouldn’t even waste a bullet on her; she isn’t worth a bullet or a train.

Now that I think of it, we are somewhat the same. Donna is worthless and I’m worthless . . . hmm we could’ve gotten along. Haha . . . oh well.

I didn’t reply to Bridget’s message, instead, I spent nearly all night soaking in my tub. A few hours, I brought my hands up to my face and stared at them. My fingertips, pruned like a raisin. My fingerprints were exposed to the max and I eventually dried myself and went to bed.

As I lay on my bed, looking at my ceiling; I wonder if I’ll ever get better . . .

Maz’s P O V

*sigh* Marceline, when will you understand that we are meant to be together? Marcey, I really can’t go on with my life unless you’re here with me. I don’t know what exactly you want me to prove to you but I’ll do whatever to get you back.

I walked back and forth around my flat, thinking about her. If only she knew how much of an effect she has on me. But one thing is for sure, she will never get rid of me.

I love her. *sigh* I wonder if she’ll ever get better . . .


The next day, I woke up feeling very optimistic about things. I had a feeling that everything was gonna be okay between me and her. Ever since terrible things happened between me and her, I hadn’t felt positive about anything but I just have this unexplainable feeling. I’m not sure what’s gonna happen today but I’m damn sure that everything will be okay.

*sigh* a guy can hope right?

I got myself ready for a day of unexpected events. Last night, I was going to go out to visit a friend of mine but they blocked every entrance at the train station. I heard something about a girl killing herself; I felt really bad for her. She must’ve had a tough past but killing oneself is not a way to leave this earth. No matter what got in my way, I had to go see her, find her and make things right.


It was pouring rain once I arrived at Slade. No one was outside the campus, I only saw a few students run inside the university. I didn’t know what Marceline’s schedule was but I wasn’t gonna give up. And the only way to know where she’s at was to ask around.

As I was walking up the colorful stairs, memories of meeting up with Marceline came flashing back. The memories of me and her hanging out because Sam had a date with Bridget, was one of the best days of my life. That day was the day that I realized that I had a crush on her but as we hung out even more; I came to the terms that I had more of a connection with her than with my last girlfriend. Remembering all the good times I had with Marceline brought a smile on my face.

“Alright, I’ll see you later; bye!” I heard a boy shout.

I turned around to follow where the voice came from. Once I found the boy, I ran towards him.

Excuse me? Hi, umm, do you happen to know a girl named Marceline Konn?

His face lit up when I mentioned her voice. “Yeah, I know her; she’s such a great artist. She’s inside that classroom” he pointed to the wooden door. “And you are?” he asked with massive curiosity.

Oh, I’m her friend Sam. I lied.

“Oh okay cool, umm if you want you can walk right in. Class is over and the next class won’t start in another 3-4 hours” he grinned.

Okay, thanks mate. I waved as I rushed inside the building.

Once I reached the wooden door, I froze. There she was, the girl who can give me the world and yet is able to take it all away from me in an instant, painting on a canvas.

Amazing how her hands are able to create beautiful things. Her brush danced around the canvas aimlessly. Her hand gentle and poise as ever. The colors chosen for her painting were dark but bold. The colors stood out and said everything she felt. The way she looked when she concentrated was like no other. Usually people look angry when they are concentrating on something but not her. Marceline looked as if she’s having a moment of peace and serenity. So gentle yet firm with her creations. Slowly yet quickly showing an idea of what she’s trying to say. Expressive and imaginative as ever; something I’ve never seen before.

Beautiful I hinted. Since she was so concentrated on her piece, she didn’t hear me.

As she got up to get more paint, which gave me a better view of what she was painting. A bronze heart; no, it was a golden heart that was chipping away from its color and trapped in a bird cage. I stood there analyzing the painting, trying to decipher her feelings.

Soon, she came back and started talking to herself and painting everything she said. It was weird because she had certain words in bold and the first letter underlined. She

         “I Still cannot believe I’m like this. I’m miserable All the time and it’s all because of that Dickhead! He thinks he knows what Love is? Well guess what, You’re wrong! constantly feel like I’m worthless and I hate that I can’t Stop thinking about the shit you did to me. That was fucked up; that really fucked me up! I couldn’t sleep or eat; I swear I was Losing it. Actually I did Lose it . . .Completely! Did it ever occur to you that you Are actually messing with someone’s feelings and that what you did Really traumatized me? Even words cannot describe how much I truly hate you. You don’t like me? That’s Fine by me but please get the hell Out of my head. I’m Raging almost every night, thinking about You and it’s really starting to annoy me. Other than you claiming you ‘hate yourself’, just imagine how I feel? To me, you are the Utter most, annoying person in the world . . . and I cannot stand you” she whispered at the last part.

She sat back and loudly sighed. I, on the other hand took a pen that was on the floor and began writing down the underlined letters from each word in bold, on the back of my hand.

SADLY, I STILL CARE ABOUT YOU. I read it over a few times, just to make sure I wrote it down correctly. I wanted to smile but her sadness got to me. I never meant to do that to her, no one wants to hurt someone they love.

I can’t hold myself back anymore, as I was gonna knock on the door, her phone rang.

*ring* *ring*

“Hi Dave” she smiled. Who’s Dave?

“I’m in class right now, painting. No, class ended a few minutes ago but I just wanted to paint. Dave *sigh*, stop insisting; I don’t want anything to do with him” she pleaded.

“Why should I? He hurt me and for that, he doesn’t deserve me” she retorted.

Soon after, she seemed to give in to whatever request he had for her.

“Alright, I’ll think about it. Bye Dave, have a good day” she said as she hung up.

She plopped back onto her chair, and I saw an opportunity to talk to her.

*knock knock*

“Come in” she said, still with her head down.

I gently pulled a stool out from under a table and sat across from her table.

Marceline. I hinted. Her head instantly shot up and stared at me with a questionable expression on her face. I’m not sure what she felt but I had a feeling that it wasn’t love.

“Get out” she said in a strict manner.

Not until we talk Marceline, you know we have to. I said.

“I have nothing to say to you, asshole” she growled.

Your painting says otherwise Marceline.

Her eyes widened. “How long have you been standing outside?!”

Long enough to know that there’s still hope for you and me.

 “There’s nothing for us so get over it! We don’t belong together and besides, I deserve better!” she shouted. I’ve seen her mad before but this is getting ugly. She looks bitter yet tough; in other words she’s stronger mentally now than before. But I wasn’t gonna let that get in the way, the need for her to be in my life is growing. I know she feels the same towards me; I just know it.

I’m completely in love with you Marceline. I never stopped loving you, what I did is disgusting and I’m really, really, really sorry. I don’t want things to end because of a stupid mistake I made. At the time, I was stupid but now I’m wiser, believe me. I don’t expect you to forgive me all in one day, I just hope you can forgive me and be mine again. Marceline, I don’t know if I can make it on my own; not without you. I begged.

I signaled to the painting. Is this your heart Mars; is it? Babe, I’ll retrieve all the gold in the world just to fill up your heart and set your heart free. Things won’t be perfect, nothing ever is but that’s what makes things better. I don’t need perfection in my life but having you in it would make it perfect. Look at yourself Marceline, you aren’t completely there; as am I baby . . . as am I. And I don’t want to see you broken and dead; no one does. Marceline, please, please take me back. I love you Marceline . . . forever and always I murmured.

Her breathing was getting heavy and her eyes started to water up.

 “Maz, p-please leave me alone. I’ll do anything but please l-leave me alone! Don’t do this to me Maz! Stop . . . ” she stuttered as she tried to catch her breath and hold back tears.

“I’m in the process of forgetting about you and I’m getting better, so please don’t ruin it by saying these things to me! I don’t want to do this anymore Maz! I’m tired of it all! I loved you but I can’t let someone like you in my life again. Maz, every day it’s a challenge for me and if I take you back . . . I don’t know what’ll happen but if something bad does happen; I’m not sure if I’ll be able to handle it. I don’t want to try us again because there’s no point in doing so. Anything and everything around me reminds me of you. Let’s just move on and forget about each other, I don’t want to be this bitter all my life Maz; I want to live” she sniffled.

Baby, please listen to me I can-

“Why did you have to go and fuck it all up Maz?! Why did you have to break me, huh?! Why?!” she yelled at the top of her lungs and cried her eyes out. It hurt seeing her like this.

Marceline, please stop talking . . . please. I whispered. I still care about you Marcey, I never stopped caring. And I know that deep down, you still care about me too but pushing your feelings aside isn’t doing either of us good, it’s only hurting us more.

“Maz, I hate myself for admitting this but yes it’s true . . . sadly, I still care about you. And I-” I cut her off by smashing my lips onto hers. That’s all I needed to hear.

I grabbed onto her face and kissed her passionately. At first she didn’t kiss back but then she calmed down under my touch and gave in. Her lips were soft, like always. I caressed her wet cheeks with my thumbs and wiped away the tears as I gently kissed her plump lips. Her hands were on my chest but she didn’t dare push me away. Marceline wanted this as much as I did. Instead, her soft hands gently tugged on my shirt and pulled me closer to her. She ran her sweet tongue on my bottom lip, craving an entrance. As I gave it to her, our tongues explored each other in such a beautiful way. It wasn’t a rough kiss, no; this was way more than that. It was a kiss to ensure that we are in fact, inseparable. We were equally craving a kiss from one another.

Neither of us broke the kiss for a breath of air. We breathed in between small kisses and once we received enough air, we had a full-on, passionate make-out session. It was better than I ever imagined.

I didn’t grab her waist, I hugged her entire body. I wanted to make her feel secure in my arms and sure enough I did.

Soon, more tears ran down her face causing me to break the kiss. What’s wrong Marceline?

She wept even more and kneeled to the floor and put her hands in her face. I kneeled in front of her. Marceline, please say something. I don’t want to see you like this, please tell me what’s wrong. I pleaded.

Suddenly, her arms wrapped around my neck tightly and she pulled me into a hug.

“Don’t do it again p-please? If you do, I’m not gonna look dead next time; I’ll just die” she whispered in my ear. After everything she said to me before, this really got to me. My eyes started to water up but I blinked the tears away.

I pulled her closer to me and hugged her tighter. I won’t Marceline . . . you have my word.

She pulled away from the hug and wiped her tears away. “I-I forgive you Maz, for everything. Let bygones be bygones” she breathed.



Will you be my girlfriend?

For the first time in weeks . . . she smiled. She nodded, “Forever & Always . . . forever thine, forever mine . . . forever ours” she expressed.

Her fingers glided down my arm and held my hand. Everything felt right, her hand, the kiss, our words expressed to each other and most importantly our relationship. I am the happiest and luckiest guy in the world.

She pulled me closer to her and she gave me the sweetest and most avid kiss ever. Since the kiss was hypnotizing, we were losing our balance and soon she backed up to the wall. We stopped kissing for a second and looked at each other.

Let’s go to my place, I want to make you some hot chocolate. I kissed her nose. She nodded and rested her head on my forearm as we made our way out of her art class.

Marceline’s P O V

What was I thinking? Dave was right, I should give him another chance. Sure it was risky but since I couldn’t get him out of my mind; he was bound to come back into my life. Hell, what am I even saying, he never left.

I am in love with him . . . completely bat shit crazy, in love with him.

On our way to his flat, I kept staring at him on the way there. Everything about him can make me or break me.

The way his touch calms me and brings me to tranquility, sends shivers all over my body. His voice, very soothing and possesses the sound of something so beautiful and mesmerizing. His lips, that of a soft sheet of satin, so full and so plump. His skin, very suave to the touch and sedative to my senses. I am in love with this person; and I am absolutely fucking crazy about him . . . and he’s all mine.


We got to his flat and it was empty but full, does that make sense? It’s like, the way he organized his flat to his accommodations, it just made everything feel ‘homey’. He had a painting of Banksy, one of my favorite graffiti artists, hung above a black sofa.

This is nice. I said as I looked around the flat.

 He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him, “Thanks but it’s even better now that you set foot in here” he kissed the top of my head. I couldn’t help but blush.

Believe it or not, when he kissed me just now, it made me crave him a lot more. My desire for him was unhealthy . . . and I had absolutely no problem with that.

Maz . . .  I nuzzled into his ear. Remind me that I’m only yours . . . I sighed in endearment.

He moved his hand away from my waist and onto my chin. I was looking down but he lifted my chin up and placed a sweet kiss on my lips. His hand then gently stroked my arm, sending shivers all over my body, and tangling his fingers around mine.

He then slowly led me to his room, not breaking any eye contact. I didn’t look away either, I missed him; I truly missed him. I wanted to savor this moment whilst I can. Any contact with him, I wanted it.

“Come here” he gently pulled me towards him and sat me on his lap. I obeyed him and sat on his strong, fit lap.

There he goes again . . . slowly killing me inside. Slowly freezing me with his words and actions, but I’m glad it’s him doing this to me.

He had one arm on my waist and the other on my on my upper back, supporting me. As I leaned in for a kiss, I brushed my lips over his to feel his breath on my skin. I wanted to know if this was all real. I didn’t want it to be a dream, that’ll be torture.

Maz had no patience and sweetly kissed me. I had my hands gently press onto his chest, feeling his heart beat . . . I now know this is real and I’m thankful it is.

I gently bit his bottom lip, kindly, begging for entrance. As he granted, our tongue’s swirled and danced around each other’s mouths. No one was fighting for dominance, we were only redefining love; our love.

I pushed him back, giving me an opportunity to lay on top him and kissing him some more. The kiss was getting heated but not in hungry manner, we wanted more of each other but in a romantic way.

Suddenly Maz turned over, having him on top of me now; I saw nothing but love in his eyes; nothing but love.

I love you. I breathed

He leaned in closer to me. Thinking he was going to kiss me, I closed my eyes.

“I love you Marceline” he whispered close to my lips. It felt beautiful. I felt him say those heart melting words to me; and only me. He didn’t kiss me but his words did. His words touched me in such a heated way; it made me want him more, and more, and more . . . and more.

He kissed his way to my collar bone and every spot he kissed was the spot. I didn’t fight back any moans, it felt right; he felt right . . . everything was right.

I was going to undress myself ’til he stopped me.

“No” he whispered in a raspy voice, “let me”

He pulled unbuttoned my blouse and tossed it to the side.

“Beautiful as always” he sweetly sighed as he left kisses in between my breasts. I could feel my cheeks start to burn; he always knows what to say.

Maz kissed above my bra line and left wet kisses on my skin. He unclipped my bra and smoothly massaged my breasts.

Mmm . . . I moaned.

He swirled his tongue around my hard, exposed nipple. Maz took the tip of my left breast into his mouth and sucked. I swear I reached a new level of pleasure.

His other hand had my nipple between the mid of his index and middle finger, pressing, squeezing and rubbing it ever so slightly.

Mazzzzz I moaned his name.

He switched positions and sucked on my right breast. Then, he kissed his way down my stomach, to my warmth.

Maz unbuttoned my jeans and also tossed them to the side. He ran his tongue above the hem of my panties; driving me crazy. He slid my panties clean off my body.

As his warm, pink-swollen lips hovered over my warmth; he kissed my inner thighs and kissed his way to my womanhood. His tongue pointed as it ran up and down my slit.

Mmm I moaned.

I touched my breast to help suppress extremely loud moans. He moved my hands away from my breasts and took over. My breasts were being massaged, my warmth was being kissed and licked like never before, and the guy who took it all away and gave it back to me . . . is mine again; it’s amazing.

He kissed my clit and inserted a finger inside me, causing me to arch my back. Oh my God, M-Maz, y-yes, YES! I moaned quietly.

He knew that I was about to reach my highs so he pulled his finger out and undressed quickly.

Maz reached for a condom but I stopped him. I realized it was the finger he used to explore me; I brought his hand to my lips and sucked his finger clean.

No condom . . . I’m on the pill babe. I whispered as I kissed his fingers.

He smiled and pecked me once more before he positioned himself at my entrance. His strong arms were on the sides of my head; supporting himself. He slowly entered me, earning a few moans from his sweet, soft lips.

Maz’s thrusts were tender and lovely. Mmm, Maz . . . I moaned.

“I love you, I love you, I . . . love . . . you” he moaned.

I kissed and sucked on his neck, earning lovely moans from him. His raspy voice made this experience even more amazing.

Maz! I whisper-shouted. He knew I was gonna cum and by the signs of his thrusts getting sloppy, I could tell he was close too.


“Shit!” he moaned

As we reached our highs, I felt his semen shoot inside me.

 I felt content with everything; with him, with myself, with our relationship, with our love.

He plopped on my bare chest; out of breath, hugging my naked body. “I really do love you Marceline, you are my everything . . . forever and always” he uttered into my bare chest.

And then really it hit me, h-he was making l-love to me. His words made my heart race insanely crazy. His touch made me feel comfortable and beautiful; something I haven’t felt in quite some time. Tears streamed on the outer corners of my eyes, but I composed myself fast enough to share my feelings with him.


I nodded and wrapped my arms around his head, Forever & always . . .

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