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FanFiction about Mazzi Maz. and more sex.
Violence as well. ;D


16. Turmoil

Finn’s P O V

“What the fuck is he doing here?!” yelled Jack as he got up.

Jack, enough!

I pulled him back.

How may I help you Maz? I ask, clearly looking drained.

His eyes didn’t leave Jack.

“Don’t fucking talk to that fucker!” Jack spat.

Hey mate, I think it’s best you should leave. I don’t want any trouble.

“I’m gonna ignore him and his stupidity. Look, I’m not here to fight but to ask you if you’ve seen Marceline. I called her but no one answered” he asked through his teeth. He was pissed but he still hadn’t made eye contact with me. He was still looking at Jack.

I-umm –I.

“Is she okay?” Maz finally turned to me.

No mate, she’s not alright. She’s not coming in for a few days. She said she has to take care of something; I’m not sure what though. Sorry mate.

Maz didn’t show any expression. He seemed really down, almost dead. Jack was still breathing heavily. He was in no mood and I had no energy to deal with all this crap.

“It’s all your fucking fault she feels this way!!” Jack yelled.

“Wha-” Maz was cut off.

“You hugged her and you knew damn right she didn’t want to hug you! She doesn’t love you, she loves me! Why can’t you just FUCK OFF?! Go ruin someone else’s relationship, but not mine! You-”

JACK! I said ENOUGH! BUT CLEARLY YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ENGLISH! It wasn’t his fault she left your ass! IT WAS ALL YOURS! You treated her like shit! You said awful and mean things to her; your words killed her! From the sound of her voice over the phone, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was DEAD!

Both boys stayed quiet.

I looked at both of them.

Now . . . if that’s all there is to talk about, I’ll be on about my day. Good day.

“Finn you-”


I walked into the back room and left them two out in the front.

Jack’s P O V

I was furious with this fucker in front of me. How dare he show his face after what he had done?

Get out!

“What did you tell her?!” he yelled.

None of your fucking business mate. It’s none of your business! I gave him an evil smirk.

“You know what, I treated you kindly and I never wanted to break you guys up. I just hugged her; I didn’t know she didn’t want me to hug her. She never said anything to me. Yeah, she was distant from me and I felt like I was losing a friend but that’s it. Look, I never did anything to you. I don’t know what you said to her but from what Finn said, you didn’t have to do that to her” he said calmly.

Who the fuck was he?! Lecturing me and shit!

I don’t fucking need this right now, I really don’t! You wanted this to happen; I can tell you wanted her! You wouldn’t keep your filthy eyes from her. You must hate it when people are happy.

“You’re pathetic! Yeah I liked her, but I respected you guy’s relationship!” he spat.

I shake my head. She’ll never be with a piece of shit like you.

And with that I left and as I left, I bumped his shoulder.

Maz’s P O V

What a dickhead, but he’s not important right now. Marceline is more important and the girl in the hospital is as well.

I have to know more about Marceline’s situation, for the better. I want to make her feel better.

I walk further into the shop and look for Finn.

Umm excuse me, Finn? Finn are you around?

“I’m here man; do you need help with something? Also, I’m truly sorry about my brother, he’s just not himself lately. I don’t know what has gotten into him” he gave me a half smile.

Nah man, no worries. I just want to know something and I was hoping you’d tell me.

“Uhh lemme guess, it has something to do with Marceline?” he smiled.

I smiled back. Hehe, yeah. What happened between them, if you don’t mind me asking? It’s just that I really do care for her and well I don’t want anything bad to happen.

He looked down.

“Alright mate, I’ll tell you everything. But promise me that you won’t hurt her any more than my dickhead of a brother”

I nodded my head and Finn began telling me about the things that Jack said to her and did to her.

Asshole. I said through my gritted teeth.

“Yeah . . . yeah he is. Now he’s come to the terms that she never cheated due to the fact that I told him to question himself about what he saw. To remember if he saw her with a smile on her face or if he saw her actually wanting a hug. I guess from there on, he realized she wasn’t flirting nor cheating. Now he feels like a complete douche.” he shrugged his shoulders.

I couldn’t stand being here. I had to go out. I don’t know where, but I needed an escape.

Thanks for everything Finn. And don’t worry, I wouldn’t hurt her. Take care mate and she ever happens to stop by, please text me. Here’s my number.

I gave him my number and walked out.

“Will do mate, cheers” he waved.

I can’t believe that asshole would treat a beautiful and innocent girl that way. She deserves better. I have to check her place, hope she’s there.

---At Mar’s Place---

*knock knock*

No one answers.

*knock knock knock*

Still no answer.

I stand there knocking on a door hoping, she’ll open it.

*sigh* Marceline where are you? I whispered to myself.

I was standing outside her door for a good 20 minutes and I was freezing.

I’ll come back some other time. I should visit the girl in the hospital. I never even got her name, I should ask the doctor once I get there.

Jack’s P O V

That asshole thinks he can just waltz into our relationship and break it up! Well, he has something else coming. Just know this, vengeance is a bitch!

I went to my flat and got changed. I needed to drive around and think; think long and hard about what I’m going to do about this whole mess.

I turned the car one and rode down a silent road. I stopped by a small park and sat there in silence thinking about everything . . . just everything.

Maz’s P O V

---At the Hospital---

I saw the doctor that spoke to me the other day.

Excuse me Doctor!

He turned to me and his face calmed down a bit.

“Yes young man?”

Do you know the name of the girl that won’t let me see her?

He looked at his clipboard and turned to me.

“Ah yes, her name is . . .”

(A/N: clifffhangahh!!)

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